(Clearwisdom.net) On September 12 and September 13, 2005, perpetrators from the Guangzhou City 610 Office and the Guangzhou City Police Department illegally broke into numerous residences and arrested Falun Dafa practitioners. It was learned that practitioners Shi Lei, Chen Xianzhang, Fan Haiqin and her father and brother, and Chen Huiling have been abducted.

Around midnight on September 12, a dozen officers from the Meihua Street Police Station in the Dongshan District, Guangzhou City broke into Dafa practitioner Shi Lei's home and took him away. They said they were going to interrogate Shi Lei and obtain some information from him. When Shi Lei's wife asked them to present the arrest warrant, the police only flashed a slip of paper that read, "Using [slanderous word omitted] to disrupt implementation of the law." Shi Lei's wife asked the police to leave the paper with her but they refused, fearing that it would be evidence later on of their crime.

Shi Lei firmly refused to cooperate with the perpetrators at the police station. On September 13 they sent him to the Guangzhou City Brainwashing Center in Chatou. Mr. Shi is not allowed to meet with his family.

Some time before midnight on September 12, officers from the Haizhu District 610 Office and police department broke into the homes of practitioners Chen Huiling, Fan Wei and Chen Xianzhang (in his 70s) and abducted them. The police had been monitoring and following Chen Huiling for a long time before the illegal arrest.

Around 3:00 a.m. on September 13, practitioner Fan Haiqin was arrested by about eight police officers in front of the building where she lived. The perpetrators proceeded to ransack her home and took a dozen pieces of Dafa materials, a set of Dafa lectures, VCDs, and a printer.

Her husband tried to reason with the police, but his words fell on deaf ears. Ms. Fan's husband later told other practitioners that these officers were from the city police department and from the Huanghuagnag Police Department. They had been following Fan Haiqin for a long time. The perpetrators abducted Fan Haiqin and destroyed the Dafa truth clarification materials production site in her home. According to the police officer in charge of the abduction, Fan Haiqin is to be detained for "15 days under public security detention." She is being held at the No. 5 Tianhe Detention Center in Guangzhou City.

On the afternoon of September 13, Fan Haiqin's father was at home when he was called to the local Haizhu District Police Department to answer some inquiries. He was later released.

It has been learned that this is the first round of illegal arrests, and a second and third round of persecution will follow. We suggest that Dafa practitioners in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City work as one body and destroy all plans to disrupt Dafa. Please send forth righteous thoughts as often as possible. Practitioners whose circumstances permit should send forth righteous thoughts at the top of the hour.

Related phone numbers: (please dial country code + area code before all phone numbers, please dial country code before cell phone numbers, country code: 86, area code: 020)

Guangzhou City Police Department
Main switchboard: 84219584
Address: No. 200 Qiyi Road, Guangzhou City
Main office: 83331144
Zhu Huisheng: head of the police department, 83347347 (he personally answers phone complaints on the 1st and 15th of each month)
Appeal Section: 83118040
Guangzhou City 610 Office: 83193123, 83377877
Main switchboard: 83116688 ext. 610 Office
Zhang Qingsheng: head of Guangzhou City 610 Office, 61382058
Li Qiongyang: head of the Guangdong Province 610 Office, 13902237307 (cell), 38866148 (home)
Wang Jiadong: group head at the Sanhui Legal School, a brainwashing center in Guangdong Province, 757-7317717
Guangzhou City Legal School, a brainwashing class
Address: No. 56 North Xizhou Road, Chatou, Baiyun District
Zip code: 510435
Pan Jinhua: principal, 81730648
Li Xuezhen: political head, 81730767
Lai Jianfeng: head of the Control Division, 81730646
Control Division: 81730637
Front office: 81730648
Jiang Hong: instructor
Huang Yongrong: 81730767
Tianhe District Police Department in Guangzhou City: 87502743, 87502753
Peng Yilin: head of the police department, 87502777, 85513381 (home)
Fu Fushan: head of the police department, 87502766, 85517229 (home)
Fan Chunrong: head of the police department, 83115008, 87501929
Han Liping: deputy head of the police department
Cen Weixiong: head of Politics and Security Division, 13808889880
610 Office for the Tianhe Police Department: 82321185 (the name has been changed to Internal Security Division in order to conceal the function of the office)
Zhu Wenyong: head of the Tianhe Detention Center, 82312286 (home) 85547279 85546731(office)
Xu Qingsong: deputy head from the Tianhe Police Department 610 Office,
Huanghuagang Street Police Department in Tianhe District: 37617756
Address: Middle Xianlie Road, Guangzhou City
Tianhe District 610 Office mailing address: Tianhe District Police Department Tianhe District 610 Office in Guangzhou City
Zip code: 510630
Perpetrators at the Tianhe District 610 Office: Hao Shaoming, Cheng Wenhu and Li Jianhui (female)
Haizhu District Police Department in Guangzhou City
Address: No. 368 Middle Tongfu Road Police Station, Guangzhou City
Haizhu District 610 Office
Address: No. 39 Middle Xiaogang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City
Zip code: 510000
Haizhu District Brainwashing Class: 84219584
Address: South Heguirong Nursing Home, Guangzhou Dadao, Guangzhou City
Li Ruimin: section head at the Haizhu District Police Department, head of the Haizhu District Brainwashing Class
Huang Mian: member of the Haizhu District 610 Office
Wen Chunlan: member of the Haizhu District 610 Office, 020 8443 9241 to Haizhu District 610 Office
Dongshan District Police Department in Guangzhou City: 87766501
Address: No. 367 East Donghua Road, Guangzhou City
Miehuacun Street Police Precinct in the Dongshan District: 87660666
Address: NO 27 Meihuacun, Guangzhou City