(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhai Shuzhen lives in Bianjia Village, Daxing Town, Changtu County, Tieling City, Liaoning Province. Since the nationwide crackdown against Falun Gong began in 1999, she has been persecuted in all kinds of ways for practicing Falun Gong. She was brutally beaten into unconsciousness and her ribs were broken. The authorities also extorted money from her. Now she has lost her eyesight and is unable to take care of herself.

Forty-six-year-old Ms. Zhai started practicing Falun Dafa in 1999. Soon after, this illiterate lady was miraculously able to read Zhuan Falun. Her chronic back pain also disappeared.

When the persecution began, Ms. Zhai went to Beijing to clarify the truth.She was detained at the Changtu County Detention Center and the authorities extorted a large amount of money from her.

On the night of February 3, 2002, an informant in Congsheng Village, Jinjia Town reported Ms. Zhai to the local police while she was distributing truth-clarification materials there. Feng Bailin and Hou Wen'ge, the Jinjia Town assistant police chiefs, chased Ms. Zhai in a police car. When the pursuit came to the streets of Bianjia Village, Ms. Zhai tripped and fell. The policemen beat her so severely and brutally that she immediately passed out. Assuming she was dead, they fled the scene to escape responsibility for her death and arrested another female Dafa practitioner.

Upon regaining consciousness, Ms. Zhai slowly and arduously crawled home. Her family rushed her to Changtu County First People's Hospital. X-rays revealed four fractured ribs on her left side that were causing severe bleeding into the pleural cavity and a collapsed lung. Ms Zhai underwent surgery to remove the fluid from her chest cavity. Her head was swollen due to the severe beating. She required hospitalization for eleven days, for which she was billed over 6,000 yuan in medical expenses. She was forced to leave the hospital early because she could not afford to remain there. Three months later, the Jinjia Town Police Station attempted to send her to Masanjia Labor Camp. They planned to first send her to the Changtu County Detention Center and then transfer her to Masanjia Labor Camp. But this plan did not succeed because Masanjia Labor Camp refused to accept her due to her severe physical condition.

Since policemen Feng Bailin and Hou Wen'ge from the Jinjia Town Police Station brutally beat Ms. Zhai, she has not been able to do any physical work and often has headaches. Once she fell to the ground causing severe bruises over her body.

This year, her health has further deteriorated. Local hospital treatment has not made any improvement. Ms. Zhai often has severe headaches. She can no longer see and is unable to take care of herself.

Over the years, Ms. Zhai's family has spent about 20,000 yuan for her treatment and to pay the police money that they repeatedly extorted from the family. They are now deeply in debt. Her husband went to the Jinjia Town Police Station twice to seek justice, but each time he was severely beaten instead.

December 22, 2005