(Clearwisdom.net) The deadline to submit papers for the Third Mainland China Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference on the Internet is fast approaching. I would like to share my personal understandings on the importance of this Fa conference.

1. We should cherish the precious opportunity to validate the Fa

Fa conferences are an important form for Dafa practitioners to improve as one body, and part of Dafa practitioners’ validating the Fa. This form will still be used in the future. Fa-rectification has been progressing all along and I regard this Fa conference not only as an opportunity to share experiences and exchange insights among Dafa practitioners, but also an opportunity to share our experiences with Master.

Under the persecution in mainland China, this kind of experience sharing conference on the Internet has has been held twice before. This is the third time. If one did not do well, did not step forward, or was in a state of evil enlightenment during last two Fa conferences, then he or she probably did not attend the Fa conference or submit a paper. If these people don't attend this third conference either, will there be an opportunity for a fourth time? Won't your cultivation path forever have a blank spot in this respect? If we start from the point of validating the Fa, instead of ourselves, would a true cultivator regard this situation with such indifference? No.

2. Write with the heart, not just with the pen

Fundamentally different from the tests most people face, there is no uniform way for Dafa practitioners to handle things. There are no role models to follow or molds to fit into. Everyone should take his or her own path. Master only looks at our hearts. Experiences written using various human notions, no matter how standard and elegant the language, will still displease Master. On the other hand, a paper written with a pure mind, aligned with Dafa, no matter how simple it is on surface, will please Master.

After the Second Mainland China Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference on the Internet, Master wrote the article, Mature. I personally think that Master has clarified the Fa on how to write experience sharing articles; we should study it and write our experiences in accordance with Master's requirements.

3. Writing experience sharing articles is also a process of getting rid of human notions and improving xinxing

There are various human notions and attachments that stop us from writing, such as many practitioners believing they don’t write well. Is it reluctance to use one’s brain or being afraid of hardship that plays a role? One of the most common excuses practitioners offer in not wanting to write an experience sharing article is that they feel they don't have much to share, or that they are not good writers. Isn't this a reflection of human notions? The competitive mentality, even if used unintentionally must be gotten rid of. Upon consummation, who will be there to compete with you? Shouldn't this mentality be given up?

Every Dafa practitioner during the Fa-rectification period will achieve a high attainment status in the future. During cultivation, from the beginning up until today, we have experienced so much. How could there be nothing to write? Never underestimate your path. On the surface it may seem simple to some fellow practitioners, but it is never simple in other dimensions, and all things for the future depend on it. If a practitioner thinks from the heart and the Fa, there will definitely be something to write. Besides, experience sharing articles are not only about how one clarifies the Fa. They may be written from different angles and in different forms. Experiences, feelings, and lessons learned may all be written about. There is no need to stick to one pattern. The purpose is to share the amazing and wonderful greatness of Dafa practitioners enlightening to different principles of the Fa and validating the Fa. Writing experience sharing articles is also a process of eliminating various forms of interference and hardships. Since every word written takes painstaking effort, perhaps only one sentence contains one hard experience. Some will give up halfway if they do not actively eliminate interference or work to overcome laziness. Writing experience sharing articles can help a practitioner to expose many bad human notions, providing the practitioner an excellent opportunity to remove and negate these notions.

4. Writing experience sharing articles also helps Dafa practitioners support and cooperate with each other

There certainly are some true cultivators who have deep understandings, and they want to write them down, but fail to do so because they are illiterate. Thus they need the help of some selfless and patient fellow practitioners to help them write out their experiences. They have to work closely together to retain the original meaning of the sharing, which helps both of them improve in the process.

5. Treat all submitted sharing articles with seriousness and respect

Before submitting an article it should be reviewed repeatedly. Every word and sentence should be treated meticulously, never carelessly. This is especially so when quoting Master. We must proofread every word including the punctuation and origin of the citation. We should not have the notion of depending on fellow practitioners at Clearwisdom to fix it, since it's unimaginable how busy they are.

I am writing this sharing because I have overcome many strong notions, and now I have enough righteous thoughts to write, and to write from my heart.

The above are only my personal understandings, please point out anything improper.

Note from Editor: Practitioners abroad should also make good use of their time and write about their experience of obtaining the Fa and cultivation; share with fellow practitioners all over the world. This is also validating Dafa.