The former Seventh Brigade (the brigade for women detainees) in Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, and the Women's Brigade in Anning District Forced Labor Camp in Lanzhou (known as the Second Labor Camp) were merged in November 2003 to become the present Yuzhong Women's Forced Labor Camp of Gansu Province. It is one of the dark dens where female Falun Gong practitioners are detained and tortured in Gansu Province.

The former Ping'antai Florced Labor Camp is located in the Red Valley of Lanzhou on the top of a desolate, uninhabited mountain. The birds one can see here are black crows with red beaks. Every now and then, they make a tragic and shrill sound. The atmosphere is filled with suffocating terror.

Since the beginning of the persecution of Dafa on July 20, 1999, Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp has held a large number of practitioners and has always been overcrowded. The Second Labor Camp of Anning District began detaining practitioners on February 28, 2001. It held more than 100 practitioners around 2003. In order to force practitioners to give up their belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" and to achieve their self-proclaimed 100 percent "reform rate," horrific crimes have been committed. They stop at nothing in torturing practitioners. The following is only a fraction of their crimes.

I. Brainwashing Combined with Violent Torture and Indoctrination with Evil Lies

The authorities of the labor camp spent a lot of time and effort brainwashing the instructors and drug-addict inmates before Falun Gong practitioners were sent to the labor camp. They repeatedly play movies and video programs slandering Master and Dafa. Practitioners were demonized as a group of irrational people who would commit suicide or murder.

After practitioners were sent to the labor camp, the drug-addict inmates looked at practitioners with fear in their eyes and always watched out to guard themselves against practitioners. Before they went to sleep at night, addict inmates would check practitioners' breathing to see if they had committed suicide. As time went by, some conscientious and rational people discovered that the TV reports were all vicious lies. They learned that Falun Gong practitioners strive to be good people by following the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." However, although fully aware of the truth, those jailers whose consciences had died out continued to torture practitioners to gain petty benefits.

II. Torturing Practitioners with All Kinds of Abusive Methods

Ms. Wang Caihe is a practitioner from Taishui City in her 30s. In May 2001, she practiced the Falun Gong exercises at noon when detainees were forced to perform physical exercises. The police hung her up by handcuffing her to the upper berth of a bunk bed for several days and nights. Even so, they still felt that they had not punished her enough so they handcuffed her to heating pipes in such a way so that she could not crouch down or stand up. Her whole body was swollen. If she moved a little bit, the handcuffs became tighter and cut into her flesh. The pain at night was unbearable, and she cried all night. On the second day, several jailers came to undo the handcuffs and it took them a long time to get them off. The cuffs had cut into her wrists so deeply that the backs of her hands were covered in a kind of white fluid.

In winter of 2001, Ms. Wang Caihe helped to pass Master's articles to fellow practitioners in the labor camp. The jailers were so outraged that they pulled her arms behind her back and handcuffed her to the bed frame of the lower bunk of a bunk bed. She could not crouch or sit down. Due to the extreme pain, she knelt on one knee for some time and then changed position to kneel on the other knee. Her feet kept scraping the floor. She was wearing a pair of new cotton shoes which her family had sent to her only a few days before.

On the second day, the shoes were so damaged that they could not be easily identified as shoes with the cotton exposed everywhere. How many miles does one have to walk to wear out a pair of new cotton shoes? However, Ms. Wang's shoes were worn out in one night. It's hard to imagine what kind of excruciating pain she endured! When she "walked" back to her cell, she could barely drag her legs. When she passed fellow practitioners' cells, she tried very hard to give them a smile. It really broke our hearts!

She also had injuries on her arms. The guards forced her to carry rocks, which are very cold in the winter. When she could not lift the rocks they verbally abused her very harshly.

The labor camp illegally extended her detention. She was not released until several months after the end of her sentence.

In October 2001, the instruction group from Wuwei went to the labor camp. They tried to show off their "achievements" and asked a practitioner who was "reformed" under coercion to talk with the instruction group. Unexpectedly, this practitioner said, "Falun Dafa is great" in front of them. The authorities were very embarrassed and tortured all nine practitioners from Wuwei by "Hanging in the Air."

Ms. He Xiuying, a practitioner in her 30s, was one of the nine. After several days of "hanging in the air," she could not bear it and wrote a guarantee statement against her will. She later realized she shouldn't have done so and told the labor camp authorities she was determined to revoke the guarantee statement. Fan Yirong was irritated. She forced Ms. He Xiuying to go to the lily house (a house dedicated for processing lilies as food). The slaps to He's face could be heard even in the rooms next door. Fan slapped He Xiuying at least several dozen times. Afterwards, Ms. He was "Hung in the air" again and in the end became delirious.

Ms. Zhang Aiping is a practitioner from Tianshui City around 30. She was secretly tortured for a whole night with some cruel methods not yet known by others. She cried tragically the entire time. Later, she often had gastric bleeding and vomited mouthfuls of blood. She became extremely weak and had great difficulty walking.

Ms. Liu Wenyu was a practitioner from Tianshui City in her 50s. She was a former employee of the Department of Railway. She was very healthy and chubby with fair skin when she was sent to the labor camp. During her detention, she often suffered solitary confinement. On one occasion, the guards from Tianshui pretended to come visit her. After they had some watermelon, they wiped the peel back and forth on her face to humiliate her. After one year's torture, she was completely deformed. After she returned home, she did not recover and died of grief.

Ms. Zhan Fengci is a practitioner from Tianshui City in her 40s. When the authorities had a conference to slander Falun Gong, she and another practitioner, Ms. He Guiqin, shouted "Falun Dafa is great!" She was subjected to "hanging in the air." As a result of the torture, her legs and feet became very swollen. In summer, she wore a pair of thin pants, but they looked like thick cotton pants. She had heart problems, but they forced her to lie down on a bed for weeks. She was not allowed to get out of bed except to eat and use the restroom. Due to the torture, she could not walk. Her term was extended for three months. Because of her poor health, she is still bedridden at home.

Ms. He Guiqin was also subjected to "hanging up in the air" for shouting "Falun Dafa is great!" After being hung up, she was so sleepy late in the evening that she bumped into the bed frame. As a result, one side of her face was severely swollen, and her nose and mouth were distorted. Because she was firm in her belief, she was forced to perform labor during the day and stand in the evening for more than a month. Ms. He was so exhausted that she fell to the ground and broke her cheekbone and nose. On one occasion, Fan Yirong a guard, ordered two addict inmates to cover her head with a quilt, viciously pull her hair, and beat her. Ms. He was almost suffocated to death.

Ms. Li Yuying is a practitioner from Inner Mongolia who led a homeless existence to avoid persecution in Gansu Province. She was frequently beaten at the labor camp. Drug addict inmates ranging from 14 years old to over 50 surrounded her to beat and kick her. Although a couple of drug addicts could not bear to beat her, others cursed them and forced them to beat Ms. Li. With support from the guard, the inmates beat her fiercely without any concern for her life. After the beating, they gathered together and chatted and laughed with great excitement.

Ms. Fan Juncao is a practitioner from Qingyang. She is in her 50s and only 5 feet 4 inches. She was subjected to "hanging in the air" with her hands cuffed to an upper bunk. Shee cried and screamed tragically. It was a truly tragic scene.

III. Secretly Torturing Practitioners to Death

(See: http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2006/11/7/141967.html)

Practitioner Ms. Cheng Guilan from the Beidao District, Tianshui City, Gansu Province, was over 60 years old and a senior engineer. One night in October 2002, she was sent to the No. 2 Forced Labor Camp in the Anning District, Lanzhou City of Gansu Province. Within 48 hours, she was secretly tortured to death by the guards in the forced labor camp.

In October 2002, on the second morning after Ms. Cheng was sent to the labor camp, people saw that she wore clean and tidy white clothes. She looked very young, even with her gray hair, and she was very energetic.

During lunchtime on the third day, people noticed that Ms. Cheng could not raise her rice bowl. He Li, the prisoner in charge if monitoring her, was feeding her. The female guard, Wang Yonghong, violently shouted, "He Li, is she your mother? You've never even cared for your mother as you care for her! Use your energy when taking drugs to torture her!" That night, people heard Ms. Cheng's painful cries, and later her voice became weaker and weaker. In the end, she could not make a sound. Later, a vehicle came, and Ms. Cheng's body was secretly taken away. She was never seen again.

Several days later, the drug addict prisoner Yu Guishuang was very nervous. She said, "I will be officially arrested. I'm unable to continue to live in this world. I've said the wrong thing."

In fact, Ms. Cheng was secretly tortured to death by the guards in the forced labor camp within just 48 hours. In order to cover up their crimes, the labor camp lied by saying that Ms. Cheng's life had been in danger when she was brought there. They asked Yu Guishuang to give false evidence. Unexpectedly, Yu Guishuang told the truth, and said, "When she was sent here, she was very healthy." Seeing their crimes exposed, the guards started to pressure her.

Ms. Cheng Guilan's body was sent back to Tianshui and cremated unjustly.

IV. Deprivation of Basic Human Rights

The living conditions at the labor camp are extremely dreadful. A room of 16 square meters normally accommodates 16 people. When the labor camp is overcrowded up to 22 people may be detained in the room. There is no hot water. When practitioners wash their hair or do laundry by hand in winter, the water they use is extremely cold. In addition, water is in short supply; there isn't enough water for them to even brush their teeth and wash their faces. All the inmates had lice.

On holidays, guards come to inspect the cell. They force all the practitioners to put their quilts and clothes on the floor and then tear them open to inspect them. Practitioners are stripped naked while they search for Teacher's articles.

In this horrible place, the Chinese Communist Party's goal is to turn human beings into demons. The CCP exploits all kinds of evil means to kill the remaining kindness in people's hearts and to turn them into its tools for their despicable ends.

Phone and fax numbers of parties responsible for the persecution:

Director: Wang Wenzhi

Commissar: Pan Qin

Deputy Director: Tian Li

Chief Brigade Head: Yang Delan (the present director of Women's Labor Camp of Gansu Province)

guards: Fan Yirong, Bo Qi, Duan Ling, Wang Yonghong, Li Jiachun, Ma Wei, Qu Lin, Li Yanling

Bureau of Forced Labor of Gansu Province:

Politics division: 86-931-8803870

Accounting division: 86-931-8847296

Confidential division: 86-931-8724695

Office: 86-931-8732548

fax: 86-931-8803871

Instruction division: 86-931-8803891

Production division: 86-931-8819134

Director, Yang Shuming: 86-931-8418455(Office), 86-13993170933(cell)

Deputy Director, Li Xiao: 86-931-8871655(Office), 86-13893617579(cell)

Deputy Director, Chen Yuanping: 86-931-8840119(Office), 86-13909447733(cell)

Deputy Director, Gao Zhengfei: 86-931-8732811(Office), 86-13993160136(Cell)

Deputy Director, Hao Niu: 86-931-8803872(Office), 86-13993152320(Cell)

Secretary, Yuan Shihong: 86-13993171010(Cell)

Secretary, Chen Hongpeng: 86-13893613138(Cell)

Women's Labor Camp of Gansu Province (Heping Township of Yuzhong County, ZIP code: 730010)

Office: 86-931-3536866

fax: 86-931-8797882

Politics division: 86-931-3536836

Discipline division: 86-931-3536618

Instruction division: 86-931-3536859

Director, Wang Qianjin: 86-931-3536886(Office), 86-13893338806(cell)

Commissar, Sun Youxiao: 86-931-3536918(Office), 86-13919369618(Cell)

Deputy Director, Yang Delan: 86-931-3536916(Office), 86-13893617316(cell)

The First Forced Labor Camp of Gansu Province (the former Ping'antai Labor Camp, zip code 730086)

Office: 86-931-6279452

Politics division: 86-931-6279420

fax: 86-931-6279430

Discipline division: 86-931-6279411

Administration: 86-931-6279422

Ji Peirong: 86-931-6279001(office), 86-13919020666(cell)

Tao Mingxian: 86-931-6279229(office), 86-13919426886(cell)

Chen Kailin: 86-931-6279239(office), 86-13993613208(cell)

Song Gang: 86-931-6279232(office), 86-13893230326(cell)

Yu Tao: 86-931-6279416(office): 86-13893611580(cell)

Director of Administration Zhang Jiandong: 86-13309313602(cell)

Deputy director of Administration Chen Ping (female)

Director of Education Cheng Lingya (female): 86-931-3518939

The Second Labor Camp of Gansu Province (Anning District, zip code 730070)

Director Wang Wenzhi: 86-931-7768826(office), 86-13369437001(cell), 86-931-4660563(home)

Commissar Pan Qin: 86-931-7768148(office), 86-13369437002(cell), 86-931-7768317(home)

Deputy director Jiang Pingliang: 86-931-7768828(office), 86-13369437003(cell)

Deputy director Tian Li: 86-931-7768000(office), 86-13369437004(cell), 86-931-7767418(home)

Inspector,Wang Dechang: 86-931-7768048(office), 86-13369437000(cell), 86-931-7766009(home)

Bao Jiping: 86-13369437005(cell), 86-931-7766245(home)

Wang Chengfu: 86-13369437006(cell), 86-931-7768257(home)

The Third Labor Camp of Gansu Province (Zhangye District, zip code 734000)

Director Yang Xirong: 86-936-8670696(office) 86-13993631771(cell)

Commissar Tao Ping: 86-936-8671052(office) 86-13993612068(cell)

Deputy director Liu Jinwen: 86-936-8672251(office) 86-13909363198(cell)

Discipline division: 86-936-8677240(office)

Instruction division: 86-936-8677469(office)

Office phone: 86-936-8677228

fax: 86-936-8677228

Politics division: 86-936-8677242