On Sunday afternoon, I sat on the balcony to send forth righteous thoughts.

When I started to eliminate the evil after I purified myself, I saw countless practitioners sitting on lotus flowers eliminating the evil with their hands upright in a boundless space. Every practitioner had a halo, and their entire bodies were covered with turning Faluns radiating with golden light. At the same time, I also saw Buddhas, Daos, and gods of various levels sitting in the lotus position with the greater lotus flower hand gestures. It was very beautiful. Lord Buddhas of various levels sat on several stages of lotus flowers, making different hand gestures.

The things that Teacher instructed Falun Dafa practitioners to do are all important and magnificent, and we Falun Dafa practitioners, old and young, should pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts and doing well each time. We should not let down the expectation of sentient beings and the salvation of our Teacher.