(Clearwisdom.net) The so-called "Intense Training Unit" and the "Team for Subduing the Steadfast" in the Women's Prison in Heilongjiang Province are still using violence to "reform" Falun Dafa practitioners. They instigated seven or eight criminal inmates to beat one practitioner, not allowing her to sleep at all, or only allowing her to go to sleep after 2:00 a.m. They surrounded her and shouted at her, forcing her to accept their evil words. If she refused, they abused her badly and cursed the founder of Falun Dafa to cause her mental distress.

On September 30, 2006, the women's prison in Heilongjiang Province posted a notification from the Bureau of Prison Administration, which banned the practice of using criminal inmates, including head inmates, to discipline other inmates. At this time, however, the women's prison in Heilongjiang Province is still using criminals to supervise other inmates, especially Falun Dafa practitioners. Even how and where practitioners place their hands and feet needs to be approved. Whoever doesn't listen is held down and beaten by several criminal inmates. In order to encourage the criminals to persecute practitioners, [warden] Xiao Lin summoned them for a meeting and said to them, "You are the elite and the strong selected by the government. You have the full trust of the government. Do your job well, and you will be rewarded with high merit scores!" When practitioners reported to Xiao Lin that the criminals beat people at will, she said that beating people was the criminals' "responsibility." These criminals, who commit crimes in society and beat their parents at home, continue to do evil in the prison and are the guards' right hand. It shows how dark and dirty the Chinese Communist Party's prisons are.

The criminal inmates try very hard to please the guards. Usually the guards tell them to take charge of the kitchens and they try to cook whatever the guards like to eat. When the guards use the bathroom, they will call a criminal inmate to bring them toilet paper. The criminals run as fast as they can even if they are eating. The criminals also need to pay for drinks and fruit for the guards, as well as to wash their clothes. Poor criminals are not promoted. When the supervisor and others come to inspect, the guards hide the criminals who are in charge of the practitioners and pretend that it is they who are in charge. After the visitors leave, the criminals are sent back. Led by Warden Liu Zhiqiang, the guards in the women's prison in Heilongjiang Province blatantly violate regulations and use the criminals to manage the prison. The criminals are doing the work of the guards. They can put whichever practitioner they want into solitary confinement.

There are many critically ill inmates in the hospital unit of the prison. No one looks after them at all. There are also many who don't have money to see a doctor or buy medication. Although the prison is supposed to cook special food for the patients, none of them can really get it without bribing Zhao Yingling, the person in charge, no matter how serious their illnesses are. Those critically ill patients can never be treated or given "free" medication without bribing the guards.

On September 30, 2006, practitioner Ms. Chen Weijun was sent to the prison hospital. After 10 days, not a single doctor had checked in on her or asked her about her condition. On October 5, 2006, a criminal inmate named Xu Jinlan saw that Ms. Chen was sending righteous thoughts and slapped her in the face. Then head inmate Xiu Shufen had two other inmates watch her 24 hours a day. Whenever she sent forth righteous thoughts, they would hold her arms and legs so that she couldn't move. They also had many criminals surround and shout at her. They said they had orders from Zhao Yingling to do so. The criminals also used the the cover of a plastic box to slap her face. They punched her and threw her from one bed to another. As a result, her legs turned black and blue. When the deputy head, Liu Yang, came, Ms. Chen reported to her that she was being beaten by the inmates. Liu Yang said, "If you can't control your arms and legs, it is necessary that others help you control them!" On the morning of October 6, when Ms. Chen erected her palm and sent forth righteous thoughts, Xu Jinlan venomously twisted her arms until she felt that they would break. He wouldn't let go of her. When she shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" Xu Jinlan muffled her with the quilt. Xiu Shufen led a bunch of inmates in abusing her verbally.

Two days later, Ms. Chen was moved to another side of the building, facing the wall of the prison where there is no sunlight. On the afternoon of October 7, the pulse in her left arm stopped beating, while the pulse in her right arm beat extremely fast. She could hardly support herself even lying in bed. It was as if she would die at any minute. She was in this state for several hours and then became better. On the following day, Zhao Yingling said, "If Chen Weijun dies, we must say that she died because she refused to take medicine."

A certain nurse in the prison hospital said that there were two non-Falun Gong practitioners who suffered from high blood pressure. One day their blood pressure suddenly went up to over 200 and they were in a coma. When this was reported to Zhao Yingling, she said, "Wait!" Zhao waited for quite a while before she called and asked how they were. Only after the nurse said that they were in a very critical state did she call for an ambulance. However, the two patients died on the way. Zhao not only persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners, but also non-practitioners.

Practitioner Ms. Yu Xiulan was also taken to and detained in the women's prison in Heilongjiang Province. She is not allowed to have any contact with the outside world; therefore, her situation is unknown.