(Clearwisdom.net) Since May of 2005, some districts in Shandong Province have tried to hold Minghui schools for young practitioners. Practitioners in Zuiwengxianzhuang, of the Laiwu tourist district held a Minghui trial school where 50 young practitioners attended. On the afternoon of July 20, someone reported them to the police. The police sent the young practitioners home but kept all their belongings, especially their homework and identification cards. The Laiwu police arrested Liu Faling and Feng Aimin. The authorities are persecuting them at the Laiwu City Detention center. Some practitioners have been forced to leave home because of this incident.

Currently the Laiwu City Police Station is investigating, and the Shandong police have also assisted in Laiwu. In order to avoid further deterioration of the current situation, we hope that many practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts focusing on this matter. We also hope that practitioners can search within themselves immediately, as this is necessary to eliminate the evil's persecution.

July 25, 2005