(Clearwisdom.net) I was imprisoned in the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp by the local police because I practice Falun Dafa. I suffered nearly two years of persecution in the labor camp. The guards there treated practitioners in a manner too cruel to describe. I got out alive from the labor camp, but suffered extreme torture.

On May 17, 2002, when I was at home reading, several people knocked at my door and tried to break in with screwdrivers. I hurried to put away Zhuan Falun and Dafa materials. By then, the door had been pried open, and policeman Guo Weishan from the Yonghong District Police Department broke in with a gun in his hand. He aimed the gun at me and said, "Freeze! Falun Gong people." Several people rushed in and grabbed lots of Dafa materials. Guo Weishan took away my cell phone, pager, 100 yuan and other items (these things still have not been returned to me). They took me to the Yonghong Police Department.

The police wanted to interrogate me. Suddenly I became dizzy, my hands and arms couldn't move, and I found myself lying down on the ground. The police didn't care whether I was alive or not, and at midnight they dragged me to the detention center. On June 4, I was taken to the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp.

Because I persisted in practicing Falun Dafa, I was sent to the so-called Training Team, were we had to do "walk training" at 6 o'clock every morning. On the training team there were relatively more elderly people and sometimes they had difficulty walking. Police officers Lin Wei, Chen Jing, Li Yongbo frequently verbally abused us and also slandered Dafa. In order to stop the police's evil conduct, on July 8, the entire team consisting of more than 50 Dafa practitioners jointly refused to do the walk training. No matter how loud Lin Wei and Cheng Zhenhui shouted, we all stood still and refused to budge. Lin Wei ordered team leader Zhang Xiaodan to beat Dafa practitioner Zhang Li-e.

After the guards came to work, He Qiang called an urgent meeting to decide how to deal with us. After 9 o'clock, he led a group of guards who rushed towards us, brutally beating the Dafa practitioners, dragging the older practitioners to the second floor. After being beaten mercilessly, some were sent back to their rooms and those in better condition were dragged to the meeting room where guard Mu Zhenjuan reprimanded the practitioners.

Finally, the four of us who continued to resist were handcuffed in a room on the second floor. Because the guards were afraid of their evil persecution being exposed, they covered the glass door with paper. During the daytime, we were forced to sit on the floor and they handcuffed us to the bed frame. At night, we were still forced to sit on the floor and were handcuffed facing the bed frame.

The weather in July was sultry and the guards would not allow the door to be opened (there was no air conditioning). It was hard to breathe. During the night, they left the lights on, and we were forbidden from moving even when mosquitoes landed on our faces. The situation was very hard to withstand. After the 6th day, another practitioner and I developed heart problems and we were in critical condition. Only after the doctor came did they remove our handcuffs.

On October 23, the labor camp intensified the persecution against all the determined Dafa practitioners, subjecting us to brainwashing. We were forced to sit on a stool that was made from enamel-insulated wire with screw nuts on the surface. From 6 o'clock in the morning until 11 or 12 o'clock in the evening, except for meal time, we had to put both hands on our legs, keep our legs apart, keep the upper body straight and not move. Some fellow practitioners' buttocks started to fester. Seventy or eighty people sat in a room smaller than 60 square meters. Every day, they forced us to watch programs that slandered Falun Gong. Every day the guards pulled a few people out and attempted to "transform" them with the use of torture.

On November 1, guards Gao Jie and Lin Wei handcuffed me in the "big back-cuffing" position [this is a very painful form of torture in which one arm is pulled down the back behind the head and the other hand is raised up from the lower back. The two hands are handcuffed together, causing unbearable pain]. I was handcuffed for two hours in this extremely painful position. I was unable to withstand this torture and was "transformed," against my will and my conscience.

On November 8, I wrote a solemn declaration, declaring that my previous statement renouncing Dafa had been made under duress and was null and void, and gave it to policeman Hong Wei. He handcuffed me in the "big back-cuffing" position again, tortured me for more than an hour, and slapped me on the face. After ripping up my declaration statement, he asked me whether I would write such a statement again.

In February 2003, the labor camp tried to force us to write the so-called "five statements." I refused to write them. Hong Wei and prisoner Wang Jie handcuffed me in the "big back-cuffing" position again, and tortured me for seven and a half hours. Hong Wei also kicked my hands that were handcuffed. I suffered extreme pain, too painful to describe.

On March 7, guard Jiang Jianan ordered us to write a report about our "understanding." When I refused, Guard Zhang Yan slapped me. Prisoner Wang Jie handcuffed me again in the "big back-cuffing" position, while Hong Wei slapped me. I had new wounds before my old wounds had healed. I almost lost consciousness from the pain.

The guards at the labor camp often didn't allow us to use the restroom, and sometimes they only gave us a couple of minutes to relieve ourselves even if we weren't finished.

What we ate in the forced labor camp was very low-grade corn bread, and salted radish soup. Most Dafa practitioners were undernourished and lacked energy. We were also forced to do hard physical labor. If we couldn't complete the work during the set time, we'd be forced to work overtime; we were also frequently beaten and berated by the guards. This is the wicked Chinese Communist Party's so-called "transformation through education, like a spring breeze."