(Clearwisdom.net) Mrs. Niu, from Xintai City, Shandong Province, is in her 80s. Recently, she was illegally arrested by the 610 Office and taken to the Taian Brainwashing Center. Because she refused to stop cultivating Falun Dafa, she was sent to the notorious Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Zibo City.

Mrs. Niu's original name is Liu Xiufang. She lives at the Xiezhuang Coal Mine of the Xinwen Mine Bureau. About two months ago, she was arrested by the Taian City Police Department and the Xintai City 610 Office. After being detained for a period of time, the police took her to the Taian Brainwashing Center for persecution. Mrs. Niu refused to give up practicing Falun Dafa and persisted in clarifying the truth. Recently, she was sent to the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp by the 610 Office authorities.

Three female practitioners were sent to the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp along with Mrs. Niu. They were Shi Kaihua, about 50, Jiang Li, in her 40s, and Zhu Falan, around 45 years old. The police sought to force them to give up their righteous belief in Dafa.

An 80-year-old woman has been arrested and persecuted at a brainwashing center and is now being sent to a forced labor camp. These inhumane and unlawful acts demonstrate the insanity of the Chinese Communist Party as it nears its end.

We ask that local practitioners clarify the truth, expose the evil, and stop the persecution in order to validate the Fa and save sentient beings. Please strengthen fellow practitioners with righteous thoughts and investigate their situations.

We also want to warn those people who are still persecuting practitioners: it is a law of heaven and earth that good will be rewarded with good and evil with retributions. The CCP has committed enormous crimes against the Chinese people. Those who followed the CCP and persecuted practitioners were labeled as "role models," but there are many examples of them meeting their just retribution, paying through horrifying deaths in this physical world.

Wang Xinjun, former captain of Xintai City State Security Unit, was touted as a role model by the CCP for persecuting Falun Dafa. He died of liver cancer.

Liu Yuanjun, former secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee, died of liver cancer on May 4, 2006.

Jia Shoutian was head the Huaibei City 610 Office in Anhui Province. He had tonsillar cancer. He could not eat, drink, speak, or be operated on. After several months in extreme pain, he died before the Chinese New Year in 2006. At the time of death, his face was deformed.

Jia Chunjin, former secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee of Caiji Township, Funan County in Anhui Province, died of liver cancer on March 5, 2006.

Deng Changlong, head the 610 Office of the police department of Changan Corp. of Chongqing City, died of lung cancer in 2000.

Xu Yunzong was former head of the 610 Office and the Political and Judiciary Committee of Cangxi County, Sichuan Province. He had a car accident and died instantly.

Bao Jiangao, former head of the 610 Office of Hefei City, Anhui Province, died of stomach cancer in August 2005.

Li Wenqi, head of the 610 Office of Yinkou City, was diagnosed with liver cancer in Beijing in 2005. He died on July 25 on his way back to Yinkou.

There are many examples like these. It is not worthwhile exchanging your life for power and money. We hope you understand the truth, stop persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, make up for your crimes, and have a good future.

Phone numbers of some of the Xintai City personnel who have participated in the persecution of Falun Dafa:

Country Code: 86, Area Code: 0538

Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-538-7222120
Bai Jianxin: 86-538-7225774 (Office), 86-538-6233858 (Home), 86-13805489536 (Cell)
Wang Wencheng: 86-538-7212743 (Office), 86-538-7225620 (Home), 86-13905387839 (Cell)
Zhang Yuan'an: 86-538-7212743 (Office), 86-538-7279698 (Home), 86-13805387558 (Cell)
Zhang Li: 86-538-7212745 (Office), 86-538-7078288 (Home), 86-13583876288 (Cell)
Zheng Haowen: 86-538-7212745 (Office), 86-538-7078076 (Home), 86-13805482318 (Cell)
Xue Baoliang: 86-538-7237654 (Office), 86-538-7223964 (Home), 86-13505481578 (Cell)
Feng Chuanli: 86-538-7237654 (Office), 86-538-7078575 (Home), 86-13173486369 (Cell)

Xintai Police Bureau: 86-538-7103039
Wei Zhaode: 86-538-7103001 (Office), 86-538-8237938 (Home), 86-13805487986 (Cell)
Zhao Ganshen: 86-538-7103002 (Office), 86-538-7103118 (Home), 86-13905481646 (Cell)
Wang Dianjun: 86-538-7103007 (Office), 86-538-7103268 (Home), 86-13905487967 (Cell)
Liu Zhongmin: 86-538-7103004 (Office), 86-538-7103299 (Home), 86-13905387006 (Cell)
Cheng Hongguang: 86-538-7103008 (Office), 86-538-7103258 (Home), 86-13805381678 (Cell)
An Wei: 86-538-7103009 (Office), 86-538-7078983 (Home), 86-13905481816 (Cell)
Kong Junmin: 86-538-7103010 (Office), 86-538-8206616 (Home), 86-13905387816 (Cell)
State Security Unit: 86-538-7103060, 86-538-7103061
Captain: Ma Yan