(Clearwisdom.net) There have been a lot of articles regarding the importance of sending forth righteous thought at set times posted on the Minghui Website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net). I would like to share my recent understandings. If there is anything incorrect in my thinking, please kindly point it out.

Many working practitioners have a hard time sending forth righteous thought at 12 a.m., and I am one of them. One time when I did not wake up to send righteous thoughts, I had a dream. In the dream, I saw a net in the sky made of light over Dongshan Hotel. (Whenever Jiang or other party leaders came to Weihai City, they always stayed there.) I said to a fellow practitioner, "The evil is coming again. Do you see the net over the sky? This strong net is formed by practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts together." While I was talking, a skeleton with an octopus body approached. I instructed the fellow practitioner, "Send forth righteous thoughts quickly, the evil is coming." The practitioner said, "Why didn't I see it?" I thought that my celestial eye had probably opened. Therefore, we stood back to back, held one palm erect, and recited the Fa-rectification verses. The evil was eliminated quickly. Then, I woke up and realized that it was just a dream. On the second day, I told my dream to my husband (also a practitioner). I asked him if this dream was Master's hint for us to send forth righteous thoughts at 12 a.m. He said, "Yes."

On the second night, I set an alarm and thought that everything should be okay. However, I shut it off without waking up and overslept again. Immediately, I had another dream. I wanted to go to a labor camp to visit an illegally-jailed fellow practitioner, because I had heard that her condition was not good. When I arrived, the camp guard did not allow my visit. What could I do? My desire to visit her and encourage her was so strong that I thought I must tell her my thoughts. Suddenly, I arrived at the cell right beside hers. I thought, "How could I let her know? I will write." Therefore, I picked up a pen and wrote something on the wall. Before I finished the first sentence, I saw water droplets come out from the wall. I realized those were her tears; she could feel me. After waking up, I still remembered those two phrases I wrote, "So long as the will is firm, the hard pestle grinds to the needle." Later in the dream, other practitioners and I went to the labor camp again. We wrote Master's article on a high wall outside the labor camp, with Master's name at the bottom. When the imprisoned practitioner came out to work, she could see the article on the wall,

"Your body lies in prison - don't be sorrowful, don't be sad
With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, Fa is here
Calmly reflect on how many attachments you have
As you get rid of human mentality, evil is naturally defeated"

"Don't Be Sad" (Hong Yin II, English version B)

Upon seeing Master's name, she burst into tears. Up to today, the recollection of the dream is as if it had taken place right before my eyes. When I think of practitioners in prisons, so in need of outside practitioners' support with righteous thoughts, I cannot dare to relax again.

The above stories were from my personal experience. My intention of sharing them is to remind all practitioners that we must not ignore sending forth righteous thoughts at set times around the world. This is what the evil fears the most, and is the most direct help to practitioners in difficult situations.

Let's review Master's lecture in "Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.":

"Let me tell you, all those who remain and that can persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples are due to our students themselves. Students who haven't taken sending forth righteous thoughts seriously: the evil in the dimensions that you are supposed to shoulder and be responsible for has not been eliminated. That's the cause. So you must take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously. No matter whether you think you have the ability or not, you should do it. What you eliminate from your own mind are ones which have an effect within the expanse of your own body; at the same time, you need to eliminate the external ones, which are directly related to the dimensions you're in. If you don't eliminate them, then they not only persecute you and restrain you, but also persecute other students, other Dafa disciples. As you know, the persecution that Dafa disciples in Mainland China suffer is quite severe, so each student has to truly, clearly realize what his responsibility is, and when he sends forth righteous thoughts he has to be able to truly calm his mind and truly produce the effect of righteous thoughts. So this is something extremely critical, extremely important. Then if every student is able to do that, I can tell you, with five minutes of sending forth righteous thoughts together, the evil in the Three Realms will never exist again--that's how important this is."

October 16, 2006