(Clearwisdom.net) When mother was pregnant, she often found excuses and practiced the exercises only occasionally. Out of the blue, little practitioner Huahua told mother solemnly, "Mother, you need to make a decision. What you are doing is really bothering the little baby. The baby first gets to spend time in the new home and then it's back to the old home. You keep moving back and forth. He doesn't know where he is going to live." Since mother was confused by this, Huahua explained, "You practice the exercises for a while, then you stop practicing. When you practice the exercises you are in the new home, and when you don't, you are back in the old home." Finally, mother understood that she would be giving birth to a new life in the new cosmos.

Since that time, mother persisted in practicing the whole five sets of exercises despite her big belly. When she is holding the Law Wheel, her arms feel light, and not sore at all. It is not difficult and we will all certainly be able to do it, if we can just calm our minds and strengthen our main consciousness.

Huahua knew that if mother did not cultivate, she would be following the arrangements made for an ordinary person and she might have a severe hemorrhage during labor or be bedridden forever. We have to reject the old force's arrangements. A cultivator's life has been changed and we are following the path arranged by Teacher.

The first thing Huahua does upon returning home from school is to ask mother if she has studied the Fa well, practiced the complete five sets of exercises, and has sent forth righteous thoughts regularly. This is necessary because the "weak" practitioners are easy targets. If a pregnant woman maintains strong righteous thoughts, the old forces will not dare to persecute her.

May 9, 2005