(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner in Japan. I am a junior college student majoring in law and soon I will be facing graduation and looking for a job. Many fellow practitioners have encouraged me to become a lawyer. However, I decided not to spend the time and effort to pass the test for a lawyer's license. Many practitioners said I had attachment to time and should look inward. I carefully looked inward and examined my allocation of time to study, work and validating Dafa. I would like to share my thoughts here.

I started cultivating in 1997. I went to Japan for high school and afterward, to a good college. I am fluent in Japanese. My family members do not cultivate and they all hope that I will become a lawyer. My father often talked to me about it and I thought about it very seriously. In the past three years in college, I participated in translating Dafa materials. As I translate more and more, I can translate faster and my translation improved a lot.

When fellow practitioners learn that I am a law student, they all recommended I become a lawyer so that I could validate Dafa through legal work. However, since it would take a lot of time and effort to get the lawyer's license, I decided to work for a corporation rather than become a lawyer. Many fellow practitioners do not agree with my decision.

The reason that I decided to give up taking the exam for attorney license was that there is too little time left for me to validate Dafa. I don't think this is an attachment to time. As a matter of fact, many practitioners who are college students, researchers and company employees are all facing the same issue. We have to study well, work well and do our best to validate Dafa. It is not easy. For me, passing the exam will take a lot of study time, which means I could not efficiently utilize my translation ability to validate Dafa. It will take two to three years to pass the exam, and there is no guarantee that I would pass. Handling the relationship between Dafa work and ordinary work is part of our cultivation, too.

My understanding on this issue is that we Dafa practitioners are all representatives from various universes, and we all made our oath to assist Master rectify the Fa and save people before we came to this human world. As Dafa practitioners, our top priority should be as cultivators in the Fa rectification period, and secondly as members of society. Master said we should not have the attachment to time. My understanding is that we should not be attached to the time of the end of Fa rectification. We should not focus solely on cultivation or go to the extreme of not fulfilling our ordinary social responsibilities such as going to school and work. It does not mean that I must become an attorney if I am a law student. How to allocate our time appropriately is an issue of what is our starting point.

When Dafa practitioners came to the human world, since we are surrounded by human society, it is easy to get lost if we do not study the Fa well. We came to validate Dafa and save people, not to enjoy our personal interests in the human world. There is an ending date for Fa rectification, thus there is a limited amount of time for us to save people. As a cultivator, how to save more people in such limited time should be our top priority and one that we should not lose sight of.

For me personally, I would rather spend the two to three years to translate more articles and save more people than to pass the exam and become an attorney. No matter who we are - an attorney, a translator, a farmer - as long as we have a heart to validate Dafa and save people, we could do well. Of course, it is better if we have more knowledge, but how to better utilize what we know now is also very important.

I agree that we should not go to an extreme and refuse to learn any new technology. We are living in a world where science occupies almost all the fields; it will slow us down in saving people if we do not have any knowledge. It is best if we can utilize our knowledge in any special fields to better validate Dafa.

Our job in human society will not always be what we want; we should fully utilize our capability to save more people.

Take translating articles as an example. We should pay attention on how to improve the quality and speed of our translation, and not be satisfied with our current level of translation. We also must learn more knowledge to better clarify the truth. Such learning does not have time restriction. The more we learn the more we improve. We should constantly learn and improve.

Above is my limited understanding to share with fellow practitioners facing similar issues. Please kindly point out any mistakes.