(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Lu Shulin from Yushu City, Jilin Province is currently imprisoned at Jilin Prison. Currently his entire body is swollen, he has high blood pressure, he can barely move half of his body, and he is in danger of losing his life. He has since been sent to the Jilin City Second Central Hospital (formerly Zhanqian Railway Hospital) for treatment. Nevertheless, the Jilin Prison police refuse to release him.

When Lu Shulin's family members visited him on December 19, 2005, they found that his health had severely deteriorated. Lu has not been able to go to work for a long period of time already. In late December, they were again notified by the prison staff to bring in money for hospital treatment. Then, when the family brought the money to the prison, the prison accepted it but did not allow them to visit Mr. Lu.

Currently, Lu Shulin's family members have only heard from the prison police that he has high blood pressure and heart disease, but were not notified as to the severity of these diseases. They were told that his blood pressure ranged between 130 and 220, and his entire body is swollen, he suffers dizziness, he vomits constantly, and is in grave danger.

Mr. Lu Shulin, 41 years old, was ambushed and illegally arrested by policemen from the Zhengyang Police Station in Yushu City on the morning of March 3, 2003. He was taken to the police station and chained onto a metal chair for an entire day. During interrogation he was beaten by policeman Shi Hailin and passed out several times during the physical interrogation while the police tried to force him to submit to their demands. The Public Security Bureau and the Qingshan Police Station have also broken into his house and ransacked his property, confiscating Dafa books and materials as well as his computer. In November 2003, the Changchun City Middle Courts sentenced him to 6 years of imprisonment. Thereafter, the evil persecutors brought Lu to the Seventh Prison District in Jilin Prison for brainwashing sessions.

According to sources, another Dafa practitioner, Wu Keli from Yitong City, is also imprisoned in the Seventh Prison District in Jilin Prison and has also been persecuted severely. Both of his legs are ice-cold and numb, and he has difficulty walking. He cannot even feel the warmth if he puts both legs by the fire. The prison police have refused to allow his family members to give him thick socks.

The main persecution methods used on Falun Gong practitioners in the Jilin Prison include forming strictly controlled divisions, putting practitioners in very small cells, tying practitioners onto beds and pressing down hard on their limbs, instigating criminals to violently beat practitioners, physically assaulting practitioners' private parts, 24-hour surveillance, forced feeding, not allowing family members to visit or write letters, not allowing them to gain access to the prison inspection team to report these injustices, and destroying appeal letters in order to cover up their heinous crimes and keep their evil deeds from being exposed. The prison has also inflicted long-term tortures on steadfast practitioners who refuse to give up their belief.

In February 2003, Dafa practitioner Cui Weidong was severely tortured after writing a Solemn Declaration voiding anything he was forced to say or sign that was against Falun Dafa and firmly stating that he would uphold his belief. He was sent to the hospital after his health deteriorated severely. In May 2004, he died as a result of the persecution.

He Yuanhui was incarcerated in August 2003, and her health deteriorated continuously after being persecuted in the brainwashing sessions. In 2005, she passed away as a result of the persecution. Mr. Liu Chengjun also died from torture in December 2004 after emergency rescue treatment in the Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital failed.

Address of the Jilin City Second Central Hospital: 36 Zhongxing Road, Jilin City, Postal Code: 132000. Phone: 86-432-2544177(Office)

Jilin Prison Switchboard: 86-432-4881551

The following are the prison extension numbers:

3001 Prison Chief Li Qiang
3002 Deputy Chief Wang Yufan
3003 Deputy Chief of the Political Committee Liu Changjiang
3004 Deputy Chief Wang Chengwu
3005 Deputy Chief Liu Wei
3077 Monitoring Group
First Prison District 3061
Second Prison District 3062
Third Prison District 3063
Fourth Prison District 3064
Fifth Prison District 3065, 3085, 3095
Sixth Prison District 3066, 3086, 3096
Seventh Prison District 3067, 3087, 3097
Eighth Prison District 3068, 3088
Ninth Prison District 3059, 3089, 3099
Tenth Prison District 3110, 3120
Eleventh Prison District 3111, 3131