(Clearwisdom.net) I am a veteran practitioner living in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. I had the enormous good fortune of being able to attend three series of Master's Falun Dafa lectures and exercise classes at Lingyuan Steel Company, Jinzhou City, and Dalian City. It was the happiest time in my life to have listened to Master's lectures in person, shake hands with Master, and have my picture taken with him. Master's mighty virtue and the wonders of Dafa encouraged me all the time. I would like to share some of my personal experiences here with fellow practitioners.

At 5:00 p.m. on July 31, 1994, Master held lectures at the Grand Hall of Electrical Power College in Dalian City. Several fellow practitioners and I arrived the day before and stayed at a motel nearby. When the manager of the motel learned that we had come from far away to learn Dafa, he offered us a discount for the room. The normal charge for a room was 15 yuan, but the manager only charged us 12 yuan and offered us two free meals each day. This indicated how popular Falun Dafa was in China at that time.

On July 31, the coordinator at Electrical Power College told us "Master is arriving. Let's all go and welcome him." Master came by ship from Jinan City after the lectures there. We went to the port with banners and flowers. When the ship stopped at the dock, our great Master came to us. Master shook hands with each of us and we all felt unusual warmth. It is hard for me to express my feelings at that second. I was the luckiest person in the whole wide world because I had finally found Master.

After coming back from meeting with Master, a woman practitioner who came to Dalian City with me started feeling uncomfortable. Her hands and feet turned cold, and she started having diarrhea and vomiting. She took some medicine, but it did not help. The class would start soon, so I encouraged her to come to the class, "You should not miss this precious opportunity." She prepared a "sick bag" and came with me. We sat at row 18 in the lecture hall. She started sweating. Her hands and feet were colder. During the two hours of the lecture, she felt better and better, and she did not use the restroom or vomit at all. She felt warm after the lecture. Later we learned that Master had cleansed her body ahead of the lecture. Since then, she has experienced how it feels having a body with no illness at all.

Every practitioner who attended Master's Falun Dafa lectures witnessed Master's mighty virtue and the wonders of Dafa. It was a steamy summer day and thousands of us were sitting in the same hall. Normally it would have felt very hot. Yet most of us did not have fans and only a few were waving them. Master told us not to use fans and that the more we fanned, the hotter we would feel. As soon as Master said that, the practitioners who were not fanning themselves all felt a cool breeze blowing, while the very few who kept fanning felt hot.

On the last day of the Dalian lecture, Master told us, "Though I was born in China, I will offer salvation to people with predestined relationships all over the world. I will teach overseas in the next half year." When the CCP started the persecution, they slandered Master, saying he fled overseas to seek refuge. The fact of the matter is that Master went overseas to teach the Fa as early as 1994.

At the end of the lectures, practitioners presented their presents to Master. The practitioners from Chaoyang City presented him with an artistic mirror as a souvenir. Master waved the mirror to us three times and exhorted the coordinator, "You must take care of practitioners in Chaoyang City." We were all in tears.

On February 19, 1994, Master was invited to hold Falun Dafa lectures and exercise classes at Lingyuan Steel Company. The labor union leader at the company arranged an expensive hotel room for Master that cost 240 yuan a night. Though the union offered the room to Master for free, Master paid the hotel the market price for the room and moved to a much less expensive room the next day. This time my nine-year-old grandson came with me. Before the class he had a spleen disease and did not have a healthy appetite. Master cleansed his body during the first two days of the lectures and he has been very healthy with a good appetite since then.

During the Lingyuan Steel Company lectures, I met a woman practitioner in her 60s. She was a teacher. When she was sent to the countryside for forced labor during the Cultural Revolution, her back was dislocated. She had been half-paralyzed ever since. In 1993, she visited the Oriental Health Expo in Beijing and Master cured her.

Before practicing Dafa, I was an old woman with many diseases such as bone proliferation, muscle atrophy, heart disease, rheumatic arthritis, and leg and lower-back pain. My vision was very poor also. I could only read titles in the newspaper, even while wearing glasses. After attending Master's lectures for the first time, my vision recovered. I do not need glasses anymore and all the other diseases have disappeared as well.

I am lucky to have obtained the Fa and I want to tell everyone about the greatness of Dafa. Let us all cultivate ourselves well, clarify the truth, and save more sentient beings.

October 6, 2006