For quite some time now, practitioners in our area and their family members have encountered interference from illness karma. If this was not treated righteously, the interference to practitioners would become increasingly severe, and bring tribulations to the practitioners. I would like to share my understanding on the three occasions my husband suffered illness karma for discussion and exchange.

During 2002 when he was working out of town, one day he called around 5pm, "I got sick all of a sudden, and I feel terrible. Could you come on the next train and get me?" He had a cough, a high temperature, chest pain, nausea, and he could not even walk without assistance. He knew I was at home taking care of the children. If he were not seriously ill, he wouldn't have asked me to go so far away to get him. I quickly asked someone to get the next day's train ticket for me.

I sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts after I packed. I was a bit wary. Why so sudden and so severe? It could only be interference. I must not panic or be frightened. I thought to myself, "One who cultivates in Dafa is blessed. His or her family is also blessed. A Dafa practitioner's cultivation will benefit the whole family; especially since my husband had never tried to stop me from practicing Falun Gong. During this period of rampant persecution, many Dafa practitioners' family members endured pressure from different directions. This would certainly establish a foundation for good predestination for him. I felt sure that nothing untoward would happen to him, and I was not worried. Furthermore, as Dafa practitioners we carried positive messages, even the things that we touched would be left with our energy, let alone our relatives.

This had to be the evil coming after me, trying to create tribulations for me. I must repudiate it, not acknowledge it; and thwart the old force arrangements." I meditated for nearly the whole night. I only took a quick nap when I was really tired, but continued to send forth righteous thoughts, not acknowledging it, and totally negating it. At dawn around 6am, my husband called, "You needn't come anymore. I feel much better. Let's see how it goes in a few days."

The second illness karma hit when my husband came back from an out of town trip. He felt sick, with chest pain and cough. He pointed to his left chest and said, "There must be something wrong here."

He lost his appetite, and suspected that he might have hepatitis. He was under a lot of pressure, and wanted to have a physical check up at the hospital. I felt that idea of his was not very good. Even though he was not a practitioner, the principle applied just the same: illness is 70% mental and 30% physical.

I told him, "You should not keep on thinking that it is an illness, as psychology has a remarkable effect. If you keep thinking that it is an illness, then you could actually make it happen." He became irritated, "Isn't this idealistic? How could it be that it is not sickness just because you say so?" I replied, "All I am saying is that if your mental state isn't good and always expecting it, then it will only aggravate you. Tomorrow, I will take you to see the doctor."

The next day we went to the Military District Hospital for a complete physical checkup. Through the entire procedure, I remained calm, and confident; I knew the whole thing was just an illusion created by the evil old forces. I sent forth righteous thoughts nonstop to repudiate it. I refused to acknowledge that it was an illness. I rejected the evil old forces' persecution. Later while x-ray was being taken, I sat on the chair to continue sending forth righteous thoughts. After I got the films I sent forth righteous thoughts at it. I did not permit it to show any abnormalities. When the doctor looked at the x-ray, I stared intensely at him and only had one thought in mind, that there is nothing wrong! It turned out everything was fine.

This time around my husband was convinced. I asked him if he still wanted to have his blood examined to see if he had hepatitis. He said, "No, forget it; let's not waste a whole tube of my precious blood." This time he smiled. I told him I had been constantly sending forth righteous thoughts, and he witnessed the miracle of Dafa. It ended up he came home without any medicine. His chest pain and cough all subsided.

The third incident took place during the SARS epidemic. He had severe unremitting fever for several days, and the symptoms appeared just like SARS. The medicine that he took had no effect, but he was afraid to go to the hospital in case he should be admitted as a SARS patient. He endured for 3 days and the fever hit 40 degrees C. He was certain that it was SARS, and that I had better separate my crockery from his. Upon hearing those words I immediately took his cup and had a few sips. He frantically said, "What are you doing? If we both get sick who is going to take care of the family?" I said, "Don't you worry, Dafa practitioner's family absolutely won't get SARS, this is just an illusion." Since his fever did not subside, we went to the hospital. At that time every patient having a fever must be examined at the "quarantine ward", everyone who stepped into that ward was given a mask and shoe covers to put on. As I took the test tube with the blood sample to the lab for analysis, I sent forth the righteous thought, "This absolutely is not SARS." It goes without saying that the test result only followed my intent. I applied my thought further, "The Three Realm and all beings within the Three Realm were created, formed, born for the Fa, thus Dafa practitioner's cultivation environment and their family also came about because of the Fa. They could all be part of the overall arrangement for Dafa practitioner's final accomplishment. If this incident was targeting me, then my diamond-like will could repudiate the evil old force destructive tests that spared no sentient beings. Thereafter, my husband's health has been excellent, and he could appreciate Master's great benevolence. He now treats Dafa with great respect.

Two days ago he came down with the flu. He had toothache, headache, and aches and pains all over. He did not say much in the first two days (because he now understands some principles about illness karma). However, he could not put up with it any longer, so he brought some medicine home and complained that I did not care about him. I told him, "You are a member of a Dafa practitioner's family; just from what you've witnessed, you should have understood some of the principles. A single thought of a practitioner would make an important difference to you. If I were like before I started cultivation in Dafa and immediately went to get some medicine for you, my mind would be focusing on your illness, then wouldn't I be acknowledging that you were sick? You might feel good that I cared about you, but that was not really good for you. You must not want that. This, however, is really benevolent towards you even though you could not sense it. But in other dimensions it is making a difference."

Now I feel we must treat our family members' illness karma righteously. The evil old forces will exploit every loophole, and see if we can let go of the human sentimentality. Gradually our family members will understand some Fa principles:

"Everything you, a cultivator, encounter is related to your cultivation and Consummation, or else those things absolutely would not exist." ("Dafa is All Encompassing, Essentials for Further Advancement, II")

November 1 2006