(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of October 9, 2006, Anlu City State Security agents Yang Chunqiao, Mei De'an, and Chen Aiqing (all male), without showing any identification, stormed into Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Mao Cuilian's store, disrupting everything. When Ms. Mao shouted, "Robbers!" agent Mei De'an slapped Ms. Mao on the face. Ms. Mao quickly ran outside, but the driver, Chen Aiqing, stopped her and locked her in the vehicle. These agents also pushed practitioner Ms. Zhu Benming (who had come to ship merchandise) into the vehicle, causing her to suffer a black eye when she bumped into the vehicle. The agents confiscated some Falun Dafa books.

Ms. Mao Cuilian and Ms. Zhu Benming were both taken to the Fucheng Police Station. Agent Chen Aiqing locked them in a metal wire cage. Ms. Mao's clothes were torn during the arrest. Later, they were both taken to the Sili Detention Center. Ms. Mao appeared to have severe stomach and heart problems, and her life was in danger. The detention center head Liu Liguang (male), and doctor He Xiaoqing (female) found one thousand yuan in Ms. Mao's pocket. They handcuffed her and sent her to the Puai Hospital to be examined. They forcibly took her back to the center, but Ms. Mao was still in extreme pain. The center's doctor, He Xiaoqing, said that Ms. Mao was faking the pain and wanted her sentenced to prison.

Because Ms. Mao's life was in danger, her mother (in her seventies) wept every day at home. Her village head went to the State Security Division to request her release. The State Security agents threatened Ms. Mao's family members and the village head and forced them to write a guarantee statement and pay for the agents' dinner in the restaurant. The village head was forced to go through unreasonable mistreatment, then he picked up Ms. Mao, who was dying, and took her home. Ms. Zhu Benming is still detained in the detention center.

State Security Division head Yang Chunqiao (male), 86-13307296364 (Cell), 86-712-5230921 (Home)
State Security agent Mei De'an (male), 86-13971976110 (Cell), 86-712-5228833 (Home)
State Security Division driver Chen Aiqing (male), 86-13907296877 (Cell), 86-712-5236825 (Home)
Sili Detention Center head Liu Liguang (male), 86-712-5223846 (Home)
Sili Detention Center guard Yue Zhonggui (male, participated in many persecution cases)
Sili Detention Center doctor He Xiaoqing (female)