(Clearwisdom.net) [Note: The title is a quote from "Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)" in Essentials for Further Advancement II]

1. "By Having Your Heart Unaffected You Will Be Able to Handle All Situations"

I have discovered that the CCP fears these words the most --- "Heaven is about to eradicate the CCP; Withdraw from the CCP for your safety." Since we began to expose the CCP's crimes, we have posted the dreadful truth about the CCP on the streets in different colored paper. Here are some examples of the messages we've posted: "Heaven is about to eradicate the CCP. Withdraw from the CCP for your safety. Sujiatun secret concentration camp harvests internal organs from live Falun Gong practitioners," and so on. People find these flyers everywhere. Some truth-clarification flyers were left on the streets for a long time, while police officers whose minds are still poisoned removed some flyers shortly after they were posted.

One evening at around 9:00 p.m., I posted truth-clarification flyers on the walls along a marketplace street because a lot of grocery shoppers walk along that road in the morning. All of sudden a man appeared from out of the shadows. I took a good look at him and found that he held a walking staff in his hands. I glanced at him once more and continued to post the flyers. He followed me. I knew he was following me, but I didn't turn around. After about 90 yards, I entered an apartment building with an open entrance because I wanted to get rid of him. He began to panic when I disappeared into the building. He looked around the entrance for me. When I saw him enter the building, I climbed the stairs and he followed. When he reached the second floor, he looked up. By then I had already reached the fourth floor. All the lights in the hallway were on, but I didn't have any fear. In fact, I was very calm. I took the keys out of my pocket [to pretend I lived in this building] and walked calmly down the stairs. When I passed him, he glowered at me. I was not intimidated, but he froze like a scarecrow. When I reached him, I looked into his eyes and said, "What do you think you are doing here?" It was not until then that I had a good look at him and realized he was an undercover policeman on duty. I thought, "You stay right here until I leave!" I escaped right under his nose.

One night at at around 10:00 p.m., I had just finished posting the last two flyers on a electricity pole in front of a building when someone walked out of the courtyard and asked curiously, "What are you posting?" "Truth," I replied. He hurried out to read the flyers. After a while, he came after me. I immediately began to sent out a thought to disintegrate all the evil that might manipulate him in order to save him. From the sound of his running feet, I knew he was gaining on me, but I didn't turn around. He ran in front of me and grabbed my hands. He said, "Sister, you have done an incredible job! You are truly courageous. You are truly admirable to post these messages. The CCP should have perished a long time ago. It has ruined my life. I have so many talents, but the CCP denied me the opportunity to use them simply because my family was branded as a 'rich farmer.' I have read the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party." It is written wonderfully. The CCP is capable of nothing but bullying and lynching people." "Have you read the truth about Falun Gong?" I asked. He said, "But you people must not fight with the CCP or you will suffer consequences." I explained, "We are not fighting with the CCP, nor are we interested in seizing power from the CCP. Falun Gong is a Buddha school cultivation practice. We want nothing but to tell people the truth in order to help them see through the evil nature of the CCP. We want to help people tell right from wrong and good from evil. We want to save people from the poisonous CCP. We hope that people will choose a bright future for themselves by withdrawing from the CCP, the CCP Youth League and the CCP Young Pioneer Group." He replied, "Oh, I see. Why don't you help me withdraw from the CCP? My name is XYZ." I am so happy for him.

2. Don't Wait for or Depend on Fellow Practitioners' Help; Coordinate Practitioners in the Villages and Send the Nine Commentaries to Them

Last year two coordinators in my area were arrested and police ransacked a Falun Gong truth-clarification material production site. It brought great damage to my area. Afterwards, several other coordinators felt a lot of pressure. I decided that I could no longer sit idly by. I talked to several coordinators and tried to identify the cause of this giant loophole. I discovered the root cause--they were too busy doing truth-clarification work and were not diligent in their Fa study, practicing the Falun Gong exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts. This is the reason why the evil was able to find and exploit their loopholes and create so much damage. We have always talked about being responsible to the one-body. Today the truth-clarification site in our area was sabotaged and our fellow practitioners were arrested. How can I stand by and do nothing? How could I neglect the one-body for fear of my personal safety? If so, how could I live up to the title of a Falun Gong practitioner in the Fa-rectification period? I went to a coordinator and said, "Is there anything that I can help do? I will do it."

At the time I thought of only one thing: "There is Teacher and the Fa; no demonic tribulation can stop me. As a practitioner, I must be responsible to the Fa." At the time, there was very little help available, so I took responsibility for several projects. At the time, we were distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party far and wide. We basically covered the urban areas, so we needed to cover the rural areas next. I volunteered to coordinate fellow practitioners in the rural areas and ship the Nine Commentaries to them.

At first, I faced a lot of difficulties because practitioners in the rural areas are generally busy with farming chores. They don't have a lot of time to study the Fa, have a strong attachment to fear, and do not trust fellow practitioners. They don't usually keep contact with fellow practitioners from other areas out of fear for their personal safety. But there are some who study the Fa well. I repeatedly communicated with them and shared my understanding of the Fa with them. Sometimes I asked to meet them in the urban area to exchange cultivation experiences face to face. Sometimes we communicated via public pay phone. Gradually they began to trust and open up to me. Thus I began to see some progress in the truth-clarification work. In order to have farmers read the Nine Commentaries sooner and purge the CCP's poisonous lies from them, I volunteered to ship the Nine Commentaries to fellow practitioners in the rural areas.

There were some difficulties in spreading theNine Commentaries in the rural area. Farming villages are far from each other. Practitioners in the rural area are mostly women and older people. It is not easy for them to carry several dozen books on their back. Yet no one complained. Every practitioner carried out his or her mission. Some did an exceptional job in spreading the Nine Commentaries. In some rural areas there were no practitioners, so it became difficult to accomplish our goal. We organized several practitioners to travel to villages many miles away with copies of the Nine Commentaries strapped to their bicycles. Sometimes they stayed up until dawn distributing them. It was hard work and very exhausting, but everyone knew that the mission of practitioners was to save sentient beings, do the Three Things well Teacher requires of us, and help Teacher with His Fa-rectification in the world.

3. Rectify Myself and Help Fellow Practitioners Overcome Their Difficulties

Lately there was a huge conflict between coordinators in our area. For a very long time, some coordinators were too busy with Dafa work to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts. As a result, the old forces targeted them and intensified their conflicts, thus creating huge partitions between them. My heart ached to witness their problems. Why didn't they seek within in the final and critical stage of the Fa-rectification, especially when their conflicts had reached a deadlock? After I learned what had happened, I went to see one of the coordinators and exchanged cultivation experiences with her. She was under a lot of pressure as many problems appeared to be associated with her. She told me, "I quit. I can't do anything right." I said, "A cultivator shouldn't say such things. It's not a bad thing to have conflicts if you know how to handle them and overcome them. Isn't it a great opportunity to elevate your xinxing? We are required to cultivate ourselves amidst conflicts and difficulties. This is nothing. As someone who is older, may I suggest that you calm down first? Study the Fa, practice the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, search from within for your attachments, and let go of our human thoughts. You should pass this xinxing test and elevate your level of cultivation."

After exchanging thoughts a few times, she untied the knot in her heart and let go of her human thoughts. She thought she had a lot of inadequacies, but the main problem was that she didn't study the Fa enough. That's why her heart was not big enough to tolerate others. All day long she was too busy with Dafa work to place herself among practitioners. She shouldn't have placed herself above fellow practitioners. She should have communicated with fellow practitioners more often. She shouldn't have depended on or waited for other practitioners' help. She should unite all the practitioners in our area and help form an indestructible one-body so that we can elevate our cultivation levels together.

Each time Teacher gives a Fa lecture, the Fa-rectification period enters a new stage. Therefore, each Fa lecture addresses the current and near-future situation. It is imperative that we study and understand each Fa lecture so as to catch up with the Fa-rectification and prevent any problem or detour. Some practitioners do not have a good understanding of the situation of the current stage of the Fa-rectification. In other words, they do not have a sincere attitude towards Teacher's latest Fa lectures. They think the best cultivation practice is to do more Dafa work, validate the Fa, and save sentient beings. But the truth is that these things are practitioners' duties. Although they are part of the process to build our mighty virtue, it is more important to elevate our cultivation levels during the process.

The Fa-rectification has gradually reached the human realm. As the Fa-rectification gets closer to the human realm, mankind's selfishness and warped thoughts will come more and more to the forefront. These are things that a human being finds most difficult to let go of. It is also a form of battle between the righteous and the evil. Such battles also take place between practitioners or between coordinators, thus creating huge partitions between practitioners. Fueled by our human thoughts, these conflicts appear to be very severe. For example, some practitioners [overcome with such conflicts] would become calculating, stab each other in the back, or form factions. These are manifestations of the warped notions bred by the evil CCP culture. As cultivators, we must eliminate these warped notions and behavior.

4. Follow the Fa-Rectification Closely and Never Slack Off

In March 2006, the Minghui/Clearwisdom website exposed the CCP's crime of harvesting internal organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for profits. I was shocked and didn't know how to respond. It was as though I could picture the crime taking place right before my eyes. But I managed to calmed down quickly. I realized I should respond as a cultivator. I know the evil CCP is capable of anything. It's despicable beyond words. I have no doubt that the CCP is capable of doing this. As Falun Gong practitioners in the Fa-rectification period, we must expose it when the CCP abuses and slaughters our fellow practitioners. We must expose its crime to the world and have the world know what kinds of horrific crimes the evil CCP has done to a group of people who believe in Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.

Teacher said,

"Minghui's main feature is that it reports primarily on the facts of the persecution of Dafa disciples in mainland China. Those reports are first-hand information that exposes the evil, and over 99 percent--or even up to 100 percent--of the reported information is accurate. It is distinct from the other, conventional media." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles")

I remember these words well. I hurried to find the coordinators because I wanted to discuss with them about how to expose the crime as soon as possible, but they did not respond. They continued to work on things they had been working on. I felt very anxious. I thought, "It is such an important thing to expose this crime. Why don't they understand?" I went to those practitioners responsible for making truth-clarification materials and they immediately agreed with my idea. They quickly made a lot of booklets and flyers detailing the dark secret of the Sujiatun concentration camp about harvesting organs from practitioners for profits. We spread them throughout the entire county and passed the Nine Commentaries again. (In the past, we had left one copy of the Nine Commentaries for every three to four households.)

This is such an significant crime. If we fail to expose it to disintegrate the evil, the old forces will find an excuse to persecute us. The Fa is solemn. Cultivation is solemn. We must catch up with the Fa-rectification and never slack off.

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate in my understanding.