(Clearwisdom.net) I am Zheng Guangzhen, a Dafa disciple from Jiamusi City. Before I began cultivation, I had to take drugs and medication every day. However, after learning Falun Gong in late 1998, I bade goodbye to these drugs once and for all. My family became harmonious and I was spiritually cleansed and enlightened.

The evil Jiang regime began the ruthless persecution of Falun Gong in 1999. On September 12, 2002, my elder sister and I traveled back to our hometown of Suibin Farm to distribute "truth-clarification" materials. We were illegally arrested by members of the Suibin Farm Public Security Bureau, but my sister was able to escape with righteous thoughts under Master's protection.

On September 13, I was sent to the Baoquanling Detention Center. I was stripped of my clothes, and they took away the copies of all of Master's lectures that I had carried with me. I was imprisoned for more than two months and had to eat water-boiled carrots or potato soup with mud at the bottom of the bowl every day.

There are a total of five farms under the Baoquanling Public Security Bureau. Two persons were identified from each farm to form a special Falun Gong task team to persecute me. I was brought into a room where they held the so-called interrogation. Before the interrogation, they performed an electrocardiogram on me to make sure that I did not have any heart problems, and then they asked where I had obtained my truth clarification materials. When I refused to answer, they slapped me one by one. Each person hit me more than twenty times and I received more than one hundred slaps in total.

My face was slapped so hard that it swelled and became a darkish-purple color. Xiu Shixun, the Baoquanling Criminal Police Large Team leader, walked up until he was almost touching my face and said, "How did your face become like this?" I replied, "You know yourself. It was you who made them do it. Why bother asking?" and they began laughing hysterically. After beating me for the entire morning, I was brought to the Baoquanling Public Security Bureau. I refused to answer questions, and Xiu ordered people to handcuff my hands behind my back. Several large policemen held me down while I was handcuffed behind my back. As I am already almost 50 years old, my hands were not flexible enough to be cuffed together. Nevertheless, they began pulling them brutally until the cuffs sealed tight, biting into my flesh. Xiu further ordered them to insert beer bottles and wooden sticks between my arms and my body. This pain is unimaginable by any ordinary person. They made me switch positions every fifteen minutes or so, and each time I switched position, the pain was unbearable. All this time I had to stand with my legs wide apart and was not allowed to move.

I began clarifying the truth to them, and they became even more hysterical. Laughter and veral abuse escalated--especially from the leader of the criminal police team Xiu Shixun, Qin Yuanbin from the Jiangbin Farm Public Security Bureau, and Zhang Lei from the Suibin Farm Public Security Bureau, etc. Sometimes when I let out cries of extreme pain when I could not bear it any longer, Xiu would order the criminals to close the door. After torturing me for 39 hours in this way, I was sent back to the detention center.

The next morning, they told me to leave immediately. I was dressed only in a thin shirt and dragged to the Xinhua Detention Center. They told me that they were going to perform an external interrogation. I was thrown into a small room less than four meters square. There were no windows, only a twenty-centimeter-long opening. A broken bucket was given to me to use as a toilet, and I had to eat, drink, use the bucket, and sleep in that tiny room. The blanket I was given was dirty and ripped, and covered with blood, and the comforter was totally ripped. It was already autumn in northeastern China, and there was no heat at all. It rained for several days as well, and I often froze, shivering in my cell.. After eight or nine days, I was brought into a meeting room where I was further interrogated as to where I had obtained my truth clarification materials. I refused to say and they began torturing me again. The same method of "handcuffing behind the back with beer bottles in between and standing with legs wide apart not allowed to move" was used. After more than ten hours, I could no longer stand up. Seeing that I was already beyond my limit and could not take it any longer, they sent two people to drag me back to my cell. My hands were very swollen from the handcuffs. I was imprisoned here for twelve days. During those twelve days I was not allowed to wash and my entire body became so swollen from the torture that I could not even put on shoes.

Seventy days later, I developed symptoms of heart disease from the torture. Even then they refused to release me, and instead, on November 21, 2002, I was sentenced to three years of imprisonment at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp.

After a medical checkup that revealed that I had heart disease, the labor camp refused to accept me and I was sent to Xinhua Detention Center. On the second day they brought me to the Suinong Public Security Bureau and spoke with bureau chief Wen Jianfa, who said, "How can we get her in? If they still refuse to accept her no matter what, we'll just drop her there and speed off." They also threatened me not to say that I had a heart problem when I got there. The next morning we arrived at Jiamusi and they began walking towards the rear door. After an entire day, they found the 610 Office chief Liu Yan and gave the Judicial Bureau a call before they agreed reluctantly. Even then, when we arrived at the labor camp that night, they still refused to accept me. At that moment, indeed, they simply sped off in their car, leaving me behind.

In this way, I ended up in the labor camp. Liu Yadong forced me to strip off all my clothes in order to check for copies of Teacher's lectures. Four people were imprisoned in each room and there were three people who had been "transformed" in my room. When I first entered, they tried to attack me and "transform" me. One of them, Sun Yiting, helped guards Liu Yadong and Sun Limin to handcuff me behind my back to the metal bed. I could not sit upright nor could I straighten my body. The handcuffs cut into my flesh. They also made me change my position every fifteen minutes or so.

In order to torture me, guards Sun Limin, Liu Yadong and "collaborator" Sun Yiting pressed on my arms with their legs, causing excruciating pain. My hands turned purple and large drops of sweat rolled down them. I was handcuffed in this way for approximately three hours, and even up to today, scars still remain on my wrists.

Each middle team was made up of sixty to seventy people. There were only four cubicles in the washroom and only five to ten minutes were allowed for washing, brushing, and visiting the washroom. Guards and criminals especially dedicated to monitoring practitioners constantly shouted at and verbally abused us at the same time. Between 2002 and 2003, throughout the year, we were only given a few minutes every month or two to pour a few buckets of cold water onto our bodies in an open-windowed washroom--this counted as our shower. Each morning after we woke up, we were forced to sit on a small stool and not allowed to talk, move, or even close our eyes. We were forced to participate in exercises, forced labor and watching Dafa-defaming videos. Whoever refused to watch was imprisoned in a small cell and beaten with electric batons. In order to prevent us from passing and reading Teacher's words, we were searched often. All of our belongings were ransacked and searched, and whoever was found to have any such pages would have extra months or even years added to their sentence. We were given only rancid buns and a soup of boiled cabbage, carrots, or potatoes to eat.

I was tortured so badly at Baoquanling Forced Labor Camp that I developed heart disease. After the series of persecutions at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp, my heart disease got worse, and it took much effort just to speak. I had problems walking, and Liu Xiujin and Liu Yadong berated me, as they thought I was feigning it. I was forced to perform slave labor, and Li Xiujin even beat me and scolded me. I had a very strong attachment to fear at that time and could not regard the issue from the perspective of the Fa. Even though I could not perform the labor, I forced myself to do it. The police and other criminals always tried to find fault with practitioners, and especially one of them, Gao Jie, used the lowest, most despicable language to blast practitioners.

My mother-in-law is also a practitioner. In early 1999, she and my elder brother contracted the same disease with a lot of pain in the stomach. Each day they could only eat a few ounces of rice. I tried to encourage them to practice Dafa. My brother refused to believe me and died soon after. My mother-in-law, however, began learning Dafa and recovered from all her health problems. After the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, policemen came to our home to harass us very often. After I was sentenced to imprisonment at a forced labor camp, my mother-in-law was so terrified that she gave up cultivation. She also missed me very much, and as a result of all the persecution, she passed away in February 2004. She missed me so much, but she did not live to see me even one last time before she died.

I call on all compassionate people around the world to do all they can to halt this ruthless persecution!