(Clearwisdom.net) Policemen from the National Security Brigade in Hefei City, Anhui Province used an iron bar to pry open the door of Ms. Zhu Weiying's apartment and then took her to the Anda Brainwashing Center. After 13 days on a hunger strike to protest such treatment, she walked out of the den of evil. She is unable to return home where she faces near certain arrest. More details follow:

At around 5 p.m. on November 18, 2005, Wang Lu and Lin Qiang from the Hefei National Security Brigade, director Miao from the Daoxiangcun Community Office, plus more than a dozen others, came to Ms. Zhu's apartment with a one-meter long iron bar. They pried open three separate doors of her apartment on the third floor with the iron bar and dragged her out of the building. Her shirt and pants were torn open and her toes were badly bruised.

Zhu was then sent to the Anda Brainwashing Center. These perpetrators later searched her house again and took away her Falun Gong books, a MP3 player, a VCD player and a tape recorder. Inside the brainwashing center, Zhu refused to accept the evil arrangement and the police's orders. During her 13-day hunger strike, perpetrators force-fed her by inserting a tube into her nose once or twice a day. Several collaborators and perpetrators beat her numerous times and told her, "You are sure to be sent to labor camp if you don't renounce your belief. You will be sentenced to three years of imprisonment. Nobody will find out if we kill you--it'll be just like killing a dog." Zhu remained steadfast and refused to give up her faith. Her righteous thoughts kept the collaborators from approaching her.

In the end, the perpetrators had to take her to a hospital upon realizing her critical physical condition. At the hospital, Zhu, with Teacher's help, walked out of the hospital with her righteous thoughts. She is now homeless.

The policemen who arrest practitioners often inform their family members by saying, "We won't take them to labor camps or detain them like before, but take them to stay in a good hotel this time." Some practitioners wrote so-called letters of "transformation" under huge pressure when they couldn't take it anymore. Some others came out crying. The perpetrators were paid thirty yuan a day for doing such criminal acts.

January 16, 2006