(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Xing Jiaqiu from Gangtun Town, Lianshan District, Huludao City in Liaoning Province was arrested and sentenced to prison because he practices Falun Gong. He was beaten by guards and inmates at Shenyang No. 3 Prison. Mr. Xing is now being detained in the First Section, Shenyang City No.1 Prison. He was recently sent to the "Closely Monitored Section" for further persecution.

Dafa practitioner Xing Jiaqiu

Mr. Xing Jiaqiu, 30 years old, is a farmer from Xingtun, Zhangjiagou Village. Since 1996, when he started practicing Falun Gong, his family life has been happy and harmonious. His wife, father-in-law, and mother-in-law are also practitioners. However, since July 1999, when the brutal persecution of Falun Gong started, the Xing family has not had one peaceful day. They have continuously suffered from brutal persecution from government officials, and the local police constantly harass them. On June 4, 2001, Mr. Xing and his wife were forced to become homeless. His son, who was born at the end of 1999, has been separated from his parents for over 6 years, and is living with his grandparents.

On May 28, 2002, when Xing Jiaqiu and another practitioner were distributing truth clarifying materials at Hongluoshan, the local police arrested them. After the Gangtun police tortured them with various means for a few days, they were sent to Huludao City Detention Center. In June, they were secretly sentenced to 6 years in prison. On the afternoon of August 27, the two practitioners were taken to Nanshan Prison in Jizhou City. In September 2002, Mr. Xing was held in Shenyang No. 3 Prison (formerly Dabei Prison, now located in Shenyang). Prison officials could not find any evidence to prove that Xing Jiaqiu was guilty of any crime, therefore they abused him physically and psychologically to try to make him "confess." Mr. Xing did not cooperate with their unreasonable demands at all.

When Xing Jiaqiu refused to recite the prison rules, the guards ordered the inmates to brutally beat him with a rubber hose, and then they shoved him to the ground and kicked and punched him.

A couple of days later, police officers transferred the injured Mr. Xing to the Second Section of Shenyang City Prison. Wang Xiaobo, head warden, and Officer Dong Lunshan instigated two inmates to monitor Xing Jiaqiu round the clock. His personal freedom was restricted to the extent that he had to ask permission to brush his teeth, wash his face, eat, drink water, use the bathroom, and even walk, and he was closely watched when doing these activities. Mr. Xing had to work over 10 hours every day, and if he failed to reach the daily quota, he would be threatened or verbally abused. After he finished his work, he was not allowed to relax and watch TV, or chat with others, but was forced to sit on a small stool until 11:00 p.m.

After the Chinese New Year in 2003, policemen instigated a prison guard to order Xing Jiaqiu to stand up and face the wall as a means to force him to give up his belief.

Mr. Xing had to stand facing the wall every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. He was not allowed to move, otherwise he would be beaten. Once, Wang Quan teamed up with other inmates, Li Suan, Jin Yongjun and others, and pushed Mr. Xing down for not reciting the prison rules. They kicked him with their hard-toed shoes, kicking his leg repeatedly, then continually hit him on the chest. Afterwards, Mr. Xing had difficulty breathing and felt suffocated. The next day, three of them asked Xing Jiaqiu to commit wrongdoings, and he refused. Li Suan slapped Mr. Xing on the face very hard, and he cursed him with obscenities. On the third day, inmates Wang Quan, Li Suan, Jin Yongjun and others physically abused Xing Jiaqiu again. Three of them pressed Xing down to the floor and beat him. Xing Jiaqiu yelled for help, but the guards ignored him.

Wang Quan and Li Suan said: "Scream all you want, we will beat you to death!" They were even more brutal to him. Mr. Xing could not bear the pain, and rolled back and forth on the floor. The inmates didn't stop until they were exhausted. Mr. Xing's leg was seriously injured and he could not walk properly. His whole body was black and blue.

In March 2003, before Xing Jiaqiu was fully healed, the inmates beat him savagely again. Mr. Xing went on a hunger strike to protest. Under the instigation of team leaders Wang Xiaobo and Dong Lunshan, inmates Wang Quan, Li Suan, Wang Mingtao, Wang Wenbao, Jin Yongjun and others carried out more assaults. Li Suan found a shovel, then the inmates pressed him down and took off his pants. They stepped on him and held down his head, arms and legs, while Li Suan brutally beat Mr. Xing's lower back and buttocks with the handle of the shovel.

Due to the severe pain, Xing Jiaqiu raised his hand to protect himself, but an inmate threw the shovel handle at his hand, and Mr. Xing lost consciousness. They beat him again to revive him, and forced him to stand up. By then, Xing Jiaqiu's hand was swollen badly, his palm was bruised, he could not move his hand, and he felt that the bones were broken. On the following day, Li Suan and Jin Yongjun beat Mr. Xing again because he could not stand steadily when he was forced to stand up. Li Suan hit Mr. Xing's injured hand, and Xing cried out in pain and fell down on the ground. Mr. Xing has suffered great pain in his hand ever since it was struck and he dares not move his hand.

High Resolution Picture High Resolution Picture
These x-rays taken June 2005, two years later after the injury, show evidence of the broken left middle finger

On March 18, 2005, inmate Wang Wenbao beat Xing Jiaqiu again. Practitioner Liu Mingte tried to stop him, but was also beaten by Wang Wenbao, Liu Chen, Guan Yongbo, Zou Liming and others. On March 25, inmate Sun Yongsheng from the No.12 Prison Section hit Mr. Xing on the face. Later Mr. Xing asked inmates Wang Quan and Li Suan, "Why do you treat me like this, when I haven't done anything to you?" When in a good mood, Wang Quan said, "At our prison meeting, we were told to try harder to "transform" you."

Currently, Xing Jiaqiu is still detained in the First Prison Section of the No.1 Prison in Shenyang City, and his situation is serious. The team leader in prison reported that Mr. Xing was sent to the "Closely Monitored Section" for further persecution.

Relevant phone numbers

Mailing Address of Shenyang City Prison: No. 7 Yuxin Road, Yuhong District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, ZIP code 110145.

Switch board: 86-24-89296556、86-24-89296438
Office Manager: Duan Wenhai: 86-24-89296011

Partial list of phone numbers of No. 1 Prison in Shenyang

Prison Affairs Manager: 86-429-89296160
Deputy Prison Affairs Manager: 86-429-89296161

First Prison Section:
Brigade Leader, Li Baoju: 86-429-89296255, 86-13304050502 (Mobile)
Political Instructor: 86-429-89296252
Former Second Prison Section Brigade Leader, Wang Xiaobo: 86-429-89296308
Head of First Prison Section: 86-429-89296251
Head of Second Prison Section: 86-429-89296256

August 8, 2005