(Clearwisdom.net) For the first time in history, the communist ideology and the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) criminal activities have been thoroughly analyzed by The Epoch Times editorial series, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

One day I was distributing the Nine Commentaries on Tel-Aviv Boulevard and offered a copy to a man who looked like an immigrant from the former USSR. After he read the title, he said. "That's politics. I'm not interested." I considered his words for a moment, and then asked what he meant by politics. The man couldn't give a straightforward answer. I suggested to him that we analyze it together, to which he agreed.

"Would you notify the police, if you had been a witness to murder?" I asked the man. He answered, "Yes." Then I asked, "Would it be political?" He answered, "No, it has nothing to do with politics." I continued, "Suppose you see a group of people committing a crime, would you still notify the police?" The man hesitated, "Everything depends on the situation. It depends on who those people are." I told him, "It doesn't matter who they are. They committed a serious crime. Don't they have to answer for that?" The man said, "Yes." I then asked him, "Is this politics? The Chinese Communist Party systematically commits crimes, and then hides the truth from the people by lying to the people of China and the whole world. It uses every aspect of the media, the army and the police to carry out its needs. Shouldn't it be reported?" The man replied, "This is politics. We shouldn't get caught up in another state's affairs, as this is called politics. Look at what's happening here. Don't we have enough problems to deal with?" I said to the man, "I agree, we have our share of negative issues. Don't we have to talk about it?" The man answered, "We can talk all we want, but talk is cheap. Everything stays the same, you can't change a thing."

Seeing that the man was persistent in his views, I took another approach. I told him, "Let's take the CCP as an example. The former General Secretary of the CCP, Jiang Zemin, was so jealous that tens of millions of Chinese practiced Falun Gong that he issued an order to persecute these good people by 'destroying them physically, financially and spiritually.' He used his power to fulfill his own interests, so wasn't he being political? If the people who support him in this persecution do so to promote their own interests, then, isn't it also politics? The CCP uses financial and economic incentives to keep many government officials and the media silent about the persecution. Many of the products the CCP sells to the world are produced in prisons and forced labor camps, places where people are tortured to death. By buying these goods, people are supporting the CCP and the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

To cover up their crimes, the CCP doesn't hesitate to lie to its citizens and to the whole world. By opening up China economically to the world, the CCP tried to make its external policy look different. However, it continues to commit crimes, every time more severe. The CCP hasn't changed, and it will not change. Look at the flow of investments streaming into China. Hasn't the whole world been duped?

The Nine Commentaries reveals the true face of communism, especially the CCP. When everyone learns of the truth, will the CCP continue on its same path? Evil is afraid of the truth. To stop it from doing whatever it wants, we have to speak out. If we keep silent, aren't we supporting the evil? The Nine Commentaries is saving our conscience and soul. Everyone has the right to know the truth.

I have been practicing Falun Gong for several years now and it only teaches me to be an honest and truthful person. By following the principles of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance," I am able to become a better person. All my spare time is used to voluntarily clarify the truth to people."

The man said, "What can I do? I'm an ordinary person. China is a big country. Everybody supports China." I answered, "Have I been convincing you to do anything? I was only offering you a copy of the Nine Commentaries. When people speak about China, they really mean the CCP. The Nine Commentaries makes a clear distinction between China's 5,000-year-old history and the 50-year-old CCP culture. When you learn the truth, you'll decide by yourself which stand to take."

The man then asked, "May I take a copy of this newspaper?" I said, "Of course, you may. You know, a lot of people sacrifice their time and part of their salary, so that you could learn the truth today."