(Clearwisdom.net) Hearing that the proportion of high school and university students who have denounced their party or league membership is still a small number, young practitioners in our district organized a small experience sharing conference to discuss how we could help people recognize the evil nature of the party. We also shared on things that we should take note of when encouraging ordinary people to withdraw from the party, as well as how to maintain our own righteous thoughts and cultivate better. Parents also shared on how to educate children and how to encourage their children to do better on their cultivation paths.

On the topic of clarifying the truth to university students, one practitioner, a university student himself, felt that it was better to follow the students' interests to clarify the truth to them. For instance, when clarifying the truth to law students, we started by first revealing the darkness of the Chinese legal system to them, followed by a review of the various deteriorating social problems in China, and finally pointing out that the main culprit behind all these problems is the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We explained how it has permeated itself into all aspects of Chinese society, and with its control of the entire country it can persecute any innocent Chinese person at any time, at will. At this point, they usually understood and agreed with this point of view. Then by mentioning the tide of party withdrawals worldwide, or right then showing it to the person on the Internet, the student would be able to recognize immediately that withdrawing from the party is the correct choice to make.

A practitioner who is currently studying in high school also mentioned that he always starts from the perspective of ancient prophecies for his classmates who are very interested in them. When he talks about Liu Bowen's story the effect is very good, but he still remains puzzled about how to clarify the truth regarding "removing the mark of the evil cult" and also when talking about gods to everyday people.

Another practitioner added that Master has told us, "The only thing you have a role in is saving people." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago") Young practitioners should not try to encourage people to withdraw from the party as if it were a task or job. The fundamental basis should be rescuing sentient beings.

Another practitioner who is going into grade twelve said that in order to clarify the truth to others, our studies must first of all be good. This would prevent others from saying that Dafa practitioners do not do well in their studies, resulting in our words becoming unconvincing to everyday people. Another practitioner felt the same way, even though she has already begun working. During her university entrance examinations, which were in 1999, right at the beginning of the persecution, her mother had gone to Beijing to validate the Fa and was forced to live away from home to avoid being persecuted. During that period, the house was very untidy and her grandparents tried to persuade her mother not to go out every single day. She began bearing a grudge against her mother. The evil made use of this attachment, making her lose her willpower and she did not even want to return home. However, she realized that she could not do that, for, as a Dafa practitioner and the daughter of another Dafa practitioner, she could not let others look at her and say, "See? She has become such and such all because she began practicing Falun Gong." That would make the evil even more rampant. Therefore, she decided to take over the responsibility of tending house, so that Dafa's reputation would not be tarnished.

Practitioners also shared on how to encourage their children to more effectively study the Fa, so that they would be able to regard studies with righteous thoughts. Instead of lagging behind in their studies, they would then be able to achieve even better results with less effort. When their children develop laziness and do not study the Fa or practice the exercises, parents should encourage them or even sometimes sternly remind them.

One of the mothers who attended the conference shared that her husband had been forced to live a fugitive life to avoid being illegally arrested. Her child has always felt that he did not have a good study environment. Not only does he fail to study the Fa well, he is also losing interest in his studies. For a long time, the mother felt that she let the child down and the father is also under a lot of pressure. Other practitioners pointed out however, that they should not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements, for the old forces imposed all of these things on them. If she were to feel that she has let down her child, such notions would conform to the old forces' arrangements. Parents should remove such notions and encourage the child not to use the parents as an excuse for not wanting to study. The parents should also not be led by the child's emotions, and should encourage the child to do well in cultivation.

Some other young practitioners also pointed out to this mother that all these issues occur because she has not eliminated her attachments to her child. One of the young practitioners recited Master's "True Cultivation" from Essentials for Further Advancement,

"Whether you can let go of ordinary human attachments is a fatal test on your way to becoming a truly extraordinary being. Every disciple who truly cultivates must pass it, for it is the dividing line between a cultivator and an everyday person." "As a matter of fact, when you agonize over infringements upon your reputation, self-interest, and feelings among everyday people, it already indicates that you cannot let go of ordinary human attachments. You must remember this: Cultivation itself is not painful--the key lies in your inability to let go of ordinary human attachments. Only when you are about to let go of your reputation, interests, and feelings will you feel pain."

Several young practitioners also went to Beijing together in 2000. They put up banners on Tiananmen Square and shouted, "Falun Dafa is Great!" and managed to return home safely. After all these years, these young practitioners have changed a lot. Their young hearts have suffered many hardships. Some of their fathers were tortured to death. Others' mothers have been sentenced to prison, yet they all continue to walk strongly and determinedly. Today they are even firmer in their belief in Dafa.

Finally, these young practitioners also discussed what type of truth clarification materials people of their age are interested in, such as information on science and technology, so that their deeply rooted atheism can be broken from this perspective. Many important political and power figures in ordinary society believe in God and have openly spoken up for Dafa. Others have talked about using older Chinese literature, prophecies and myths to tell people to follow goodness and about using Chinese society's current situation to reveal the evil nature of the party. For instance, some university students say that it is easier to find a job after joining the party. Practitioners, however, know a true story about a German company that was very keen on hiring a certain student, but decided not to after hearing that he was a CCP member. The truth is, overseas companies and foreigners have long recognized the nature of the CCP, and it's only a certain proportion of the Chinese people who have failed to do so. This goes to show that joining the party can have a negative influence on one's personal interests and gains.

Everyone who attended this conference learned a lot from the other participants, and everyone is very appreciative of this cultivation environment. Moreover, we will all continue to do well the three things that Master requires of us.

August 18, 2005