(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Li Qiliang from Mudanjiang has been detained at the Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp twice. Because the guards there did not succeed in "transforming" Li Qiliang and forcing him to renounce his belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, Mr. Li was transferred to the Suihua Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province. He sustained a severe head injury there, which caused a mental disorder.

  1. Background

In September 2002, the No. 2 Bureau of the Central 610 Office came to the Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp to teach the guards torture methods in order to increase the so-called "transformation rate." Active participants included Zhao Guanying, the director of the Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp, Wang, the Party secretary, Gao Yanfu, the deputy director, and Xing Jiming, the head of the management department. They sent two steadfast Dafa practitioners, Gong Chengge and Meng Qiang to the Jixi Forced Labor Camp to be persecuted, while the Jixi Forced Labor Camp sent another two practitioners, Wang Lansheng and Zhang Minghui, to the Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp.

The Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp assigned Dafa practitioners to the two groups that focused specifically on persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. In order to enhance the "transformation rate," the wardens manipulated inmates to beat steadfast practitioners. Under this situation, Li Qiliang was sent to one of the groups in the Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp in early November for the second time.

  1. Tried to Stop the Persecution

Refusing to cooperate with the guards' "transformation," Li Qiliang did not follow any of their orders. Yu Bo, a practitioner who had just arrived at the camp because he refused to give up practicing Dafa, was beaten until his head was swollen, by inmates Wang Changyan and Jin Xiangzhe, under the direction of warden Mu Chengtian. The second time that Wang Changyan beat Yu Bo in front of other inmates, in spite of the surveillance camera taping his abuse (the camera was installed to prevent violence among inmates and/or toward themselves), Li Qiliang spoke aloud, "Stop it!" Wang Changyan was shocked by Li Qiliang's righteous power and didn't dare to beat Yu Bo any more. From then on, the inmates stopped beating Dafa practitioners in front of others.

However, practitioners have been tortured in private by the inmates or the guards, under direct instructions from Zhao Guanying, the camp director, Gao Yanfu, the deputy director, and Wang Xuewen, a group leader. Practitioner Fu Xiaofan was beaten until he bled all over his body. Practitioner Wu Guoli, an employee of the Xiachengzi Railway Company who was transferred from the Railway Detention Center, was tortured with a metal nail in his foot. Inmates Jin Xiangzhe and Zheng Haipeng used a pair of tongs to squeeze the fingers of practitioner Zheng Jinjiang, an accountant from the Mudanjiang Railway Company.

Deng Fanqiang, head of the inmates, beat Li Qiliang in private. Li Qiliang went on a hunger strike to protest the abuse. At that time, the daily two meals for Li Qiliang and other inmates was only ground corn with sand grains, normally used to feed chickens.

Warden He Xuhai, who had participated in torturing Dafa practitioners many times, tried to force-feed Li Qiliang along with inmates Wang Changyan, Zhang Donghui, Deng Fanqiang, and Jin Xiangzhe, but did not succeed. Later, He Xuhai was promoted to be the Party Secretary of the group and the head of the No. 3 Group for his efforts in persecuting Dafa practitioners.

After several days of hunger strike, Li Qiliang was dragged by guard Jiang Manyuan and the inmates, who forced him to run and do so-called "training." Another practitioner, Song Chunyu, stood up to stop this abuse, and they therefore did not continue.

  1. Persecuted at the Suihua Forced Labor Camp

Because they could not destroy the strong will of the steadfast practitioners, the wardens sent practitioners Li Qiliang, Song Chunyu, Jia Changming, and Zhan Jinchao to the Suihua Forced Labor Camp to continue the persecution against them.

Those who participated in torturing practitioners at the Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp included Zhao Guanying, the director of the camp, Gao Yanfu, the deputy director, Wang Xuewen from one of the groups persecuting practitioners, Mu Chengtian, He Xuhai, Yan Changhai, the group head in charge of persecuting Falun Gong (later promoted to be the head of the Management Department), guard Yu Dianjun, guard Chen Yulong, and Qiu Cheng, who often beat practitioners. The guards manipulated the inmates who wanted to shorten their prison terms with special achievements, inciting them to abuse Dafa practitioners. With violence and blood, the Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp achieved a 100% "transformation rate." The practitioners' bodies were bleeding, while their hearts were weeping.

November 13, 2006