(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, Zhao Jinlong, Zhu Wuyuan and other authorities at the 610 Office of Xiheying Town, Wei County in Hebei Province, have severely persecuted local Dafa disciples. No matter what time of day or night, they frequently climbed over walls and broke down doors to enter and ransack practitioners' homes. They also often tracked, monitored, and closely followed practitioners, waiting for opportunities and seeking excuses to arrest and torture them. For serious punishment, the officers sentenced practitioners and sent them to forced labor camps for further persecution. As "lighter" punishment, they hung up, beat, shocked and burnt the practitioners. The police do not release the practitioners until the full extortion fee is paid. Most Dafa disciples in Xiheying have recently been the victims of extortion and false arrest by officers employed by the 610 Office.

After 8 p.m. on December 24, 2005, while Dafa disciple Ms. Wang Yinglian was preparing dinner at home, Zhao Jinlong and Zhu Wuyuan, along with eight to nine others, climbed over the wall to enter her courtyard. They ransacked her personal property. The officers arrested Ms. Wang Yinglian and her husband and took them to the 610 Office. The next day they sent the couple to the county detention center. When the county detention center refused to accept them, the couple was returned to Xiheying Town for further persecution.

In order to extort money, the police ordered the elderly couple's children to pay for the release of their parents. Because the children had no money, the police beat the pair severely, using electric batons on their faces and backs repeatedly. The couple was then ordered to phone their son and tell him to come pay the money. When their son did not come, the police started to beat them again. The officers punched and kicked the couple until their own hands and feet hurt, so they switched to electric batons to continue the torture. During the day when the police were tired of beating them, the couple was handcuffed in the courtyard to suffer the freezing cold. In evening, they handcuffed the couple to the frame of a bed. In this position, they were not able to stretch their backs or bend their knees. After the police rested, they would beat the couple again in turn, using their hands and feet and electric batons, until the electricity in the batons was used up. Then they would recharge the batons and start the beatings again.

To extort money, the police harassed and beat the couple day and night for five days. Only after determining that there really was no money to be had did the police release the elderly couple.

Related personnel in Wei County:

County Party Committee Secretary Yang Jiang: 86-313-7011066 (office), 86-313-7010931 (home)
County Executive Li Hongxing: 86-313-7011069 (office), 86-313-7010979 (home)
Deputy Secretary Qi Jianhua: 86-313-7011088 (office), 86-13903233086 (cell)
Deputy County Executive Wang Shuping: 86-313-7010971 (office), 86-13903232068 (cell)
Political and Legal Committee Secretary Gao Jicun: 86-313-7011008 (office), 86-13903135296 (cell)
Propaganda Minister Zhang Zhiyou: 86-313-7010985 (office), 86-13903235716 (cell)
610 Office Director Gao Zhigang: 86-313-7010939 (office), 86-313-7012998 (home)
County Government 610 Office person in charge Gao Feng: 86-313-7218928 (office)