The outside world knows very little about the persecution of Dafa disciples detained in Wuling Prison in Changde City, Hunan Province. The following are only a few cases that have been revealed and exposed:

Mr. Zhou Zixian, once named Zhou Baoguo, was an official in the Hengyang City Petroleum Company. He was abducted in March 2004 for making truth clarification materials and was illegally sentenced to seven years in prison. He is currently incarcerated in the third middle team of the fourth prison district of the Wuling Prison in Changde City, Hunan Province.

Zhou Zixian has refused to submit to the evil people's demands, refusing to perform slave labor or accept humiliation. For this he has been repeatedly beaten by police officers and other inmates. In order to prevent Zhou Zixian from practicing the exercises at night, the police handcuff his hands onto the bed. They cuff his hands to the corridor during the day. Zhou Zixian was cuffed regardless of whether it was hot or cold weather. On February 12, 2005, because Zhou Zixian would not squat while lining up for food, a criminal inmate punched him in the face. Zhou's prescription glasses shattered from the blow, and the glass cut into the flesh below his eyes, bloodying his face and filling his eyes with blood. The wound later became infected and blocked Zhou's vision. In March 2005, at another time when he refused to squat, a police officer from the middle team singled him out and beat him brutally. Zhou Zixian's eyes were black and blue and his entire head was swollen. His facial features were disfigured.

The discipline team is even more ruthless. In 2004, Zhou Zixian was sent to the discipline team and tortured two times, each lasting for one month. They would cuff him onto metal doors at night, preventing him from sleeping. During the day, he was forced to do humiliating physical work that was beyond his physical capabilities. In the summer, he was forced to crawl with his bare hands over the cement floor without stopping. His palms were scorched and covered with thumb-sized blisters from the torture. During the winter, with hands torn and bleeding, he was still forced to do the same super-physical work. Even the criminal inmates said, "Zhou Zixian can't last through this; sooner or later he'll die here."

Another Dafa disciple, Mr. Zhou Qingfeng, is an employee at the Lianyuan Steelworks Company in Loudi City, Hunan Province. He was abducted in 2002 for distributing truth clarification materials and is currently imprisoned in the second middle team of the first big team in Wuling Prison.

Zhou Qingfeng has been beaten up very often by the big team leader Sun Haiping and the middle team disciplinary educator Huang Qiguo for not completing his slave labor tasks. Sometimes he would even be hung up off the ground by handcuffs attached to his wrists for several days. If he was discovered to be practicing meditation at night, he would be cuffed to the metal door of his prison cell to prevent him from sleeping.

In December 2004, he was also sent to the discipline team where he was brutally tortured for not completing his tasks. In the discipline team, he was made to participate in so-called physical training. Throughout his imprisonment term, Zhou Qingfeng was beaten up very badly several times by criminals instigated by the policemen. Several of his teeth were knocked out and his chest was beaten until his lungs bled. He has suffered several concussions and has vomited and suffered dizziness quite often. His body has become very weak.

When he was unable to keep up with the demanding and humiliating physical exercises in the discipline team, he would be hung up with handcuffs on metal doors and a criminal would be made to shake the door back and forth. This is a torture method called "swing." It lasts for at least half an hour. The torture is extremely painful; Zhou's wrists would be badly damaged by the handcuffs, and his arms would be numb for at least a month.

After more than a month of torture by the discipline team, Zhou's body became very weak and he vomited blood, felt dizzy and passed out a lot. Even under such circumstances, he still had to do more than ten hours of slave labor making woolen sweaters every day and was subjected to hanging and beatings. His body has deteriorated severely and his life is in danger right now.

Besides these two Dafa practitioners, there are also approximately ten other practitioners imprisoned in the Wuling Prison who are being subjected to varying degrees of persecution and torture.

Known list of police in the Wuling Prison:

Prison Chief, Zhou Rihua
Prison Political Section, Zhang Hao; Chief Xiong
Discipline Team, someone whose last name is Xie
First big team leader, Sun Haiping
Second middle team leader, someone whose last name is Li
Second middle team educator, Huang Qiguo
Fourth big team leader, someone whose last name is Jiang
Fourth big team educator, someone whose last name is Zhang

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