Mr. Wu Chunlong Sent Home Emaciated and Unconscious from the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp


By the end of April, 2005, Mr. Wu Chunlong's life was in danger from being persecuted in the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. The camp, being unwilling to take responsibility for his death, sent the dying Mr. Wu home.

The Circumstances Surrounding Ms. Li Baojie's Torture Death Come to Light


Ms. Li Baojie, 34 years old, lived in Panshan County, Panjin City, Liaoning Province. Since she continued to practice Falun Gong after the persecution began, she was illegally arrested by the police many times. In August 2004, she was reported while clarifying the truth in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. Police officers Zhao Laixing and Liu Yonghua from Panjin City, went to Dalian City and brought Li Baojie and her husband, Pan Xushu, back to Panjin City. Both of them were then sentenced to three years of forced labor by the Panjin City Police Department. They were detained in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. After suffering extended indignity and torture, Ms. Li was tortured to death on April 8, 2005.

Eyewitness Describes the Torture that Led to the Death of Ms. Liu Limei, an Associate Professor at Northeast Agricultural University


I was one of four practitioners arrested by the Harbin Anti-Riot Squadron and Shuangcheng Police in April, 2002. I was imprisoned along with Ms. Liu Limei in the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp Hospital.

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