(Clearwisdom.net) From Master's teachings of the Fa, we have learned that we practice and cultivate into beings of selflessness and altruism, considering others first.

The old forces have turned a group of unscrupulous people into "officials" and used them to persecute Dafa and over one hundred million Dafa disciples. Over hundreds or even thousands of years, the Chinese people have formed the notion that when people are wronged, they can ask an honest official to reason things out.

Following this line of thinking, many Dafa disciples hope in their hearts that some leader will redress the issue of Falun Dafa, or that the United Nations will help stop the persecution. Or, they hope that after we have sued the head evildoers in courts in the US and other countries, that the officials will then do the right thing. They place their hopes in the governmental authorities of human society.

Another notion formed deep inside one's bones is that only when another person approves of what one is studying or doing, does it become legitimate. When the so-called "officials" in human society no longer pay attention to justice, no longer uphold justice, and fail to mete out justice to the chief evildoers after knowing clearly the crimes they have committed, many practitioners can think of no alternative solution.

In brief, by understanding from human principles, these practitioners think of themselves as grass-roots common people, and cannot recognize from the bottom of their hearts that Dafa disciples' actions are absolutely justified. Some people clarify the truth as if they have no alternative. Some people even hide at home finding no way out, thinking that "one's arm cannot twist one's own thigh" (a Chinese saying).

Nevertheless, from Master's teachings, we have learned that each Dafa disciple is the lord of an incomparably gigantic celestial body, and has mighty authority in the huge cosmos in the scope of one's own celestial body. It was reported online that fellow practitioners in prison had formed a small court and pronounced Jiang and the evil old forces guilty. In fact, by doing so, one can not only strengthen one's own righteous thoughts and expose the evil, but one can also disintegrate the evil. In the scope of the universe, it is indeed a significant trial.

After having understood this principle, I calmed down and with a most serious heart, declared in my mind, "Attention all sentient beings in the enormous celestial body that I represent: The old forces and the CCP that insult Dafa have committed the biggest crime, disrespecting the Universal Great Law. Because of their interference, countless sentient beings cannot be saved. The crimes of the old forces, the CCP, and Jiang's group are boundless. They can never be granted amnesty." When I sent out this thought, I found that the seriousness of the moment of sending righteous thoughts could not be matched. This time when I sent out righteous thoughts, the mighty power was the greatest. All of my interior bodies were shaking.

If all Dafa disciples can understand and disintegrate the evil from the standpoint of gods, then what changes will we see when we look at the earth again?

These are my own personal understandings. Fellow practitioners, please point out any mistakes with kindness.

July 10, 2005