Today, I read a Clearwisdom article published on December 28, 2005, titled "Heinous Crimes against Women Falun Gong Practitioners at the Shibalihe Women's Forced Labor Camp."(http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2005/12/28/68409.html) In this article, the practitioner exposed policewomen's shocking, dangerous, terrible and shameless acts and at the end of this article said, "I don't know what kind of mind state these policewomen have. Why do these policewomen ruin and insult other women? Have they forgotten that they are also female?"

This reminds me of one of my experiences. In the spring of 2001, the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau, along with the 610 Office, sent 30 firm practitioners who were illegally detained at the Longshan Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City to the Zhangshi Labor Camp in Shenyang to be brainwashed.

That first evening in the notorious "Zhangshi House," one young female practitioner from the Agriculture University (who was on a hunger strike to protest the persecution) was beaten up by "educational assistants" (detainees instigated by the guards to persecute practitioners). The "educational assistants" pulled her hair and slammed her head into the wall. Later they forced her to sit on the ground and pushed her head between her legs and hit her head onto the ground. They didn't stop until the practitioner shouted aloud for help. Later one policewoman went into the room and asked what had happened. When she heard about the situation, she was not surprised by such brutality at all. In the end the practitioner asked her, "We are all women and women should be kind-hearted. Why do you still cruelly harm other women?" The policewoman answered, "That is my job!" and then she turned around and left the room.

Zhangshi Labor Camp then obtained the 10 firmest female practitioners from Masanjia Forced Labor Camp and persecuted them in "Zhangshi House." One day, a female practitioner who had been subjected to brainwashing rolled up her trousers and said, "You should not be deceived any more. The so-called 'change by moving' is deceptive. Look at my legs." Other people saw on the inner sides of her legs many scars left from rotten muscle. The practitioner said, "These scars were caused by policewomen, prostitutes, and drug-addicts gripping my legs with pliers and maliciously twisting the muscle."

Director of the No. 2 Women's Camp at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, policewoman Su Jing, appeared on TV and promoted fake news about "transformation." She deceived the audience with her tears. Only she herself knew that the reason why she did this was for the 50,000 yuan in "murder commission." But she lost her husband and child, who left her because of her sinister and vicious nature. She lost a happy family and relinquished all the virtue and conscience that she should have had as a human being. Instead she became an evil tool of the Chinese Communist regime, a regime that everyone is now abandoning.

On the Internet, the police's evildoings against female practitioners in many areas are regularly exposed. One common feature is that those policewomen all actively participate in the persecution, use brutal means and don't possess any kindness or sympathy that women should have. "Policewoman Kou Caicai even behaved like a hoodlum and took off her police uniform down to her underwear and said, 'Now I am not a policewoman and I just like to beat you.'" ("Ms. Deng Jianmei Keeps Shivering after Being Persecuted and Having Her Blood Drawn at the Women's Jail in Heilongjiang Province" published on Minghui on December 19, 2005) Have these policewomen who blindly carry out the persecution really wanted to be sinister and heinous women starting from their childhood?

"At the beginning of people's lives, everyone has a kind nature." I don't believe anyone is born a demon. These policewomen must have also been lovely, sentimental, or naughty girls when they were young. When I chatted with the students at a police academy, they told me that they learned in police practice that "If someone is beaten to death, their corpse is secretly wrapped up and buried." I asked, "Don't you feel this is too cruel?" They said, "We have no way to change it and will gradually get used to it after a while. Our teachers at the police academy tell us that, in our profession, our hearts cannot be made of flesh. You need to use all possible means to achieve your goal!"

In this country that has been "kidnapped" by the CCP, this deviant education changes these girls' kind and lovely natures and turns them into robots that "listen to the evil party's instructions and follow the CCP's orders." Brainwashing with fascist theory in police academies changes these girls into virtual machines that lose their true selves. It is this type of Chinese police school education that makes those girls gradually give up their simplicity and become "Su Jing" and "Kou Caicai." Such abnormal "police school education" is the "education" that the evil spirit of the CCP uses in order to secure its evil regime. In order to stop this persecution, we need to attach importance to sending forth righteous thoughts and to clarifying the truth so as to help more people realize the evil nature of the CCP and eliminate all evil spirits.

Written on December 21, 2005