(Clearwisdom.net) April 5, 1994, was the day when Dafa practitioners in Jinzhou were the happiest and will remember the rest of their lives. On that day, great Master came to Jinzhou to teach the Fa. In commemoration of that day, it was decided that April 5 of every year would be "Falun Dafa Day" in Jinzhou. Now, twelve years later, Master's splendid image and divine ability remain fresh in our memories.

In January 1994, Master was teaching the Fa in Tianjin. A practitioner who attended the lectures invited Master to come to Jinzhou and teach the Fa. Although Master's lecture schedule was full for the entire year, Master still promised to find time to give one session here. On April 4, as soon as the first session in Dalian was over, Master hurried to Jinzhou by car. When passing through Yingkou, it started to rain. Since it was almost noon they decided to stop and find a restaurant for lunch.

The sky was densely covered with dark clouds; pouring rain was to come shortly. Master had a look at the sky and did some hand gestures. The driver wondered, "What are those gestures?" Master said, "The Dragon King of a certain sea is on duty. It has to rain." The driver had doubts, "If it is to rain, how can a human being stop it? I have seen so many Qigong Masters who boast." When they walked out of the restaurant after lunch, it was still thundering. Master said, "It is not convenient to drive in rain. It is set to rain. If it has to rain, then let it rain behind the car. We will just go ahead."

The driver didn't believe it. After the car started to move, it was true that it rained behind the car with wrathful lightning, yet it was sunny in front of the car. Thus the driver had to secretly acknowledge Master's divine power.

After arriving in Jinzhou, they needed to get in touch with the Qigong Scientific Research Association. Nobody knew how to get there. Then Master drew the directions on his hand to show the driver. After a while, they found the Qigong Scientific Research Association. The association had arranged a place for Master to stay. When they arrived at the rest house, several veteran practitioners from the Beijing Falun Dafa Research Association were already waiting by the road.

A practitioner from Dalian who traveled with Master asked in surprise, "How did you know that Master had already arrived?" One practitioner said, "When we were at home, suddenly we heard Master's voice, 'You can come downstairs.' We then came down. The practitioner from Dalian said, "I didn't know that you could communicate with Master in such a way!"

It had been planned that the lectures would be given in the August 1 Theater. Because the authorities of the Qigong Scientific Research Association had had conflicts with the manager of the theater due to a misunderstanding, they were afraid that the manager would refuse their request. They thus changed the place to a club at the telecommunication bureau that could only accommodate about 400 or 500 people. Before the day when Master arrived, the practitioner who was in charge of the task of arranging the place had a dream in which Master hinted to him that the place was too small. It turned out that there were a lot of requests for tickets the next day. He had to contact the August 1 Theater, and the manager agreed immediately.

Only later did I enlighten to the fact that many things were actually done by Master, and we only did the superficial things. In fact, Master had already cleared the energy field before he arrived in Jinzhou. He didn't only clear the energy field at the lecture site. Some practitioners saw that Jinzhou in other dimensions was full of karma and was very dirty. After Master gave the lectures, the other dimensions in Jinzhou changed a great deal.

More than 700 people attended Master's lectures in Jinzhou. About 200 of them were from other areas. On the first day that Master gave the lecture, some practitioners had their celestial eye opened and saw that layers of gods, Buddhas, and Daos in other dimensions were listening to the lecture. Celestial maidens were casting flowers about. Whatever Master talked about would show in other dimensions. Whenever Master waved his hand during the lecture, countless Falun were sent out and fell like snowflakes on the bodies of the audience. The Falun symbol hung in the auditorium and was self-rotating. It was so wonderful.

During the lecture the next day, a drunkard about 40 years old, burst into the auditorium and shouted. The entrance guard failed to block him from getting in. A practitioner went over to stop him. Master then told her, "Let him out," pointing at the entrance as he spoke. Some practitioners saw that Master's hand sent out a ray of light. The drunkard was immediately pushed out. Later Master said that the drunkard was actually controlled by an insane monk and had come to interfere with the Fa-teaching. There was another situation where a person from the Jinzhou Qigong Scientific Research Association promoted his model for acupuncture and gave speeches that contradicted Dafa during the lecture. At that time, Master had already ended his lecture and left the platform. However Master turned around and said through the microphone, "If you don't want to listen to the lecture, please leave. Don't make incorrect comments to others, since it will not be good for you." Upon hearing this, the person was shocked and said, "My seat is so far away from the platform; how did he know what I was saying?"

One day, a Buddhist nun from Xingcheng cried while listening to the lecture, she understood that Master was teaching the real Fa. When she heard Master saying, "Gods had already given up on the universe." She was so worried that she didn't know what to do. She asked Master with tears in eyes, "Nobody is taking care of us, what should I do?" Master benevolently looked at her, motioned for her to look behind him and said, "They are all here, and Bodhisattva Avaalokitesvara and Sakyamuni are also here." The nun was suddenly enlightened. She understood the truth that the Gods and Buddhas from the heavens had all come to assist Teacher in spreading the Fa and saving people! She turned from grief to happiness, feeling so fortunate that she had the opportunity to hear Teacher's true Buddha Fa. Hence she walked on the path of cultivating Dafa!

On April 7, Master and several other practitioners went to Jinzhou's Bijia Mountain. It was during the high tide and the stormy waves were violent. After getting out of the car, Master stood on the seashore. He said looking at the crossover that connected the Bijia Mountain, "It is a dragon. The head of the dragon is the shore. The well in the shore is the eye of the dragon. Its tail is in the sea. And the crossover is the backbone of the dragon. Master and other practitioners boarded the boat. When the boat went forward on the sea, spindrift was boiling beside the boat. Now and then, white water splashed the boat. Yet the boat's path was as peaceful as a lake.

A practitioner whose celestial eye was open saw that a lot of little dragons were playing in the spindrift on both sides of the boat. Some little dragons even pulled Master's clothes. Eight Immortals and many other Buddhas and Gods were seen above the water. On the way to the mountain, Master cleansed the place while walking. On the mountain, practitioners saw that the godly images in the "Sanqingge" temple were quite different from the godly images in other places. Master told them, "These images are Gods of the sea and belong to the original Gods."

On April 9, Master along with several practitioners went to Yi County's Great Buddha Temple. Master said looking at the seven Buddha statues, "It is very clean and righteous here." A practitioner saw that those Buddhas cried upon seeing Master. Master told a curator inside the temple some stories about the cultivation of Buddha Fa and asked her to watch the palm of his hand and to look at the Falun Symbol. At that time the curator saw that a Falun was rotating in the palm of Master's hand and enlightened to something. Afterwards, she went to Jinzhou and attended the Fa lectures for two days. She thus started her cultivation. When leaving the Great Buddha Temple, Master asked practitioners to put their palms together and bid farewell to the Great Buddha. Master also erected one palm to [bid farewell to] these Buddha statues. At that time, practitioners had a deep reverence for Buddhas and deeply felt their stateliness and sacredness. Later a practice site was established in the Great Buddha Temple. When practitioners did the exercises in the early morning, they saw on many occasions that many Buddhas from the temple were also doing the exercises in other dimensions.

During Master's teaching of the Fa in Jinzhou, Master left very righteous images on our minds every time, everywhere, and on everything. At that time, the Qigong Scientific Research Association arranged a car to drive Master to the lecture site every day. Master said, "You don't need to worry about me. I promise to arrive before the class begins." From April 5 when Master started to give the lecture, he traveled on foot every day. But few practitioners met Master on the way. They all saw Master arriving at the entrance of the theater.

Master had very simple food and clothes. He wore a navy-blue suit; its sleeves were threadbare. Under the suit was an old knitted sweater. His shoes were also worn. But they were all very clean. In the rest house, practitioners saw that Master only ate steamed bread, porridge, or fast noodles. Sometimes, Master bought some vegetables such as cucumber from the market. However Master was always considerate of practitioners. In order to save money for students, Master gave the ten lectures in eight days, and Master gave two lectures on two of the days.

At the beginning of the session, students didn't pay attention to the issue of killing lives. One day, Master had a meal with the students. One practitioner took a shrimp (squilla) and put it in Master's dish. Master didn't eat it and told them, "I know that you local people like it. Although you've already started practicing, you still eat it. When I was giving lectures, they came to me to report you! They complained that they were too ugly. I then arranged to reincarnate them as fish." No one knows how much of the karma that we accumulated life after life that Master has already eliminated for us in order to save us, or how many old scores Master has already settled for us. While giving lectures, Master was still offering benevolent resolutions for practitioners. Master was indeed "Handling human affairs of every sort, Burdened with all of heaven's troubles" (Hong Yin "Cold and Alone Up High").

On the day before the session was over, practitioners asked to have their pictures taken with Master. Master promised. However several hundred people all wanted their picture taken with Master. They dragged Master here and there. Master was very kind and easy to approach. The nun also wanted her picture taken with Master. She was wearing regular clothes at the time and wished to have the pictures taken wearing nun's clothes. Master then waited with a smile for her to change. After she changed into the nun's clothes, she again took out her nun's cap from her bag. Just when she was going to put it on her head, a sudden whirlwind blew her cap up into the air and it disappeared. The nun looked up to the boundless sky and was suddenly enlightened that she should make up her mind to cultivate Dafa and follow Master to return home.

On the evening of April 12, the lectures were over. Master was taking the evening train to Hefei, since he would give lectures there on April 15. I remembered that before the class that day, Master and other staff used three rickshaws to take their luggage to the lecture site. In the evening, practitioners saw Master off at the train station. In the car, one practitioner asked Master, "Do you have any words for us?" Master said, "Cultivate well." At that time, everybody thought that this sentence was too simple. When I recall it now, I understand it contains so much of Master's ardent hope for practitioners in Jinzhou!

After Master taught the Fa in Jinzhou, he still cared about the cultivation progress of practitioners in Jinzhou. In 1996, after the experience sharing in honor of Master's teaching the Fa in Jinzhou two years earlier, the city's assistance center sent the materials and records to Master. After Master watched it, Master wrote down words to encourage us to "do better." On June 28, 1998, Master once again came to the Great Buddha Temple of Yi County. The guard at the gate recognized Master and told the practitioners. Some practitioners were fortunate to meet Master, whom they missed every day. Master answered questions about some problems that practitioners had in their cultivation. On the evening of December 30, 1998, Master along with some practitioners from the Falun Gong Research Association came to Jinzhou and met practitioners at each practice site. At that time, nobody was aware of it. In the evening, practitioners from several practice sites such as the oil industry company, Huaxin, Huaguang, the construction bank, Lingyuan, and the metallurgy bureau found at the same time that several people came to watch them practice. They all thought those people were assistants and didn't mind. One practitioner felt that a person who watched her doing the exercise looked like Master. But she thought on the other hand, "It's impossible." Only later did she learn that it was true that Master had been there.

Master, Dafa disciples from Jinzhou will always remember your boundless benevolence and will surely be worthy of your merciful and arduous salvation. We will try our best to do the three things well, "Reaching Consummation, returning with Master."