(Clearwisdom.net) My husband and I talked about distributing truth-clarification materials in the residential area of his former workplace. My husband didn't want to go, as many people knew him there. He felt the evil could take advantage of this. I thought that most of the people there were members of the Communist Party and had been deeply poisoned by the party, and that we should save them. We went there twice against my husband's will. The third time my husband was illegally arrested. We entered the area and headed in different directions so we could distribute the materials separately. After I distributed all the material, I waited for my husband outside the residential area. I started feeling uneasy after waiting for more then one hour. I went back and looked for him. I went in and saw a police car parked at the gate. The police were on guard. They were not allowing anyone to go in or out. I assumed that my husband must have been arrested by the police. I immediately returned home to tidy up and hide the Falun Dafa articles. However, I couldn't find the Zhuan Falun book that my husband read every day. The police arrived shortly to search the house. They found and confiscated Zhuan Falun after a short search. My husband was severely beaten the day and night of his arrest. He was then detained in the brainwashing center for more than two months. During that period, he did things a Dafa practitioner should not do. He felt extremely contrite after he was released.

I have enlightened to the following:

1. I insisted that my husband go with me to do this, even though his xinxing wasn't high enough to go willingly. It is not in keeping with Dafa principles to arrange how fellow practitioners should do things. It is Master who arranges everything for Falun Dafa practitioners.

2. My heart was not pure enough when distributing the truth-clarification materials. Distribution of the materials had become an everyday person's "task" for me. I was thinking how to finish the task sooner, because I carried a large number of materials. I didn't realize that I should treasure these Fa instruments that were helping Master with the Fa-rectification. They should be given to the sentient beings who are predestined to be saved.

3. Our way of doing things was not rational. It did not conform to the state of everyday society. We had been to the same place in the past two weeks. We shouldn't have gone a third time in such a short period of time.

4. My husband had attachments to fear and was afraid of losing face. The reason why I had not shared with him and pointed out his attachments in time, was that I also had attachments to sentimentality and saving face. I regarded him only as my husband, instead of viewing him as a fellow practitioner from the perspective of the Fa. Only by doing so, can we be responsible to fellow practitioners, to ourselves, and to the body of practitioners as a whole.

My attachments again surfaced while writing this article. I have realized them, thanks to Master's merciful hints. I was afraid that my husband wouldn't be happy if I wrote this article, as it would make him "lose face." So I didn't show him the article and sent it to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website as soon as I finished it. As a result, my legs hurt very badly whenever I meditated. This pain felt different from the feeling resulting from having been sitting for too long. It felt like my legs were injured. What was more, they kept slipping down when I did the meditation. I finally realized that my thoughts didn't conform to Dafa. I showed the article to my husband. I told him, if he didn't agree, we could exchange views based on Dafa and revise the article. However, my husband didn't object after he read it. Now my legs no longer hurt much when I meditate, nor do they slip down. This helped me realize the following:

1. I didn't regard my husband as a fellow practitioner. Nor did I point out his attachments which I had seen, because of my attachments to sentimentality and saving face.

2. My thoughts couldn't represent other's thoughts. I had emitted bad thoughts towards my husband. I was not him, how could I know that he wouldn't be happy? From the perspective of the Fa, a Dafa practitioner shouldn't emit any negative thoughts toward other beings.

3. My heart wasn't pure when I wrote the experience-sharing article. I didn't base my article on the Fa-principles righteously. Sharing experiences is part of our cultivation process and an indispensable element in terms of the overall improvement of Dafa disciples. It is validating Dafa and we should do whatever conforms to Dafa openly and with dignity. We should not ignore fellow practitioners' attachments, nor should we fail to point them out or "help" them hide them. What's more, I was moved by my husband's attachment and became more attached than him. Articles written with so many attachments cannot be good ones and the Clearwisdom website will not publish such articles.

We are now nearing the end of the Fa-rectification. Not a single attachment should be left. We should really look within so as not to miss out on the opportunity for which we have been waiting billions of years. We should not fail sentient beings' hopes of Master's salvation.