(Clearwisdom.net) I was fortunate to have learned Falun Dafa in April of 1997 without any interference from my family, but after the persecution started on July 20, 1999, my husband grew ever more fearful of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In order to protect himself, he not only hindered my practicing Falun Gong, but also betrayed me to the police. After Teacher saved him three times, however, he finally attained Dafa and became a practitioner.

The first miracle occurred one day around 8 p.m. in mid-November 2004 when my husband suddenly felt pain and difficulty in urinating. At that time, I told him it would improve after he recited the words, "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." This he did, and afterwards he felt a little bit better. Next, I read to him Lunyu nine times (from Zhuan Falun) and "the Issue of Treating Illness" in Lecture Seven of Zhuan Falun, and then he felt much better. The next morning, he went to the hospital to see a doctor, and while waiting to register, he went to the bathroom. Suddenly, a stone two centimeters long and a nearly a centimeter wide came out when he urinated. It was Dafa that prevented him from suffering through an operation.

The second miracle occurred in February 2005 when he had pneumonia. My husband was treated with medicines, and at the same time he recited, "Falun Dafa is good." Ten days later, his health improved dramatically, and my husband, who is over 60 years old, knew that he was protected by Dafa. I told him that he had a predestined relationship with Dafa and that he should practice cultivation in Dafa. He replied with a "Yes," but took no further action.

The third miracle was on the morning of May 21, 2005, when my husband suffered a stroke. One side of his mouth and an eye fell limp. Additionally, the entire right side of his body could not move. After having an MRI, he was diagnosed with blockage of many blood vessels in his brainstem area, and his cerebrum also had several clogged blood vessels.

I told my husband, "The last two times, Teacher cured your illnesses to awaken you. However, as soon as you recovered you forgot about learning Dafa. This time, are you determined to learn Dafa or not?" He replied: "Yes." After checking in to the hospital, he listened to the tape recordings of Teacher's lectures over and over while lying in bed. A week later, he could go to the bathroom himself and use a spoon to eat, and 21 days later, he checked out of the hospital.

People who knew the truth all wanted to learn Dafa. The doctor who was in charge of my husband's treatment also wondered, "How could he recover so quickly?" After coming back home, my husband persisted in studying Dafa and practicing the Falun Gong exercises. By doing so, he totally recovered in health.