(Clearwisdom.net) Since Jiang's gang launched the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, the Labor Camp Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (LCBIMAR) has become the headquarters for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. In the past seven years, officers from the LCBIM have continued to give orders to officials at the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp on the east side of Inner Mongolia (IMAR), to the Women's Labor Camp in the center of IMAR and also to the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp on the west side of IMAR. These are the primary three labor camps in IMAR where many Falun Gong practitioners are imprisoned. Many persecution incidents that happened in these three labor camps were planned and directed by LCBIMAR.

The evildoing people who have been involved in these incidents include Wu Liji, about 50 and a Mongolian; the former chief of LCBIMAR and the current Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee Secretary in LCBIMAR, Song Jianping (about 40); the deputy chief of LCBIMAR, Chai Jianzhong (about 40 years old); the chief of the Education Department of LCBIMAR, Wei Shulin, (about 50); the chief of the Instruction Section of LCBIMAR, Zhang Yuxi; the chief of a section of LCBIMAR, and other chiefs of other sections at the LCBIMAR.

The following is a summary of the LCBIMAR's crimes:

1. LCBIMAR Urged the Labor Camps to Reform Falun Gong Practitioners

At the onset of the persecution, practitioners from IMAR were jailed in about ten labor camps all over IMAR. Due to practitioners clarifying the truth, most guards in the labor camps learned the truth and had sympathy for practitioners. Some chiefs and other leaders in the labor camps even praised practitioners and tried to help them. The rate of "reformation" in the first few months of the persecution was almost zero.

Because of this, LCBIMAR set the Women's Forced Labor Camp to be the special camp to intensively reform Falun Gong practitioners. The intensity of reform increased several months later. The government published a book about their experiences of reforming practitioners. Actually, their experience is to use the tricks that the CCP has been using for several decades. This includes threats/intimidation and lies, exerting mental pressure, brainwashing, torture, beating with electric batons, depriving of sleep, and so on. Ms. Zhang Ziru, a 20-year old young woman, had a torture-induced mental breakdown.

In September 2000, Chai Jianzhong and Wei Shulin, LCBIMAR officials, transferred all Falun Gong practitioners in labor camps into the west area of IMAR, to the Wuyuan Labor Camp (the former Dongtucheng Labor Camp, which the government spent several million yuan to enlarge. Construction was completed in November 2001, and its name was changed to Wuyuan.) Chai and Wei stayed at the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp and taught the guards in the camp how to "reform" Falun Gong practitioners. They tried to brainwash Falun Gong practitioners. Practitioners had to take the so-called "law courses" in which the guards slandered Falun Gong. Practitioners had to do the so-called homework, in which they had to feel guilty about practicing Falun Gong and curse it and its founder.

In one brainwashing class a female guard asked Ms. Zhao Lizhi to recite the items in the Chinese constitution. Zhao said that she could not remember them. She also said that the constitution did not protect practitioners' rights. At 7:00 p.m., Zhao was taken to an office. Chai Jianzhong, Wei Shulin, Mu Jianfeng (deputy chief and political head of the labor camp), Liu Baohua (chief of the education section), and Wei Yuzhi (head of the fourth team) beat and kicked Zhao. They beat her with rubber batons and electric batons. They forced her to write a "guarantee letter" renouncing Falun Gong.

The guards beat Zhao from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., and her blood was all over the floor. Finally, Zhao gave in and wrote the guarantee letters. The evildoing people from LCBIMAR taught the guards at Wuyuan Labor Camp how to use violence to reform practitioners by using the example of Ms. Zhao.

Ms. Zhao's torture not only became an example of how to "reform" practitioners, it also gave the guards the idea that they have permission to beat practitioners. This is what is behind the reason for guards in the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp to frequently torture practitioners. Later, people from LCBIMAR went to the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp many times and planned and directed many torture incidents. Some torture incidents happened after the guards at the Wuyuan Camp got instructions from the LCBIMAR.

Numerous practitioners have been insulted and tortured for their beliefs. In a letter written by a practitioner and secretly smuggled out of the labor camp contains the following paragraph:

"He took me to the lobby on the morning of February 24, 2002. Eight or nine guards, including Zhao Naiwei, Zhang Tiefeng, Zhao Qian, Wang Donglei, Liu Weidong, Liu Yuelong, Yan Wenjun and Zhang Dahu were there. They forced me to take off my coat. Li Weidong gagged me with a towel and tied my hands behind my back. Then they shocked me on the ears, face and neck with electric batons.

The electric batons sparked and made noise, and the electric shocks made my head shake continuously. Being tied up, my body was unable to move. I fell down. They turned my body over and shocked my forehead and ears.

I bit the towel and endured the extreme pain. They shocked me with electric batons for thirty minutes, but I didn't give in. They untied me, but I was too weak to move. They mocked me while fiercely twisting, swinging and pulling my arms.

A few minutes later they tied me up once more and beat me with the electric batons again, beating my head with three batons. The electric shocks made my head shake. Since I refused to give in, they beat my forehead with two batons. I could even see the electric sparks with my eyes closed.

One guard took off my pants. Li Weidong started shocking my belly. Later, he took off my underwear and shocked my anus with the electric baton. None of the other guards stopped him!

They kept beating me with the batons. The electric shocks impacted my head and pushed my head back and forth on the ground. It was extremely painful, but I didn't give in."

2. "The government will take the responsibility if Falun Gong practitioners are beaten to death." This Made the Guards Torture Practitioners Without Regard for Consequences

After two years of brutal torture, none of the fifty practitioners who were jailed in Wuyuan Labor Camp were "reformed." So, several government officials, including the ones from the LCBIMAR, came to the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp on August 27, 2002 and held a conference to urge the guards to escalate the persecution. They ordered the rate of "transformation" to be 100%. They also made detailed "transformation" plans.

In the second division, guard Zhong Zhiyuan showed an electric baton to the criminals and yelled, "You guys must help reform them. If they are not reformed, then this electric baton will not just be used on them, but also on you."

In this way, all guards and criminals were urged to persecute practitioners, and the brutal tortures began. For many days in a row, people could hear the sounds of beating with electric batons. Many practitioners were held in solitary cells. Numerous practitioners were forced to stand straight for a long time, which made their legs swollen. The evildoing people kept picking up an elderly practitioner named Ms. Yang Yufeng and throwing her onto the ground. They also poked her legs with steel needles. The criminals kept beating Ms. Feng Tianzhi for three whole days. During a one-month segment of intense torture many practitioners were badly injured.

The persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp during the past seven years has never stopped. To date, there are still some practitioners, including a seventy year-old man held in solitary cells. (See the detailed information on the Clearwisdom.net website).

In September 2000, all the practitioners who were in the labor camps in the eastern part of IMAR were sent to the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp. There are men and women's divisions there that hold many practitioners, and the persecution there is extremely cruel under the direction of LCBIMAR.

On November 17, 2001, seventy practitioners went on a protest hunger strike. They did this because the evildoing people had badly beaten practitioner Fu Guiying, who was around 70 years old. This shocked everyone in LCBIMAR. Tumuji Labor Camp chief Zhu Jijun was at a conference held by the LCBIMAR. The head of the LCBIMAR told Zhu that he should be tough on the practitioners who were on the hunger strike, and if something happened, the CCP regime would take the responsibility. So, Zhu and three section heads from the LCBIMAR, including Zhang Yuxi, rushed back to Tumuji Labor Camp and started an even more brutal persecution.

Ms. Ma Xiuqin refused to read articles that slandered Dafa and Master, so Zhang Yuxi, the section head from the LCBIMAR, along with Li, a section head of the labor team in Tumuji Labor Camp and three other guards, took her to an empty room and beat her badly. They rubbed her handcuffed hands against the handcuffs, then tied her hands behind her back and hung her up until she lost consciousness.

When she came to, they took her down and then repeated the process seven or eight times. They also pushed her against the ground and beat her head with electric batons. She was tortured like that for two hours. Although she experienced numbness in one hand following this gross torture, they still made her do manual labor.

Hu Sumin was also taken to an empty room and subjected to a similar torture.

Dozens of practitioners were severely tortured. Some of them were hung up by their handcuffs. Some were beaten with electric batons. Assistant camp chief Xiao XX lied to practitioners in a meeting, saying that the tortures would stop. But even when the meeting was in session, people could still hear the beating and noises from the electric batons in the solitary cells. More than ten guards, including Wu Hongxia, Wang Guirong, Luo Jinfang, Na Renhua, Liu Qihua, Yang Jie, Liu Yuhua and a male guard beat practitioner Jiao Yuxia severely.

Officers from the LCBIMAR, including Chai Jianzhong, Wei Shulin and Song Jianping, often visited the labor camps to inspect the progress of the "transformation." When they talked to practitioners, their most often used threat was, "You will die if you don't reform." To get promotions and financial rewards, every few months they started another large scale persecution to "reform" practitioners. They then ordered every practitioner to write a guarantee letter and held a conference in which people slandered and attacked Dafa. They also invited media reporters to report on the conference and activities. LCBIMAR chief Wu Liji attends each and every conference and Dafa-slandering activity and personally directs the persecution. For example, the evil people from LCBIMAR organized and attended a third conference attacking Falun Gong, held at Wuyuan in March 2001, as well as the fourth conference at Tumuji in July 2001, and all the conferences in Hohhot City.

Since the LCBIMAR is located in Hohhot, the persecution in Hohhot is especially savage and well planned. The evildoers hung up a pregnant practitioner and beat her with electric batons. One practitioner's vagina was swollen and bleeding due to kicking. These persecutors put an iron bit in some practitioners' mouths to facilitate force-feeding them. In a LCBIMAR-organized conference in December 2001, dozens of guards held electric batons in the conference hall. Several practitioners were pushed against the ground, in plain view of many attending government officials. Guards gagged them with towels, took them to the next room and beat them with electric batons. The conference, however, continued.

Human language cannot describe the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by evildoing people from the LCBIMAR during the last seven years. They will most certainly be brought to justice.