Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Han Junmiao was director of the recruiting office of the Education Bureau in Xiong County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. Before she started practicing Falun Dafa she had several illnesses, but after learning Dafa and raising her moral standards, these illnesses disappeared without medication. After the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, Ms. Han Junmiao experienced many inhumane tortures. She was transferred in and out of three forced labor camps. After she was released from these forced labor camps she endured frequent persecution and brainwashing attempts by personnel from the Xiong County 610 Office. She died on May 6, 2005.

Some of the persecution Han Junmiao suffered before her death

In November 1999, officers from the Political and Security Section of the police department arrested Han Junmiao at her office, and illegally kept her at a detention center. Ten days later, persons from the Political and Security Section told Han Junmiao that she would be sent back home, but instead, they sent her to the Baoding City Mental Hospital. When she arrived, four men held Han Junmiao down and someone injected her with a drug that attacks the central nervous system. The effect of the drug made Han Junmiao unable to sit or lie down. She had to stay up for the whole night. During her two-week stay in the mental hospital, Ms. Han was injected twice with this drug and made to live with patients who had real mental problems. After two weeks of suffering severe mental and physical trauma, she was released.

Early in October of 2000, Dong Aihua, Zhao Daping and Wang Jianjun from the Political and Security Section came to Han Junmiao's office again and took her to a detention center. In November, Han Junmiao started a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. Approximately ten days later, Dong Aihua came and said, "Mr. Ning, the Party Secretary, would like to chat with you. Take your belongings and come with me." After she got in the car she discovered that she was being transferred to the Baoding City Forced Labor Camp. They sentenced her to three years of forced labor without any legal proceedings.

During the 12 days she spent at the Baoding Forced Labor Camp, because she firmly held on to her faith in Dafa, she was handcuffed for several nights to the stair handrail in a position that did not allow her to sit down. A dozen police guards pushed her down to the floor and used electric batons to shock her from the bottom of her feet to her waist. They even put an electric baton into her mouth, and shocked her head and back. They also forbade her from sleeping. Then Ms. Han was forced to stand in water for four days and four nights. Nevertheless, the labor camp still couldn't shake Han Junmiao's belief in Dafa. She was then transferred to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp.

At the Gaoyang Labor Camp she was again injected with drugs that harm the central nervous system, which made her temporarily mentally incoherent. They kept her in an iron cage for ten days, where she wasn't able to sit down or stand up straight. In December of 2000, for refusing to write the so-called Guarantee Statement to not practice Falun Gong, Han Junmiao was sent to a huge, icy-cold, windowless warehouse. There, she was handcuffed to an iron ring on the concrete floor in a position where she could only squat. She couldn't sit or stand for 24 hours, depriving her of sleep. Washing or any kind of personal hygiene was out of the question.

The torture methods used on Dafa practitioners in the Gaoyang Labor Camp also included the Tiger Bench, force-feeding with chili pepper water, being force-fed feces, the Death Bed, and being mercilessly taken out in the middle of the night and beaten by the guards or allowed to be bitten by snakes and vermin.

Someone asked Ms. Han, "Have you experienced these kinds of torture methods?" She replied, "Yes, I have experienced all of the above mentioned tortures." After they failed to make Ms. Han give up her practice of Falun Gong at the Gaoyang Labor Camp, she was transferred to the Fourth Division in Shijiazhuang City's Forced Labor Camp to endure further gross abuse and mistreatment.

In October of 2002, even after Han Junmiao had been tortured and abused in three labor camps, she remained steadfast. Her courage made those who persecuted her admire her. She suffered severe physical trauma and became very thin. The shocks from the electric batons left scars on her face, and her hands and feet had bleeding cracks, which any movement would aggravate.

The day Han Junmiao's jail term ended and she was ready to join her family, personnel from the 610 Office in Xiong County sent her directly to the Xiong County Brainwashing Class. Li Chengqun, the 610 Office head, ordered his subordinates to torture her physically. Ms. Han was forbidden to sleep and was force-fed. After more than 40 days there, they still couldn't force her to give up Dafa. Li Chengqun sent her to the Baoding City Brainwashing Class where she underwent another month of cruel torture before she was released.

After she returned home, she was very weak, but officials from the 610 Office frequently monitored her, even when she went grocery shopping. On politically sensitive days, several people were watching her inside her house. At night, her family slept in the inner rooms, while the monitoring officials slept in an outer room.

In October 2004, 610 Office head Li Chengqun sent people to forcibly take Han Junmiao away from her home again and sent her to the Baoding City Forced Labor Camp. Due to Han Junmiao's poor health, the labor camp refused to accept her, but Li just left her at the labor camp and departed in a hurry. The labor camp had to call him to take Han Junmiao back. Li Chengqun then sent Han Junmiao to the Xiong County Brainwashing Class for more torture and torment.

As a result of frequent monitoring and constant harassment by the 610 Office officials, Ms. Han died on May 6, 2005. Even during her funeral, the 610 Office officials were monitoring activities at her house.

Situation of Han Junmiao's daughter Yu Zichen

Yu Zichen, Han Junmia's second daughter, born in January 1992, lives with her father at the family living quarters at the Xiongzhong Vegetable Farm in Xiong County, Hebei Province. She is a 2nd year student at the Second Middle School in Xiong County. Her non-practitioner father, Yu Jinglong, is 56 years old and suffers from heart disease. Presently the father and daughter have no source of income.