(Clearwisdom.net) There is an over 70-year-old Falun Gong practitioner, Aunt Lian (alias), in our area. She is a Falun Gong local contact person and the only local contact person who has never been arrested in this area. Aunt Lian has strong righteous thoughts. She has no fear in clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. Every day, she chats and clarifies the truth at places in the village where many people congregate. She is good at it.

Sometimes, Aunt Lian clarifies the truth to elderly people. Occasionally, she talks to young folks. She also clarifies the truth to young children through story telling. Many people have resigned from the Chinese Communist Party after listening to her.

Soon after the persecution started, Aunt Lian wrote a letter to all the government officials of the village. In the letter she mentioned, "Don't throw this letter away. Let's meet at the time when the Fa rectifies the human world," in order for the officials to compare their actual situation with what she talked about in the letter. As a result, those officials not only kept her letter, but also told us about the letter. They said, "The writing level of her letter is really good. You guys tell me who has this kind of writing level?" Actually, Aunt Lian only has a grade school education. It is Dafa that gives her such wisdom and skills.

Aunt Lian's husband was a government official before he passed away. He had very good moral character. Even now, there are still a lot of his old colleagues that come to visit Aunt Lian. Aunt Lian clarifies the truth about Falun Gong to each of them, including officials from the police station and the local government. Those people are completely convinced by her words.

Once, a group of people went to her home to argue with her, trying to get her to renounce Falun Gong. She dealt with them by herself. After they went back home, those people said, "What kind of person is this old lady? Not only could we not persuade her, but also we could not even answer her questions." Another time, the party secretary of the town went to her home because of Falun Gong. Aunt Lian told the secretary, "Please sit down and wait for me. Let me finish the fourth posture of the 2nd set of Falun Gong exercises first." The secretary really sat there and waited for her and thought, "This old lady is more and more courageous. She is not afraid of being seen doing the exercises!" Only after Aunt Lian finished her exercise did she start to clarify the truth to the party secretary.

When Aunt Lian saw the village policemen arrest Falun Gong practitioners, she went to the police station to clarify the truth to the officers. Officials of the police station could not throw her out of there since it was pouring rain. After she finished clarifying the truth, the rain stopped. Aunt Lian said happily to the official, "Ok, I'm finished and the rain has stopped. I'd like to go now." As a result, our village policemen would never arrest Falun Gong practitioners again. Sometimes, when they received orders to search Falun Gong practitioners' homes, they faked the search and even told us privately, "Hide your [Falun Dafa] books, don't let those people find them."

Aunt Lian is never afraid of evil people coming to arrest her. She tells me all the time, "Don't be afraid. I am a mountain. They cannot move me a bit." Therefore, there is nobody that dares to bother her. Once, while she was studying Zhuan Falun at home, some policemen rushed in. She did not have enough time to hide her book. So, she thought in her mind, "They cannot see my book." As a result, the policemen could not see Zhuan Falun. They sat on the side of a table and just looked at some ordinary people's books.

Aunt Lian has helped many people to practice Falun Gong. She has helped many practitioners who wavered due to the persecution to become Falun Gong practitioners again. Also, she has helped many wicked people who were deceived by the anti-Falun Gong slander to know the truth of Falun Gong.