(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Xinchun who already lost his feet from the persecution, was arrested on April 9, 2005 at a shoe-repair shop at the Fengmao Forestry Center, Yichun City. The enforcers held him at the Jinshantun Detention Center where he was tied onto a "big hard rack" for more than five days. This rack was specially made for torturing Dafa practitioners.

Later this year, on July 5, 2005, in order to learn a skill to make a living, Wang Xinchun went to Jinshantun District to learn shoe repair. Chen Zhong, the Forestry Center's Party Secretary and Gao Qingguo, the Forestry Center's supervisor and various police officers beat Mr. Wang severely. They sent him to a detention center, then sent him home after the detention center refused him. They will not allow Mr. Wang to make a living outside. While they were beating him they said, "Don't ever go to the shoe-repair shop in the Jinshantun District! We will beat you whenever you show up in the Jinshantun District."

1. Persecution results in the loss of both feet

Mr. Wang Xinchun, 30 years old, lives with his family at the Fengmao Forestry Center in Yichun City. He is an honest man. He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but after he started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998, his potentially fatal illness was cured. All his friends and neighbors were witnesses to this fact. As a Dafa practitioner, he did everything according to "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" and gained great physical and mental benefits. After the persecution started on July 20, 1999, Wang Xinchun was exposed to torture and abuse. In April 2000, Mr. Wang went to Beijing and appealed for justice for Falun Gong. He was arrested and detained at the Yichun Forced Labor Camp for a one-year sentence, but was not released until serving a six-month illegal extension, for a total of a year and a half of forced labor.

On September 5, 2001 Mr. Wang Xinchun was detained again at the Suihua Forced Labor Camp and was not released until late October 2001. In early 2002, while Wang Xinchun was distributing Dafa truth clarification flyers, the police spotted him and chased him. He ran into a remote mountain area in minus 30 degrees Celsius weather and stepped into a river to hide. His legs up to his knees became wet and soon iced up. The police later captured him. Wang Wei, a female officer and the police station chief forced Mr. Wang to put his feet into hot water (which is the wrong thing to do and will aggravate frostbite and cause severe injury). As a result he lost both feet.

2. Looking for a job outside, tortured on a big metal rack and nearly died

Since Wang Xinchun lost his feet, his father has looked after him. His mother returned in poor health from a three-year labor camp sentence. She had difficulty walking. The three-member family had a difficult life. The Forestry Center provided Mr. Wang a 60 yuan monthly social security benefit, but the money was frequently delayed or withheld. Friends sent 200 yuan and clothes from outside of town, but Forestry Center manager Gao Qingguo withheld the money and clothes. Obviously, withholding other people's property is illegal; however, there is no place where one can appeal or sue the CCP's illegal actions.

To feed the family, Wang Xinchun went to the Jinshantun District to learn shoe-repair in early April 2005. Only a few days later, Xiao Jingyu, head of the 610 Office in the district police station and other police dragged Mr. Wang from the shoe-repair shop, took him back to the Forestry Center and asked him the following questions, "How did you manage to get the story about your losing your feet online? How did you get to the Jinshantun District?" Wang Xinchun refused to answer. Xiao Jingyu and police officer Wang Shoumin kicked and beat him on the head. As a result, Wang Xinchun bled profusely. That same day in the afternoon, Gao Qingguo, Wang Shoumin and Da Wei kicked and dragged Wang Xinchun to a detention center. Police officer Yang Changshan beat Wang Xinchun with a belt.

Mr. Wang went on a hunger strike in the detention center to protest the persecution. On the fifth day of the hunger strike, the police dragged Mr. Wang to a big room and threatened him in the presence of several high-ranking police officials. One chief threatened Wang Xinchun. Cui Yuzhong, police station chief, said, "Go ahead and eat, If you don't eat, we'll have to force you." Later the police dragged Mr. Wang onto a big metal rack to torture him; police officers Wang Shoumin and Da Wei stretched his arms and legs and buckled them onto hoops on the rack. They could not buckle his legs because he did not have feet, so they used aluminum wire to tie up his thigh on one side and then tie it up to the hoop on the other side. Mr. Wang was tied onto the rack with his arms and legs stretched out in four directions so that he could not move. Police officer Wang Shomin kicked his head, chest, abdomen and ribs. Mr. Wang sustained a large amount of swelling on his head.

Mr. Wang received infusions of 7 or 8 bottles while on the rack, which caused him to shiver with cold. Some police officers asked, "Is he still alive?" The next day, the police force-fed him through a tube inserted through his nose into his stomach. He vomited and became unconscious. When he regained consciousness, he heard the following conversation between Wang Shomin and the other police officers. Wang Shomin said, "After Wang Xinchun lost his frost-bitten feet due to the hot water in 2002, Jinshantun District Party Secretary and Party head were very happy because he cannot go anywhere, and most importantly, he can't go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. In addition, he was also diagnosed with leukemia and will die in several months. Therefore, they thought they could get rid of this big burden. But, totally unexpected, he did not die and even managed to be more visible and his persecution story was published online." These people did not sound like government officials who are supposed to defend the people, but rather, like executioners.

The lawless police also arrested Wang Xinchun's father and detained him for 15 days, starting from April 9, 2005. Police officer Wang Shoumin even said, "We police are the country's bandits, disguised in public security uniforms."

Mr. Wang was tied up on the rack for five days, and was force-fed daily. He was frequently unconscious, and he nearly died. When Wang Xinchun regained consciousness, he asked for the money that the police took away from him. Police officer Li Jun kicked Mr. Wang and said, "There is no such thing. Your money has been used to pay for the food." Mr. Wang argued, "I didn't eat anything, not even water." The 180 yuan was the money Mr. Wang had gathered from his friends, for opening a small shoe-repair shop. Now the police had taken it.

On April 19 the police took Mr. Wang back home. Officer Wang Shoumin beat him in the street. They kicked him in the stomach and chest so that he fell on the ground. The police monitored Mr. Wang's family and did not permit neighbors to visit.

On July 1, 2005 Wang Xinchun knelt on the side of Queyi Road. A car went by and the deputy head of the Forestry Center Liu Guangmin asked him, "What are you doing?" Mr. Wang replied, "I am kneeling here for a break." "No, you cannot do that!" said Liu. He got out of the car and started kicking and beating Mr. Wang. Liu kicked Mr. Wang's back so hard that he lost his balance and fell into the ditch along the road. Wang Xinchun struggled to crawl back, but he was kicked again down into the ditch.

The police would beat or detain and persecute Wang Xinchun at the police station no matter whether he was at home or out of doors. He has appealed to each law enforcement department, but so far there had been no solution.

3. "We will beat you whenever you show up in the Jinshantun District"

On July 5, 2005, in order to once again try to learn a skill to make a living, Wang Xinchun went to the Jinshantun District to learn shoe repair. At 6:30 a.m. on July 7 he had breakfast, then went to a bicycle-repair shop and chatted with the owner. People passed by the shop, astonished when looking at his missing feet and fresh wounds and they stopped in, asking for the reason. Right then, Forestry Center Party secretary Chen Zhong rushed in, followed by manager Gao Qingguo. They were most afraid that Mr. Wang would tell them the truth of the persecution. Gao Qingguo called the Fengo Police Station on his cell phone. In a short time, the station chief Min Changchun came, along with police officers Wang Shoumin, Da Wei and Li Qinglin. They dragged Wang Xinchun to a police car and sent him to a detention center. After the detention center refused Mr. Wang, the police sent him back home at the Forestry Center. The police attempted to force Mr. Wang to unlock his door. Mr. Wang refused to cooperate. As a result, officers Min Changchun, Changchun, Wang Shoumin and Da Wei kicked Mr. Wang again and said, "We will beat you whenever you show up in the Jinshantun District."

Jinshantun District Police Station "610 Office" head Xiao Jingyu, Fengmao Forestry Center manger Gao Qingguo, the Party Secretary Chen Zhong, Fengo Police Chief Min Changchun, and officer Wang Shoumin frequently beat Wang Xinchun mercilessly. They commented, "Beating you does not violate the law. With the Communist Party in power, beating people is not in violation of the law. The Communist Party is the law."

People and agencies involved in the persecution of Wang Xinchun:

Jinshantun District Police Station Political Security Section: 86-458-3738546, 86-458-3733015
Bureau Chief, Cui Yuzhong: 86-458-3732368 86-458-3738537, 86-13904588191 (Cell)
"610 Office" head, Xiao Jingyu: 86-458-3733015, 86-13945880911 (Cell)
Detention Center: 86-458-3738449
Jinshantun District Fengo Police Station: 86-458-370001, 86-0458-370002
Forestry Center manager, Gao Qingguo: 86-458-3739876 (Home), 86-458-3700001
(Office), 86-13704585369 (Cell)
Car driver, Xue Senlin: 86-13845889411 (Cell)