(Clearwisdom.net) Many Falun Dafa practitioners are illegally incarcerated at the Jiamusi City Labor Camp. Wang Qi, Niu Yuhuan, Meng Xianjie, Tong Li, and Han Guixia were severely injured and disabled due to the beatings they suffered at the hands of the guards. Wang Qi was paralyzed for several months and the perpetrators still refused to release him. The labor camp doctor said, "Wang Qi is not ill."

In late February 2005, practitioners Wang Qi, Niu Yuhuan, Fan Xiaohua and several others wrote public announcements and gave them to the guards. Guards Li Xiujin, Sun Limin and others brutally beat the practitioners. Niu Yuhuan suffered a heart attack during one beating. She still has not completely recovered and she is unable to sit up. Despite her condition, she was forced to go to the workshop. She could not work, so she lay on the concrete floor. The perpetrators ordered someone to hold her and make her sit up.

In mid-June, guard Li Xiujin verbally abused Niu Yuhuan. Because Niu Yuhuan could not sit up and had to lie down, Li Xiujin ordered inmates to handcuff her to the Tiger Bench They pulled and tugged on her and insulted her when she could not sit up straight. When they didn't torture her, she usually remained on the floor.

On March 2, practitioner Wang Qi, Fan Xiaohua and Meng Fanli were called forth and beaten. Fan Xiaohua had blood coming out of her mouth after the beating, and her legs were injured from being kicked. Wang Qi cannot walk even now and cannot take care of himself.

Some male guards were assigned to shock the practitioners with electric batons and beat and kick them. Li Xiujin directed and participated in the beating. Practitioner Wang Qi has been bedridden for several months, yet the guards force him to do aerobic exercises on a daily basis. Guard Liu Yadong pressured the inmates to force Wang Qi do the exercises, and they would curse at the inmates if they didn't follow orders. He Qiang, head of the Administration Section, and division head Wang Xin lied to Wang Qi and told him, "We'll let you go when you can walk."

As a result of torture, practitioner Meng Xianjie was extremely weak and vomited constantly for a very long time. When his family asked to see him, the guards forced them to curse the founder of Falun Gong before they were granted the meeting. In order to resist the persecution, Meng Xianjie held a hunger strike for close to 20 days and was force-fed by the guards. The inmates dragged him down the stairs all the way to the cafeteria.

Dafa practitioner Tong Li was handcuffed to the edge of a bed in a "forced backbend" position [This is a very painful form of torture in which one arm is reaching down the back behind the head and the other hand meets it from the lower back. The two hands are cuffed together to cause unbearable pain] and could not walk after the torture. The labor camp authorities unlawfully extended her term to further persecute her. In August 2003, Tong Li refused to write a weekly inmate report. Guard Liu Yadong called her to the office and savagely beat her, and also kicked her and banged her head against a desk, the edge of a bed and the closet, until her body was covered with injuries.

In June 2004, the practitioners refused to write a "homework assignment" given by the labor camp authorities. Subsequently, the perpetrators at the women's division shocked the practitioners with electric batons, police batons and subjected them to the "forced backbend" position. Because Tong Li shouted "Falun Dafa is great;" guard Liu Yadong slapped her face repeatedly, until she lost hearing in her left ear.

On May 1, division head Li Xiujin beat and kicked practitioner Han Guixia from Hegang City and ordered inmates to drag her into a storeroom. She was handcuffed to a bed and had become extremely weak from long-term torture. On May 28, she fell down the stairs and sustained a head injury. She had a severe headache and could not sleep well for three days.

On June 23, practitioner Han Guixia was held at Team 7, Division 7 of the Jiamusi City Labor Camp. She appealed to Li Xiujin, but her request was denied. Instead, Li Xiujin beat her. She hit Han Guixia's head with a bottle full of hot water. The bottle broke and the hot water spilled on a bed. Han Guixia had just ended her menstrual period prior to the beating, but it returned after the beating and lasted for a month. Li Xiujin forced her to sit on the Tiger Bench and forced her to work despite her head injury.

On March 2, practitioner Gao Cuilan refused to sign a "guarantee statement". Guard Liu Yadong kicked her and dragged her to an empty room, and then handcuffed her to a bed and ordered the male inmates to beat her. On March 4, although Gao Cuilan could not straighten her back from the beating, Liu Yadong beat her again and kicked her. Liu Yadong screamed, "Right now is the 'Strictly Controlled Period.' I can beat and curse you as I wish." On June 10, because Gao Cuilan refused to write the weekly inmate report, Liu Yadong slapped her face repeatedly until blood came out of her ears. Guard Zhou Jiahui hit Gao Cuilan's hands until they swelled. Liu Yadong led inmates Zhang Yu and Liu Hua as they physically forced Gao Cuilan's hand to sign a guarantee statement.

One practitioner refused to sign a guarantee statement and was brutally beaten by a group of male guards. She was beaten a second time and was severely injured. She could not lie flat and she lay on the cold concrete floor daily for nearly two months. Her menstrual period continued for several months, yet the labor camp doctor insisted that she was fine. She could not walk. Practitioner Xu Xianghua refused to write the "homework assignment." Team head Guo Qinhui grabbed her by the hair and repeatedly banged her head against a bed and the wall.

On March 5, because practitioner Zhao Xiuyun said a few words to an inmate, guards Liu Yadong and Guo Qinhui dragged her to the office and beat her with police batons until her whole body was black and blue and she was in severe pain. The guards also attempted to make her admit fault, but she refused. The guards then handcuffed her in a metal chair and threatened they would handcuff her for four days if she refused to admit fault. They verbally abused her and left her in the handcuffs until midnight.

One day in May, Liu Xiujin beat practitioners Fan Xiaohua and Zhao Lixia during a drill. Li Xiujin often used all kinds of excuses to beat the practitioners at will. In April, Li Xiujin slapped Wang Xiuyun's face while cursing at her. On March 2, Li Xiujin beat practitioner Chen Ping when trying to force the practitioners to sign a guarantee statement.

On July 10, group head Guo Qinhui and guard Sun Hui falsely claimed that the practitioners didn't clean up and refused to let the practitioners use the restroom. The practitioners waited until 7:00 a.m. the next day. While they were taking turns using the restroom, it started to rain, and Sun Hui forced the practitioners to wait [in the rain] until the restroom was empty before allowing them to go back to their cell.

Practitioner Cao Xiuxia said to her family on the phone, "We are being 'strictly controlled' and we are forced to sit on stools." Guard Zhang Xiaodan immediately cut off the phone call and denied all family meetings for all Dafa practitioners. Practitioner Song Guizhi passed out on her way to the cafeteria, and guard Zhou Jia said it was because other practitioners didn't help her. Zhou Jia forced all practitioners to stand in the sweltering heat and also insulted the practitioners.

In October 2003, practitioners were forced to work nonstop for the entire morning. A few minutes after they returned to their cells, guard Chen Jing shouted in the hallway, "Hurry up, division head He Qiang said you must work!" Practitioners Zhang Xiaogeng, Ma Cuihong and Li Xiaohong refused to work. Chen Jing tried to drag Zhang Xiaogeng. Zhang Xiaogeng said, "What are you doing?" Chen Jing raised her hand and was about to strike Zhang Xiaogeng, but Zhang Xiaogeng grabbed her hand and said, "No beating is allowed!" The practitioners outside the room saw it and shouted, "No beating!" Chen Jing ran outside and beat and kicked the practitioners. She beat practitioner Huang Bin to the ground and didn't stop until she was exhausted.

There is no law at the labor camp, as the will of the guards and their judgments take the place of law. They extend the term of anyone they do not like and use a wide variety of excuses to extend the practitioners' terms. Some of their excuses are: the practitioners put something in the wrong place; they didn't report to the guards before leaving the room; they talked while walking; talked back to the guards; read Dafa articles; didn't work hard, or their "attitude was wrong." The guards did anything they wished.

Many practitioners had their sentences extended for refusing to "reform." Practitioner Fei Jinrong had her sentence extended by more than 130 days; practitioner Cao Xiuxia had her sentence extended by 58 days; practitioner Gao Cuilan had her sentence extended by 54 days; practitioner Zheng Yingchun had her sentence extended by 50 days; practitioner Tong Li had her sentence extended by 45 days; practitioner Ma Xiaohua had her sentence extended by 35 days; practitioner Zhang Yufen had her sentence extended by more than 30 days; practitioner Li Ping had her sentence extended by 30 days; practitioner Song Yuzhi had her sentence extended by more than 20 days; practitioner Su Yanhua had her sentence extended by 18 days; practitioner Yan Xihua had her sentence extended by 18 days; practitioner Bao Lixia had her sentence extended by 15 days; practitioner Gao Chengnu had her sentence extended by 8 days; practitioner Zhang Xiaogeng had her sentence extended by 7 days and practitioner Kang Aimin had her sentence extended by 7 days.