(Clearwisdom.net) Here I would like to share some stories in the Fa-rectification period.

On July 19, 1999, some fellow practitioners and I planed to go to Beijing by train to appeal for Falun Gong. Due to high pressure at that time, we put everything behind us and never thought we would come back alive. Of course, now I do not think this thought was correct. We should not acknowledge any arrangement by the old forces.

On the way to the train station, we shared our understandings and maintained our thoughts of "No fear and do not worry about anything at home." When we got the station, we found there were lots of police there, so we decide to split up into small groups. Some practitioners were arrested, and some practitioners went home, since they were not sure they could get to Beijing. When we were about to buy the tickets, a fellow practitioner was taken away by the police. I had never left home alone before, not even to go to Beijing.

But I kept thinking I could not give up, because Dafa is boundless and no one is eligible to arrest Falun Gong practitioners! Unbelievably, the small pathway to the entrance was clear and no police stopped me. I then sat with some other fellow practitioners who were in the waiting room.

When we got Beijing, we wandered around Tiananmen Square and Zhongnanhai to wait for an opportunity to validate Dafa, but at that time we were confused about the best way to do so. As I walked down the street near the Tiananmen Square, I was stopped by the police, and they checked my ID. Very quickly I was surrounded by a group of police. Twice I asked Teacher Li for help, from the bottom of my heart, then I heard a policeman in-charge say, "let her go."

Those memories are as clear as if it happened minutes ago. I really experienced the compassionate care of our Teacher. Only with righteous thoughts can the mighty power of Dafa be demonstrated to show Teacher's mercy.

Also I want to share another story. When the evil forces frantically persecuted Dafa, many of our local practitioners were illegally arrested and sent to forced labor camps. Some fellow practitioners and I wanted to see them, and other fellow practitioners had recommendation letters from local authorities. But I did not. I just had one thought, "With the help of Teacher I can definitely see our fellow practitioners without any recommendation letters."

We kept sending forth righteous thoughts all the way to the labor camp. When we got there, some practitioners stayed outside of the camp and sent forth righteous thoughts. In the office of the labor camp, I saw that an older lady in her seventies request to see her son who practiced Falun Gong. Although she had all of the paperwork including recommendation letters, the guards still created difficulties for her and asked her to go back to get another supporting letter. That was so cruel to her!

When it was our turn, the guard did not ask me anything. So we met the detained fellow practitioners without any interference. Through this experience we once again witnessed the mighty power of Dafa.