(Clearwisdom.net) I am ashamed to say that I didn't realize the importance of group Fa-study until my recent experience with a tribulation.

Recently, I had a tribulation of "sickness karma." Although I call it "sickness karma," I never thought that I was sick, so I thought I was quite clear on the issue of "sickness karma" according to the Fa taught to us by Master. But everyday people would call it a sickness. At first I didn't realize that it was interference caused by the old forces. I thought it was karma-elimination. Having humanly fostered the evil demons, the situation dragged on for quite some time, until, in the end, I was not able to eat. I felt sick as soon as I tried to eat anything, so I decided not to eat any more, and I started to lose weight rapidly.

At that time, I started to develop another attachment: "How can I validate Dafa when I am in such bad shape? I must recover quickly. How come I still can't pass this?" In the entire process I was looking inwards to see what kind of attachment I still had, what was the loophole the old forces were taking advantage of. Somehow I couldn't find the fundamental attachment. During that time, practitioners in our local Fa-study group were not studying the "Fa" regularly, although they had been sending righteous thoughts for me. Somehow the result were not that obvious. I thought that I would never pass this tribulation. I started to bargain and reason with Master with human thoughts of "maybe this is all that I can achieve." I even had a bad thought of not wanting to bear it any longer and quiting. Looking back now, I am ashamed to be called a "Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple." I let Master down.

Later, with Master's merciful help, I joined a Fa-study group near my home, and practitioners from that group helped me to look inwards and sent forth righteous thoughts together. Eventually I not only found the problem but also found the problem in our local Fa-study group. As for myself, I found the attachments of seeking comfort, complacency, and selfishness within me. I finally realized that in cultivation I need to take every single thought of mine seriously. I also found the limitations of our local Fa-study group. In the past we were doing the three things Master required us to do, but in comparison with other practitioners, we fell short. Though we read the Fa together, we never really studied the Fa and took it seriously. Now we have group Fa-study regularly. We have learned from this experience:

"Broadly shines a Buddha's light,
Justly setting all things right.
Advance together, ever diligent,
To a glorious future."("One With the Fa" in Hong Yin translation version A)

At this point, I realized what it means to

"finally, at some point, have tens of thousands of energy channels merge together, achieving a state of no energy channels and no acupuncture points, with your entire body connected into a whole. That's the ultimate goal of opening the energy channels." (Zhuan Falun, 2003 translation version).

Let's not forsake Master's merciful salvation, be diligent in our daily cultivation, do the three things well, and return with Master with consummation.

I tried to write this experience sharing several times, but every time I gave up in the end. I was deeply touched after I read the article "Have You Handed in Your Work?" in No.246 edition of "Minghui Weekly." I have finally started to hand in my work.