(Clearwisdom.net) Although I am already in my seventies, I regained my energy and youthful appearance after I learned about Falun Dafa and started to practice. I try my best to do the three things that Master requires of us. Especially after the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Master wanted us to save sentient beings at a fundamental level. To persuade people to withdraw from the grip of the Communist Party and its affiliates, I really thought carefully about how to best go about it and worked hard at it.

At first, it was difficult to persuade people and I didn't know where to start. I understood that I had to talk to them personally, in order to achieve the best results. So I sent forth righteous thoughts more frequently to strengthen my intention of doing things well. Master told us, "Dafa disciples are now sentient beings' only, sole hope for salvation." ("Righteous Mind"). I did not want to let the sentient beings lose this precious opportunity, especially when some of them have sensed the truth to a certain degree. Whenever I prepared to ask people to withdraw from the Communist Party and its affiliates, I started with sending forth righteous thoughts and clearing my mind. At the same time, I eliminated the evil factors that the Communist Party imposed on ordinary people. I constantly tried to find opportunities to realize my goal of saving people.

On my birthday this year, four generations of my family got together. My four daughters and a daughter-in-law are also practitioners and my son occasionally reads the Falun Dafa books. My family respects Master and agrees that Dafa is good. We decided to use this opportunity to help everyone withdraw from the Communist Party and its affiliates.

There are over 20 people in my extended family. First we all watched a truth clarification video. Then several practitioners asked others to quit the Communist Party and its affiliates and told them about the reasons and consequences of saving oneself and others. As a result, everyone quit, except one of my daughters' husbands. He has an important position in the Party and has been poisoned by it. No matter what we said, he wouldn't listen. I started to become anxious, but I immediately realized that being anxious was wrong and remembered that we should save the sentient beings compassionately as Master told us. However, we should not leave any people with predestined relationships behind. Afterwards, I sent forth righteous thoughts for him in addition to my regular righteous thoughts. When I felt that it was time to talk to him again, I went to his home. On my way to his home, I felt that our benevolent Master was with me and I gained more confidence. When I arrived at my son-in-law's home, I felt a peaceful atmosphere, which strengthened my righteous thought that I must save him, no matter how difficult. When I suggested to him that he should withdraw from the Party, he agreed without any hesitation. He immediately told me, "Mom, just use a pseudonym to help me withdraw from the Party." Thus, my approach was successful and my righteous thoughts really worked. I felt a compassionate and peaceful energy that filled up the whole dimension. Under the influence of this strong energy, people are changing and becoming better. Finally, even my son-in-law's parents accepted the truth and chose a bright future after having listened to practitioners' wonderful cultivation stories.

Whenever I am in the process of persuading people to quit the Party, my heart is calm. I believe that these opportunities are arranged by Master. If people have a predestined relationship, they can definitely be saved. When all obstacles and interfering thoughts are eliminated, things will go smoothly.

The process of Fa-rectification is coming to an end, and the requirements for our xinxing are becoming higher. We strongly believe that we will not disappoint Master. I am determined to purify myself, while doing the "three things" well and being diligent. I am looking forward to the precious moment when the Fa rectifies the human world, and the moment of meeting Master.