(Clearwisdom.net) After the persecution of Falun Dafa began in July 1999, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Jianying from North Pingdingbao Town in Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, was subjected to severe and never-ending persecution. The abuses heaped upon her under the persecution included beatings, being handcuffed, forced squatting, being forced to cling to a wall with four limbs stretching in different directions, having food withheld, forced injections with drugs that destroy the central nervous system, brainwashing and other atrocities. Whenever she was tortured and was close to death, the police sent her back home to avoid responsibility should she die. Li Jianying was arrested several times. She was at death's door several times and has not yet fully recovered.

Li Jianying previously had glaucoma and was seriously nearsighted prior to cultivating. She had neurasthenia gravis, pharyngitis and several other ailments. She was also allergic to many medicines and there was no treatment available. Since she learned Falun Dafa in July 1997 and began to practice, all of her illnesses and pain vanished. In the past eight years she hasn't needed a single pill.

She went to Beijing to appeal on July 20, 1999. She was arrested at the Yongdingmen Train Station and sent to Beijing Stadium. Later she was detained in Baoding City and then transferred to Shaheling in Zhangjiakuo City. After being extorted of 100 yuan, agents from the Guyuan County Police Department took her home. She was pressured to write a "guarantee letter" and was illegally detained until midnight. Afterwards, the Guyuan County North Pingdingbao Town Police Station personnel continually harassed her and tried to force her to write a "guarantee letter."

On October 7, 2005, Li Jianying went to Beijing again to appeal for Falun Dafa. The Appeals Bureau became the police station. Having no choice, she had to go to Tiananmen Square to appeal. After plainclothes police at Tiananmen Square recognized her, they arrested and took her to the Qianmen Police Station. They questioned her regarding her and other practitioner's names and addresses. Li Jianying refused to say anything. This resulted in her being placed in a police car and crammed into the backseat where too many people to fit in were already sitting. In the backseat, practitioners were crammed one on top of another, but the police didn't care about that at all.

Dafa practitioners were taken to the Fangshan Detention Center. The police forced practitioners to tell their addresses and names. If they refused, they were deprived of sleep. The lawless officers handcuffed them and sent them to Zhangjiakou City Liaison Office. After agents from the Guyuan County Police Department took Li Jianying back, they incarcerated her in the County Detention Center. At the detention center Wang Lingfeng slapped Li Jianying on the face. The corner of one of her eyes became black. She lost her vision immediately, which took a while to recover.

The evildoing person forced all practitioners to kneel down and be subjected to a body search.

The police also searched Li Jianying's residence and confiscated Dafa books. When they asked Li Jianying's child where the books came from, the child refused to answer. Evildoer Meng Xiangui threatened her, "Take her out and shoot her dead!"

The police interrogated Li Jianying and every day demanded to know the source of the Dafa materials. Because she resisted the interrogation, Li Jianying was beaten with fists, and kicked, handcuffed, forced to squat, forced to cling to a wall with all four limbs stretching in opposite directions, and deprived of food and sleep for five to six days. One day a lawless person forced Li Jianying to kneel. Because she didn't cooperate, he twisted her arms backward, grabbed her neck and kicked her legs to make her kneel down. The officer demanded to know why she refused to kneel. She answered, "Except before my Master, I will not kneel before anyone." Seeing that she didn't yield to their demands in the slightest, the police released her. Later, though, Li Jianying was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor.

During three more months at the detention center, because of her persistence in the practice, Li Jianying was punished by being forced to stand for one day and beaten several times. Over a dozen police officers from the fourth class arrived as a group. Some beat her with their fists, some kicked her and some used electric batons. Detention center head Sun Changhai beat Ms. Li with a shoe sole. He broke and bloodied her nose. He handcuffed Li and forbade her to wear shoes. She was exposed to freezing weather in the courtyard and not allowed to go back to her cell for two hours.

On the seventh day of a hunger strike by Li Jianying and fellow Dafa practitioners, the evildoers subjected her to force-feeding and then sent her to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. At Gaoyang Labor Camp, Li Jianying and other practitioners were locked up in a huge freezing room. They were threatened and subjected to freezing temperatures for three days and nights. The next day, Li Jianying's legs were in a spasm that made her shrink into herself. Li Jianying and fellow practitioners were slapped on the face for practicing Falun Gong exercises, but they kept on practicing. The police and more than twenty criminals jumped up and pulled their legs and hands. They also used electric batons to shock them. The beaten practitioners could not get up or walk. Then the police bullied them, and they were not allowed to lay down. Seeing Li Jianying could not move, they transferred her to a room with heat. However, they made a condition that she must report whenever she goes out, and must formally greet the police whenever she encounters them. In the daytime Li Jianying was forced to sit by the bed. She was not allowed to move. She was ordered to look straight ahead and sit straight; otherwise she would be shocked with an electric baton. She was forced to sit with her heels touching and forming a 45 degree angle, with her hands on her knees. She was forced to read the camp's regulations in the morning. She was forced to do heavy manual labor such as digging ditches, carrying corn up stairs even though she had been tortured to the point of having trouble moving her legs. One day, Li Jianying had been carrying corn into a building. The staircase was very narrow and the pain in her legs caused her to have trouble moving. Suddenly she could not move and almost fell down from the sixth floor. Someone happened to walk toward her and pulled her back to prevent the fall.

To escalate the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, Gaoyang Labor Camp authorities utilized new buildings. Another round of persecution started. The police sent Li Jianying to the "reforming class," completely isolated from the outside. Even the windows were covered with white paper. During the daytime they forced practitioners to sit on a small stool and forbade them from moving. The practitioners were tortured if they did not follow instructions to read printed matter that slandered Dafa.

Li Jianying was sent to a big storage room, and her hands were handcuffed to the ground. She was forced to squat around the clock and deprived of sleep. The storage room was windowless. Li Jianying's body was covered with bugs, mosquitoes and other insects. She was handcuffed for four days and nights while being monitored by police. The police used a high voltage electric baton to shock her. The room smelled of burned skin and smoke. Those practitioners who refused to be "reformed" were sent back to the labor camp and otherwise physically punished.

Regardless of the health of the practitioners, they were forced to work. Due to the torture-induced physical weakness caused by digging a big ditch, Li Jianying went into a coma. Even so, after she regained consciousness, she was not allowed to take a rest. Li Jianying was eventually sent to the hospital for an examination. She was injected with drugs that numbed her lower body, and was forcibly treated with other drugs, without effect. They finally ordered her family to take her back home.

After she returned home, Li Jianying didn't give in to the trauma from the evil persecution. She started walking along the bed every day. Sometimes she fell down. Four months later her health had much improved. Li Jianying kept on doing what Dafa practitioners should do - handing out Falun Dafa truth clarifying materials.

On February 2002, Li Jianying went to Dabeigou Village in Duolun with other Dafa practitioners to distribute truth-clarifying materials. The Duolun police arrested the Dabeigou practitioners. They could not tolerate the torture and told their captors the address of Li Jianying's sister. Li Jianying happened to be there. The police asked her, "Are you practicing Falun Gong?" Li Jianying replied, "Yes." The police arrested her. Li Jianying protested the persecution. She erected her hands to send forth righteous thoughts. Because of her strong righteous thoughts, the evildoing persons were all scared away. An individual named Li Jiang from the National Security Team had a very bad headache. So, they took only Li Jianying's sister away and sent her to the Dabeigou Police Station. Later, six to seven police officers forcibly carried Li Jianying to a car and took her to Dabeigou. That afternoon they put her in the Duolun Detention Center.

The next day the police went to Li Jianying sister's home again for interrogations. They forced her brother-in-law (a non-practitioner) to tell the source of the materials. Because he refused to cooperate with the evildoers, they arrested him and took him to the Dabeigou Detention Center where they tortured him with all kind of methods. They put a special kind of handcuff called "wolf-teeth handcuff" on him that cut into his flesh and even the bones were visible. They broke two of his ribs. He suffered inhuman torture.

Li Jianying's sister was pregnant at the time, and the evildoers released her in an attempt to force her go through a forced abortion, and planned to arrest her afterwards. Li Jianying's sister left home to avoid further persecution. The evildoers wanted to extort money from Li Jianying's brother-in-law. The family is poverty-stricken and has no money. The evildoers sentenced Li Jianying's brother-in-law to three years of forced labor. They had a teenage boy at home.

Li Jianying protested the latest illegal arrest with a hunger strike at the Duolun Detention Center. Someone carried her into a car to be taken to a hospital for force-feeding and drugs. It is not known what kind of drug they used, and she went into a coma immediately. Someone carried Li Jianying back to a car and returned her to the detention center. On the third day, agents from the Duolun and Guyuan County Police Department came to Li Jianying's home and started confiscating personal belongings, even their motorcycle. They also tried to arrest their son who didn't practice and was not home at the time. They failed in their arrest attempt.

The police didn't relax their persecution of Li Jianying. During the protest hunger strike, Li Jianying was sent to a hospital for force-feeding. The force-feeding and torture made her choke, experience pain in her gallbladder, legs paralysis and high blood pressure. After over two weeks she was at the brink of death. Finally the police released her.

On September 25, 2005, Jia Mingliang from Guyuan County Police Department suddenly intruded into her home and arrested her again. He took her to the Shisanli Detention Center in Zhangjiakou. After one night there they transferred her to the Gaoyang Labor Camp. During a hunger strike they force-fed her twice a day.

If Falun Dafa practitioners did not cooperate, they were beaten with fists and kicked. The criminal inmate who was on hallway duty stepped on Li Jianying's abdomen. Li Jianying was tortured so severely she bled. When the force-feeding failed, the camp doctor stepped on her abdomen. He stabbed an injection needle in her abdomen. This caused symptoms of excruciatingly painful gallstone discomfort. That evening she hurt so badly that she was carried to the therapy room. The doctor at the labor camp said smugly, "She is faking and annoyed us in our sleep." So, he used a steel needle to inject Li Jianying's fingers and toes and other points. He injected Li Jianying at will, until she was at her last breath.

In March 2003, Li Jianying distributed truth clarifying materials at Fengyuandian. Someone reported her to the Fengyuandian Police Station and the police arrested her. Li Jianying didn't cooperate. They pulled on Li Jianying's clothing. Snow and dirt splashed all over her trousers. The police choked Li Jianying's neck, which turned black and blue. Meng Xiangui from County Police Department tried to grab Li Jianying's materials. When he failed he slapped Li Jianying face heavily, severely hurting Li Jianying's head.

After Li Jianying was arrested and sent to the detention center again, an evildoer named Gao slapped Li Jianying on the face and hit her nose. She immediately became dizzy and could not tell directions. Li Jianying went on a 12-day hunger strike. She was not released until she was found to have high-blood pressure, gallstones and paralysis in her legs.

In October 2003, the perpetrators once again arrested Li Jianying and took her to the Shalingzi Brainwashing Class. On the way there, Li Jianying asked Master for strength, that she must return the same day. While in the car her legs hurt, the gallstones hurt, and she could barely walk. The examination at Shalingzi showed that Li Jiangying indeed did not have any control over her body at all. The brainwashing class refused to accept her.

Li Jianying has still not fully recovered.