(Clearwisdom.net) Since March 2006, Weifang Detention Center in Shandong Province has used a savage method (injecting poison intravenously) to persecute Dafa practitioners who hunger strike to protest their illegal detention. At this point, at least four Dafa practitioners are known to have been injected with poison.

The perpetrators used an iron chair or a cross, cuffed the Dafa practitioner to it, and then injected a poisonous solution intravenously. After the injection, the Dafa practitioner's kidney functions would shut down with no urine output that day. A prison doctor surnamed Kang once asked a Dafa practitioner: "Do you have urine output today?" The practitioner asked him, "What did you inject me with?" and he answered, "Nutrition." With a guilty conscience he added, "I will do whatever the officials ask me to do."

After being injected with this poisonous material, the practitioner immediately felt dizzy with blurred vision. His feet and hands began swelling the next day and getting worse by the day. He had generalized muscle aches with worsening edema, and he became covered with blisters all over his body accompanied by extreme itchiness. After the skin was scratched open it formed layers of scars, leaving black or brown discoloration. One month after the injection, his nails began to fall off and he experienced hair loss. In the end he lost almost all of his hair.

Cui Jianping, deputy-director of the City Committee, 0536-8789026
Li Shouyu, secretary of the City Political Legal Committee, 0536-8789696
Huang Weilian, director of the City Public Security Bureau, deputy-mayor, 0536-8789316, 13573689006
Wang Zhiliang, deputy-secretary of the City Committee, director of the City 610 Office, 13853610606
Weifang Detention Center, 0536-8901110
Director Fang Jianyi, 049943
Guo Hong (female), 054835
Hu Guiming, 050668
Prison doctor, Zhu Bo