(Clearwisdom.net) The persecution has gone on for six years. During this period a countless number of Dafa practitioners have been cruelly persecuted for firmly validating the Fa. Some were illegally sentenced, sent to forced-labor-education, or abducted to brainwashing classes (and several times). However, more practitioners are validating the Fa with righteous thoughts and righteous actions; the evil dare not touch them at all.

Over the past few years, there are a lot of practitioners who have returned from prisons and forced-labor-camps. They have suffered a lot from being persecuted in the prison for firmly practicing Dafa. Moreover, they have been unable to read Master's articles for a very long time. In that evil environment, the majority of them could just manage to not compromise with the evil. Actually, because they were illegally incarcerated for a long time, many fellow practitioners who just returned from prison are not yet able to well-understand and keep up with the current Fa-rectification process.

We have seen that the following situations are typical for practitioners who recently returned from prison. Some were very firm while in prison and are very anxious to validate the Fa and clarify the truth upon their return. Some have never compromised while in prison, and now they believe that they have done all they should do and do not want to move forward as they did before. Some have firmly validated the Fa while in prison; however, they became trapped in family issues and could not break free of them when they got back home. Some, although they solidly walked their paths in the evil environment, seem to have had their lives taken away by the evil after they came back home. Some have compromised with the evil (against their will and under pressure) while in prison, and after coming home they were anxious to try their best to make up for it and have rectified themselves with Dafa. Finally, some (upon return) are strictly watched by family members who do not allow them to get in touch with other practitioners.

We practitioners who are not imprisoned should not forget that they are part of the one body with us. We should also more clearly realize that the persecution of any practitioner is the persecution of our one body. The ultimate objective of the evil is to ruin the sentient being, and they keep their eyes covetously on practitioners' attachments and omissions at every single moment in order to find opportunities to persecute, and detain practitioners with the excuse of "tests." But Master told us to save all sentient beings who can be saved. Thus every practitioner in the human world can play a great role in clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. If one practitioner is persecuted, then how many sentient beings can not be saved because of this? If every practitioner is clear about his or her responsibility; and, when seeing fellow practitioners' shortcomings or omissions, can point it out in time and silently harmonize, perhaps it will avoid a lot of unnecessary losses during Fa-rectification cultivation.

The tragic lessons should wake practitioners up. Whenever any practitioner is persecuted, we are all responsible, as we are one body. Actually, this suggests that every practitioner should treat fellow practitioners' things as our own. We practitioners, who have the convenience or ability, should take the initiative to get to know the situation of each practitioner who returns from prison, clearly and rationally study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts and share with them according to their different situations. We can help them to improve their understanding from the Fa-perspective, realize the nature of the evil, and thoroughly (from our mind) deny the arrangements of the old forces. When doing Dafa work let's coordinate, improve and elevate as one body to fulfill our great pre-historic vows of "With the same heart, coming to the world," ("Fulfilling the Wish, "Hong Yin, translation version B) and saving sentient beings.