(Clearwisdom.net) The followings are descriptions of the cruel torture methods used at the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp, Sichuan Province, to brutally torture Dafa practitioners:

1. Tying up the legs while sitting in a lotus position

When the practitioner is sitting in a lotus position, the police use ropes to tie the legs very tightly. Then the rope is brought over both shoulders. The hands are folded tightly against the back and then tied against the body. After just half an hour, both feet become swollen and start to bleed. The pain felt in the hands and feet cannot be described in words. To increase the pain, two policemen step on the feet. The pain is excruciating, so tremendous, in fact, that the practitioner loses consciousness. This torture method may also result in the feet becoming numb and in deep injuries. Blisters as big as eggs grow on the feet and legs. Dafa practitioners who have suffered this torture are: Li Yun, Fu Liqiong, He Yumei, Zhong Shuirong, Wang Hongxia, Geng Xiaojun, Zheng Caixian, Sun Shihui and others.

2. Tiger Bench

The practitioner sits on a very low small iron bench. He/she has to put the heels on top of a high stool. The knees and back have to remain straight and the practitioner must look straight ahead; otherwise the practitioner will be beaten with clothes hangers or benches. Practitioners are forced to sit in this position from a few to over 20 days. The pain is beyond description. Practitioners who have been tortured using this method are: Zheng Caixian, Wang Hongxia and others.

3. Force-feeding with condensed salt water

This is an extremely cruel torture method. Dafa practitioners are shoved and then pressed to the ground by a few people. The guards then sit on top of his/her body and force the mouth open with special forceps that keep the mouth wide open to the maximum extent. As a result, the practitioner's teeth become loose. The other end of this tool presses against his throat, which causes the throat to bleed. They then force-feed the practitioner with condensed salt water. The liquid will often choke the practitioner when it is poured down the throat, which can result in death. Since condensed salt water causes great harm to the stomach, this torture method is a very cruel form of punishment. The suffering is beyond description. Because of the mouth clamp, whatever is forced-fed can't be vomited. If the practitioner does not swallow the force fed material, he/she can't breathe. Also, condensed salt water can't be easily swallowed. Therefore, it remains stuck in the throat, which is a life-threatening situation. Force-feeding is the leading cause of death among Falun Gong practitioners. Practitioners who have suffered from this torture method are: Zhao Zhongling, Li Yun,

Wang Hongxia, Fu Liqiong and Deng Zhongsu. Zhu Yinfang died as a result of being force-fed with condensed salt water and excrement.

4. Being hung up by handcuffs

With this torture method, the practitioner is hung so that only the tips of the toes can touch the ground, while the heels cannot touch the ground at all. If the heels touch the ground, the handcuff will cut into the skin. With this method, the practitioner may suffer from diarrhea or vomiting and the pain is excruciating. The hands may also become numb. Practitioners who have suffered this torture method are: You Quanfang, Wang Hongxia, Zhang Shiqing, Yin Fafeng, Geng Xiaojun, Zhao Zhongling.

5. Handcuffed with both hands folded against the back and hung up on a tree

This torture method will make the practitioners feel as if the handcuffs are cutting their wrists. The practitioners tortured this way suffer agonizing pain, and sweat profusely the entire time. Dafa practitioners who suffered this torture method are: Wang Hongxia, Zhang Fengqing, Zhang Wenhong and Wang Zhengmo.

6. Handcuffing torture methods

The practitioner is handcuffed with the hands in an upward position, using a fitted handcuff, and then handcuffed against a large tree.

Standing straight while handcuffed against a window. The person who suffers from this torture method can't move. After a while, his/her feet will swell. Dafa practitioners who have suffered from this torture method are: Gao Yan, Zhang Shiqing, Zhang Wenhong, Wang Hongxia, Tao Juhua, Fan Ying, Geng Xiaojun, Yin Fafeng, You Quanfang and others. At least 30 practitioners in all have suffered from this torture method.

7. Handcuffed to the Bed Rail

At night, practitioners are handcuffed to the iron bed rail. In wintertime, when it is cold, they can't move. Their hands become numb and hurt terribly, which prevents them from falling asleep. Practitioners who have suffered from this torture method are: Huang Chenghui, Geng Xiaojun, Wang Hongxia and Li Yu.

8. Handcuffed while squatting

Practitioners are handcuffed to an iron bed and forced to squat. The practitioners who are tortured with this method cannot sit down, or stand up. Their feet will hurt terribly. Zhao Zhongling and others have suffered from this torture.

9. Beating

Policemen, as well as from a few to more than 20 collaborators beat practitioners as a group. Practitioners who were beaten like this were injured from head to toe. Their internal organs were also injured. Some lost consciousness. Also many suffered from pain for quite a few months after the beating. Dafa practitioners who have suffered from this brutal torture method are: Zhang Shiqing, Li Guangqing, Chen Xiaoling, Liu Xia, Wu Yuping, Yin Fafeng, Fu Liqiong, Chen Jinhua, Tang Tianmin, Wang Hongxia, Li Xuemei, Zhu Yinfang, Li Yuhua, Li Fengqi, Zhao Zhongling, Yang Taiying, Xu Ping, He Yumei, Zhong Shuirong, Geng Xiaojun, Zheng Caixian, Gao Yan, Yang Shaopei, Su Shihui, Lu Yanfei, Chen Fuzhen, Zhu Yaohui and others.

10. Humiliation

Dafa practitioner Yin Fafeng was stripped and forced to stand in front of a mirror for two nights.

Practitioners had to wear a paper hat and paper clothes, which were covered with swear words. If they refused, they were beaten. Dafa practitioners who have suffered this torture are: Fu Liqiong, Geng Xiaojun, Zheng Xiancai, Wang Hongxia and Deng Zhongsu.

During freezing winter weather, Dafa practitioner Su Shihui was stripped and allowed to wear only her underwear. She also had to suffer other tortures.

11. Electric shock

Practitioners are shocked with electric batons. The torturers will use the baton to shock the mouth, face, neck, hands, back, buttocks, etc. Dafa practitioners who have suffered this torture are: Yin Fafeng, Zhang Shiqing, Zhang Fengying, Zhang Wenhong, Zhang Yaqun, Fan Ying, Wang Hongxia, Tao Juhua, Zhu Yuehui, You Quanfang and others.

12. Squatting and standing for a long time

This is a very common and inhuman punishment. Some practitioners were forced to stand in a military position for one or two months. Some were forced to squat for one month. After a few days, this torture resulted in swelling of the legs. The swelling often made the legs as big as the feet. Those who suffered this torture could no longer walk. After squatting for a few days, their heels were injured. All Dafa practitioners suffer from these kinds of punishments regularly.

13 Other corporal punishment and torture

"Making dumplings." The practitioner is covered by a blanket and then beaten. "Hitting an ox from a distance." The practitioners are tied with ropes against a door, and while squatting on a toilet.

Standing in "horse step" position.

Putting bowls on top of palms and making the practitioner stand for a long time.

Sleep deprivation: for three days and nights or longer, allowing only two or three hours of sleep. At all times other than those few hours, the practitioner is forced to do hard labor.

Force-feeding water.

Not allowing the practitioner to use the bathroom for a long time.

The above are the most severe corporal punishments. Others are difficult to describe.

Policemen from the Nanmu Temple Forced Labor Camp, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province cooperated with others to devise many cruel and inhuman torture methods, meant to "transform" Dafa practitioners. A forced labor camp is a living hell. We hope that the world's people will give their support to help end the persecution.