(Clearwisdom.net) Xiaoqier (nickname), who lives in Qingfeng Village, Shulan City, Jilin Province, had blood poisoning from the time he was three years old. His parents went everywhere to seek medical treatment for him and spent seventy to eighty thousand yuan. Toward the end, they were so much in debt that no one would lend money to them anymore. But Xiaoqier's illness remained the same. With no other recourses, his mother brought him, an eight-year-old child, to learn Falun Gong. They did not work hard at it, nor did they strictly follow the principles of Dafa. But the tie that they established with Dafa has connected them tightly.

About one year later, one morning, Xiaoqier displayed strong symptoms of blood poisoning, with a constant nosebleed. He also cramped so hard that he lost consciousness. The doctor came and said, "There is no hope." The whole family cried sadly and came to bid him farewell. His mother thought of Dafa and began reading a Dafa book. Other family members all scolded her, "The kid is dying and you are still wasting your time doing useless things." But around 9:00 p.m., Xiaoqier miraculously woke up and said, "I saw Teacher floating down while sitting on a lotus flower, he pointed at me with a smile, and then drifted away." A few days later, Xiaoqier became normal again. The blood poisoning was gone, and he became a healthy child.

In July 1999, former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin began to persecute Falun Gong madly. Many practitioners were arrested and put in labor camps. Some were beaten to death or disabled. Xiaoqier and his mother were frightened and gave up their cultivation practice.

On September 30, 2005, Xiaoqier, who was 17 years old then, hit a big tree while riding a motorcycle. The doctors at Jilin University Hospital examined him and found that his forehead was shattered, with only a small center portion remaining connected. The bone chips went into the brain, causing great damage. He was in coma and appeared to be in a vegetative state. The doctors spent over a month trying to save him. They operated on his brain, getting part of the brain tissue out. The operation cost over twenty thousand yuan, but Xiaoqier was still in a vegetative state, with his face just as pale. The worse part was that his nose kept bleeding. A group of five specialists examined him and decided that it was the blood poisoning coming back; with platelets only 1/6 of a normal person's, he was beyond treatment. The hospital wanted to send him home immediately so that he could die at home. Xiaoqier was brought home that night. Family members rushed to Jilin to see him for the last time and they started arranging the funeral.

On the way home, Xiaoqier's mother thought of Dafa again. She believed that only Dafa could save her son. She began to play the recording of Teacher's lectures on the Fa after getting home. A few days later, a miracle occurred. Xiaoqier not only came to, he would try to reach for and play the tape if his mother did not do so. His mother asked him, "Xiaoqier, do you want to listen to Dafa? I will play it for you." Xiaoqier would then pull his hand back. He could not speak, nor could he open his eyes.

A few days later, Xiaoqier miraculously opened his eyes and spoke. He said that he saw Teacher sitting on a lotus flower, wearing a kasaya. He drifted over and talked to him. A few days later, Xiaoqier was able to walk again.

It was only about a dozen days from the time he began listening to Dafa to being able to open his eyes and being able to walk. It was only a month before he could walk. Five specialists had decided that his death was imminent. But within such a short time of listening to Dafa, Xiaoqier recovered quickly. Everyone who witnessed or heard of this felt that it was a miracle of Dafa. Many said, "If I did not witness it, I could never believe it. A dying person was cured. Dafa truly can save a person from death."

Now Xiaoqier is fully recovered. It was the second time that Dafa saved him.

I sincerely hope that everyone will cherish this time in which Dafa is spreading around the world, and treat Dafa well so that they will have a peaceful and wonderful future.