(Clearwisdom.net) Master's most recent article Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil was published on October 24, 2006. Reading it, I enlightened to what a heavy responsibility Falun Dafa disciples shoulder! I have been extending the time I send forth righteous thoughts each day at 9 p.m., 10 p.m., 11 p.m., and midnight, as well as strengthening their density, eliminating evil beings in other dimensions with strong righteous thoughts, and thoroughly cleaning out the persecution conducted by the dark minions, rotten ghosts, and old forces.

Once while sending righteous thoughts directed towards the labor camps and prisons in China where Falun Dafa practitioners are detained, my primordial spirit left my body and went there. I saw that Falun Dafa practitioners are locked behind thick metal bars. The places are very dirty and dark like they are soaked in ink. I saw a rotten ghost with a human figure, but the body was flapping like bat's wings. I also saw evil spirits in the shape of roosters and worms. Their shapes were very strange, and they were huge in size, bigger than people. They were leaping upwards or hovering in the air like dark clouds. Those evil being were trying with all their might to block me, but my mighty energy instantly dissolved them before they reached me. The places where energy reached would quickly, with a swipe, become empty, clear, and clean, and then the beings destroyed would turn to white substances.

I deeply enlightened to the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts during the evening and at night, because the evil beings run most the most rampant after dark. Personally, I think that 9, 10, 11 p.m., and 12 midnight are the most important times. At the same time, I enlightened that our righteous thoughts must be strong, and we must not have any notions. Our positions must be accurate by sitting straight and having the right palm straight upright with force, and our lotus palms must be open. Failure to follow the requirements will result in not effectively thoroughly dissolving the evil.

I hope that fellow practitioners who still do not pay enough attention to sending forth righteous thoughts can emphasize this task now!