Ms. Sun Dongxia and Mr. Ge Mingyu, two Falun Dafa practitioners from Qingdao City, were detained by the police for clarifying the truth of Falun Gong. Recently the Magistrate Courts of the Sibei and Lichang Districts unlawfully sentenced Ms. Sun and Mr. Ge to five and eight years in jail, respectively. The Qingdao Daily and the Bandao Metropolis newspapers widely reported this illegal trial.

On May 13, 2005, police broke into the home of the couple Mr. Gong Piqi and Ms. Sun Dongxia and took them away. They are both Falun Dafa practitioners from the Sibei District of Qingdao City. The police illegally confiscated some of their personal property including a printer. During the couple's detention, the police watched their home to arrest anyone who visited. During the surveillance four people were detained. On June 30, Sun Dongxia's daughter returned home from a distant school and found her home was in a mess (see the attached photos). The home was littered with piles of cigarette butts and fast-food boxes. According to the local police station, the Shibei Branch of the Public Security Bureau was responsible for the whole action of detaining the practitioners, confiscating their property and snatching their keys.

During her illegal detention, Ms. Sun Dongxia went on hunger strike to protest the persecution and quickly became emaciated. The inmates abused her as well. Detention authorities did not allow her family members to visit. Mr. Gong Piqi was a colonel in the army. He was initially detained at the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division of Qingdao Garrison Command. On June 7 he was sent to the brainwashing class set up by the Qingdao City 610 Office where he was severely tortured. He was disfigured and looked like an old man. His hair and beard turned white. He was so weak that his entire body trembled. He barely had the strength to speak or to stand, and was not able to walk without assistance.

Ms. Su Dongxia was sentenced to a five year prison sentence on July 25 and July 29. A police officer lied by claiming, "She was caught while she was giving out Falun Gong fliers to a resident by the name of Liu in a certain residential area in the Lichang District." Mr. Ge Mingyu was sentenced to eight years because police officers claimed he had "purchased CD burners and photocopiers and made illegal propaganda materials of over 5000 copies of Falun Gong CDs, fliers and banners at home."

Ms. Sun Dongxia's daughter is now living with her grandparents. She is not able to pay her school fees and her living expenses for the next semester.

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Local police station of Rehe Road: 86-532-82814243
Shibei Branch of the Public Security Bureau: 85-532-83827970
Bureau Chief Bi: 86-13953265777 (Cell), 86-532-86690427
Guan Chengtao: 86-13589304697 (Cell), 86-532-86801938
Liu Chang: 86-532-85999268
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Sun Pixian: 86-13335063977 (Cell)
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Liu Hang: 86-532-86842551

August 20, 2005