(Clearwisdom.net) Sixty-seven year-old Associate Professor Li Shaorong of Xinyang Normal College is a practitioner. He has been persecuted many times over the years for his practice of Falun Gong.

On September 14, 2005, Mr. Li Shaorong was working when eight people, including the school security guard Ding Zhiqiang and several 610 officers, arrested him. He is being detained in the basement of the Political and Legal Institution.

During his illegal detention, the authorities have refused to let Professor Li eat or sleep. They forced him to write the so-called "guarantee statement." If he refused, he was punished. The 610 Office also ordered seven evildoers, one whom is called Zheng Min, to take turns monitoring Mr. Li and keeping him from sleeping. If Mr. Li did not cooperate, they would beat him and force him to sit or kneel on Master's photo.

Professor Li used to earn 1700 yuan per month. But since March 2005, he has only been paid 300 yuan as living expenses.

In September 1999, Li went to Beijing to validate Dafa. The Beijing police illegally arrested him. He was sent to the Xianshan Detention Center in Xinyang City. He was released after 15 days and after the detention center had extorted 2000 yuan from him.

At the end of August 2001, Mr. Li was once again illegally detained at the Xianshan Detention Center and fined 4000 yuan.

In July 2003, Professor Li was on his way home to Luoshan when some people reported him for clarifying the facts. He was then arrested by officers from the Luoshan Police Station and detained at Xinyang Normal College for three months.

In October 2004, Mr. Li was clarifying the facts in Luohe City and was illegally arrested by the Luohe City 610 Office. He was then detained in Luohe City for 10 days.

In June 2005, Mr. Li was detained at Xiaojiawan for five days for clarifying the facts.

Ding Zhiqiang, head of the Security Department at Xinyang Normal College: 86-376-6390755 (Office)
Zhang Chuanqiang, head of the 610 office: 13603769991 (Cell)

December 21, 2005