(Clearwisdom.net) The Falun Dafa Association and Minghui website [Chinese version of Clearwisdom] founded the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China" on April 4, 2006. The coalition calls for people from all walks of life and any organization, to form a united investigation front to gather possible leads for investigation of illegal organ harvesting. The following are some leads we obtained recently. We hope all those who have special knowledge about such activities will assist us in continuing to expose the inside stories of labor camps, prisons, and hospitals in China that are colluding with each other to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Together we are striving to end the persecution.

Investigation Leads: The Organ Supply at Tianjin City No. 1 Center Hospital Is Surprisingly Ample.

There is a new building recently completed inside the "Oriental Organ Transplant Center" at the Tianjin City No. 1 Center Hospital. The majority of the patients who have transplants are foreigners. There are many patients waiting to be hospitalized. Operations are conducted day and night, nonstop. In one night alone, ten operations are completed.

Mr. Zhu Zhihua, 38 years old, is the director of the center, which has conducted over 700 operations up to October. According to sources, "There are four to five directors who direct the other doctors to do the operations. They do them very quickly, in assembly-line fashion.

The supply of organs is the result of a nationwide effort that spreads from far as Yunnan Province to as close as Tianjin City. Usually the patients can obtain their organ within seven to ten days. Those who have this information have said, "The charge for a liver transplant is around three hundred thousand. The number of transplanted organs and the supply of organs are both surprisingly huge." When asked about the source of the organ supply, the doctors and officials have repeatedly said that the organs are from executed prisoners. This transplant center also covers the Beijing Military Army Hospital, where at least 200 organ transplants are done every year.

There are many illegal organ transplants taking place in many areas of China.

Investigation Leads: The Blood Hidden Behind the Fact that "Tianjin Organ Transplant Center Will Become the Largest in Asia."

There was an article in the A24 section of the The Legal Evening News on August 3, 2006, titled: "The Tianjin Organ Transplant Center Will Become the Largest in Asia." It reported: "According to the "City Bulletin," the Tianjin Health Bureau has announced that the largest organ transplant center in Asia will soon be finished construction and utilized. This center will be 14 floors above ground, and two floors underground. There will be 300 available beds. The facility will emphasize developing the liver transplant program as well as the kidney, lung, pancreas, bone, skin, and cornea transplant programs.

Since 1999, and within six to seven years, the Chinese Communist Party has been involved in large-scale organ transplant operations. Around the world, the supply of organs has been limited, so organ transplants have decreased. However, for the past few years, the Chinese Communist regime has filled the void by killing Falun Gong practitioners. There are no legal procedures and the relatives of these practitioners are unable to save them. As a result, the Chinese Communist Party has been unscrupulously killing these practitioners and making profits off their deaths for many years. The "largest transplant center" in Asia will soon be operational, which indicates an increase in this cruel and bloody trade.

We should all work together to stop this genocide.

Investigation Leads: Shanghai Women's Jail Conducted Several Blood Tests on Falun Dafa Practitioners.

In 2003, the Shanghai Women's Jail conducted blood tests on all Falun Gong practitioners who were illegally jailed in the "special team." At that time, the practitioners were notified that "not one practitioner" would be exempt from the blood test, not even those in solitary confinement. There is a clinic inside the jail, and usually the physical exams took place in the clinic. This time, however, the doctor came directly to corridor with a long table, and all those jailed were lined up to have their blood tested. For the blood test the doctor used a needle to draw blood from the finger and inserted it into a glass beaker. Everyone was given a number and had to provide their personal medical history. The atmosphere was somewhat mysterious and everyone was nervous. There were several male doctors, but all the doctors working for the clinic were female, so this was not a routine physical examination conducted by the local jail. Besides, for the previous three years, except for the initial entrance physical examination, there was never an examination like this one.

At the beginning of 2004, there was again an overall physical examination. This time again a big medical-use vehicle drove directly into the jail. The vehicle housed medical equipment and a fluoroscope.

For each of the "physical examinations," those who were tested never got a test result returned to them.. Many practitioners were often forced to go to a hospital to see doctors and take medication. If the practitioners did not agree, the jail put the medication into their meals. Some practitioners actually took the medication with no knowledge of it at all.