(Clearwisdom.net) During the six years of persecution of Falun Gong in China, the police, law enforcement, and legal system have been at the forefront, but a closer look has revealed that state-owned businesses have also played a very dishonorable role in the persecution of practitioners.

After the Communist Party took power, it seized privately-owned businesses and called them "State-Owned Enterprises". The Party then absorbed them and the financial and human resources needed in the persecution.

As time went on, the organization of state-owned enterprises became the same as the government with a free exchange and influence between them. This explains why some managers in state-owned enterprises, motivated by desire to be promoted, for the promise of wealth or out of fear, have made a great effort to execute the evil authorities' principles and policies. They never considered whether or not their behavior was upright. Consequently they have played a very dishonorable role.

Since July 20 1999 when the persecution began, state-owned enterprises have led the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Larger state-owned enterprises even established their own "610 offices" and brainwashing classes to persecute practitioners. Representatives of the CCP within the enterprises created an environment that isolates people targeted by the CCP. They forced Falun Gong practitioners to take a stand against Falun Gong and to write a guarantee statement giving up Falun Gong.

Specific people are chosen to do this. The political fortune of managers is tied to their performance in carrying out the persecution. Some state-owned enterprises have a policy of "cut it out with no exception". For example, Jilin Chemical Fiber, led by Fu Wancai, laid off all Falun Gong practitioners. Jilin Water Company laid off practitioners in the name of the policy. Jilin Chemistry laid off more than one practitioner and established a brainwashing class to persecute practitioners. Jilin City Planning Department laid off practitioners, and continued to persecute them even after a practitioner won an arbitration case. Other enterprises have stopped paying wages to practitioners without justification. In some cases, wages due have reached six figures and the company finally paid when questioned by family members who do not practice Falun Gong. In cutting off financial resources to practitioners, many state-owned enterprises have played an important role in continuing the persecution.

In the beginning, the persecution came from all directions because as practitioners we were not clear in the Fa. It was also disguised by hypocrisy and deception, so many of us did not realize how serious the persecution was. Some managers in state-owned enterprises appeared to be good to practitioners, which we felt was a demonstration of people's goodness. But once orders came down from upper levels, police arrived at their door, and members of the national security staff arrived, the evil of the communist party came out in the people at the state-owned enterprises. Sometimes they were forced to help the evil to persecute practitioners. Sometimes they did not rationally understand or behave according to the law. Knowing that once practitioners were arrested they would face torture, detention, even loss of life, managers would still participate in the persecution for the sake of their own short-term interest. They have completely become puppets of the evil.

Many people controlled by the evil in the state-owned enterprises are unwilling participants. They are forced to do things against their conscience. Sometimes, we can see a shred of humanity in them. If the evil factors behind them are eliminated, their kind humanity will arise. We should expose the evil and the violent institutions it controls. When we eradicate evil, we are saving people.

The persecution is not over yet. Falun Gong practitioners have not done enough to expose the persecution. As Master has told us, "The only thing you have a role in is saving people..." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago"). So this is a good opportunity to clarify the truth and save people.