(Clearwisdom.net) The article published by a fellow practitioner on Clearwisdom, "The Only Thing Falun Dafa Disciples Have a Role in Is Saving People," discussed an old problem, which is very serious. This problem is explained the most in Zhuan Falun. It is also mentioned many times in Master Li's recent articles.

In the article, "Digging Out the Roots," Master clearly pointed out,

"What I would like to tell you is not whether this incident itself was right or wrong. Instead, I want to point out that this event has exposed some people. They still have not fundamentally changed their human notions, and they still perceive problems with the human mentality wherein human beings protect human beings. I have said that Dafa absolutely should not get involved in politics. The purpose of this event itself was to help the media understand our actual situation and learn about us positively so that they would not drag us into politics... ... I have long noticed that a few individuals do not have the heart to safeguard Dafa, but instead intend to safeguard certain things in human society. If you were an everyday person I would have no objections--it is certainly a good thing to be a good person who safeguards human society. But now you are a cultivator. From what standpoint you view Dafa is fundamental--this is also what I want to point out to you."

The essential point of "The Only Thing Falun Dafa Disciples Have a Role in Is Saving People" is to focus on the question, "from what standpoint do you view Dafa."

I think whether it is individual or Fa-rectification period cultivation, our cultivation can be described as "using the forms of human beings, but with the inner meanings of Gods." It is determined by Fa principles. Practicing the Falun Gong exercises without the "inner meanings of Gods" is just doing aerobics. Studying the Fa without the "inner meanings of Gods" is just seeing the surface meaning of the words. Sending forth righteous thoughts without the "inner meanings of Gods" is fruitless. Clarifying the truth without the "inner meanings of Gods" could become fighting with human beings. Cultivation is also impossible without the "forms of human beings." The universe's Fa principle will not allow Gods to be directly involved in human beings' affairs. Practitioners can only use the "forms of human beings" to embody the "inner meanings of Gods" and can only use their human bodies to follow the path toward divinity.

Using the "forms of human beings" is the requirement of cultivation practice. It includes using all kinds of everyday human methods (especially for Fa-rectification and truth clarification) and conforming as much as possible to the normal state of society. But at the same time, we shouldn't have any attachments to anything of ordinary life. If practitioners neglect this, they easily go to extremes and lack rationality. For practitioners themselves, the "inner meanings of Gods" are righteous thoughts and righteous enlightenment. If we neglect it, what we are doing is not cultivation practice anymore and no matter how well we conform to the "forms of human beings," we are still just human beings. From this point of view, the problem mentioned in the article, "The Only Thing Falun Dafa Disciples Have a Role in Is Saving People" is that some practitioners neglect the "inner meanings of Gods" and understand the "forms of human beings" of the Fa-rectification from the standpoint of human beings. Because their understandings are not clear, they are reluctant to do anything. They even think that the result would be the same, no matter whether they take action or not.

This problem is obvious in issues that arise during truth-clarification. Some practitioners are confused and think that distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is getting into politics, that intercepting TV signals to broadcast truth-clarifying programs is disturbing social order, and so on. Practitioners with this understanding have neglected the "inner meanings of Gods." The reason is that they didn't study the Fa very well. If the practitioners themselves are confused, certainly they cannot clarify the truth. A story in Zhuan Falun tells how Hua Tuo wanted to open Cao Cao's skull to operate and take out a tumor, but Cao Cao refused to let him because Cao Cao's mind was filled with the concepts of fighting and killing. No matter what Hua Tuo told him, the "form of human beings" is to open the skull with a knife and he thought Hua Tuo intended to kill him. This is a human being's standpoint and understanding. But in fact, Hua Tuo used his supernatural ability to see a tumor in Cao Cao's brain and wanted to cure him by taking the tumor out. This is the "inner meanings of Gods." Hua Tuo understood it, but Cao Cao didn't.

From cultivation practice and Fa study, we should clearly understand the "inner meanings of Gods" of what we are doing right now for the Fa-rectification. No matter how people talk about it and understand it, we must keep our righteous thoughts clear. Not only must we not be confused, but we also need to help the world's people awaken. We are "taking out the tumor to cure the illness" and we are saving the world's people. No matter who misinterprets the methods we use, as long as the ultimate goal is to save people and the method can really save people, we can use it. This is because we have the "inner meanings of Gods."

July 23, 2005